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AI Live Stream Guide

Embark on a transformative streaming journey with the AI Live Stream User Guide, where seamless connectivity meets technological brilliance.

Device/Network/Browser Requirements

Explore our concise User Guide for Device/Network/Browser Requirements, tailored for seamless compatibility with our innovative product, Virbo AI Live Streaming.

Elevate your streaming experience by seamlessly meeting these requirements.

Computer Requirements

1Whether desktop or laptop, a properly configured and smoothly running computer is required.

2For optimal functionality, it is recommended that the computer is outfitted with audio devices featuring "Stereo Mix" capability or other virtual sound cards. These components contribute to an enhanced audio experience and facilitate versatile sound management on the system.

Network Requirements

1The average network speed in the computer's environment should not be lower than 5Mbps to ensure smooth live streaming.

2 If possible, it is recommended to use a dedicated network for more stability in internet speed.

Browser Requirements

1We highly recommend using the Chrome browser and updating it to the latest version for optimal and stable performance.