Virbo User Guide | Online

Step-by-Step Instructions and Guidelines for Creating Realistic AI Avatar Videos with Precision.

Get Started with Virbo (Online Version)

Virbo is an AI-driven and user-friendly AI avatar video generation tool. With Virbo, you can effortlessly create a professional video in just a few minutes by simply inputting the text you want to express. After just a few simple clicks, you can create a video in the style you desire, whether it's for explanatory videos, promotional videos, or posting on your favorite social media channels.

Note: This is the latest user guide for Virbo (for online version).

Key Functioning Points:

  • Simplifies the creation of genuine AI Avatar marketing videos using text prompts
  • Offers a wealth of Assets and Templates spanning various industries
  • Crafts highly realistic avatars for diverse content
  • Leverages AI to optimize professional scripts with minimal keywords

Before You Begin

Let's get started with some basic information about Virbo.

Create AI Avatar Videos

There are three methods available for creating your AI avatar video. Please refer to the following for specifics.

Key Features

Virbo presents three cutting-edge features designed to assist you in crafting captivating videos. For further insights, delve into the details outlined in the following introduction.