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Step-by-Step Instructions and Guidelines for Creating Realistic AI Avatar Videos with Precision.

AI Talking Photo

With Wondershare Virbo's recently developed AI talking photo feature, you can seamlessly convert your images to talking videos. While maintaining quality, you can develop professional-grade results that can be used across various platforms. Following is a guide explaining how to use the AI talking photo feature in Virbo.

For an idea of how Wondershare Virbo makes creating talking photos easier, go through the comprehensive steps below:

Step 1. Search For AI Talking Photo Feature Online

Start the process by launching the online platform of Wondershare Virbo on your browser. Continue to select the "Experience" button within the "Talking Photo" feature under the "More AI Tools" section.

look for talking photo online
Access Talking Photo Online

Step 2. Add a Photo or Select Template

As this opens a new window, select the "Upload Photo" button to add your custom image. You can also choose any template from the window to create a talking photo. Once selected, click "Next" to define more properties for your AI talking photo.

add or select template photo
Add or Select Template Photo

Step 3. Add Script, Set Voiceover, and Other Settings

As you progress into the next window, provide the text you want the talking photo to speak. It allows you to create a new script using the "AI Script" icon. You can also convert your existing script into other languages by selecting the "AI Translation" icon. If you wish to add a script by speaking it yourself, use the "Audio Script" option.

add script in appropriate form
Add Script

Continue to define the voiceover properties for your AI talking photo. When selecting a voiceover, you can select any voice out of the diverse language and gender options available. Once done, click "OK," and continue to set its "Speed," "Pitch," and "Volume."

add script in appropriate form
Choose Voiceover

You can also add subtitles to your video by check-marking the "Subtitle" option. Furthermore, add music by enabling the "Background music" option and searching for an appropriate option. After defining all settings, click "Create Video" to execute.

add subtitles and music
Add Subtitles And Music

Step 4. Download AI Talking Photo Results

You will be navigated into the "My Creations" section as the video is created. On selecting the video, discover the "Download video" button to save the generated AI talking photo to your computer.

download created video
Download Created Video