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Numerous fantastic features

"Wondershare virbo has numerous features which makes video editing easy and enjoyable, like audio mixing, transcription, etc."
Gabriel A.
2 mins

Release endless creative potential

"Wondershare Virbo stands out for its easy-to-navigate interface, catering to both novices and seasoned editors. "
Gaurav C.
8 mins

Convert avatar into video formats

"Easy to use and it has to many ai tools and features at one place and this is very nice for me to create the contents for my business."
Jua c.
8 mins

Awesome talkingphoto feature

"Wondershare Virbo’s standout feature for me is its TalkingPhoto function. It brings my photos to life, allowing me to create engaging and dynamic content for my social media."
Adnan c.
7 mins

Marketing videos made easy

"The way Avatars can use different nationalities in presentation of videos.The quality of the videos and audio is perfect. Integrating Wondershare Virbo is simple."
Stellah_ K.
6 mins

Best text to avatar video generator

"The best thing is it provides it's services in over 300 + languages which makes it best in the market as I can have text in any language."
Priyanshu K.

Achieve professional look with limited budget and resources.
or maintain consistent brand identity across visual or audio elements may scare you off.

Limited Budget and Resource
Traditional brand promotion video making often entail high costs for actors, equipment, and sets, posing financial constraints.
Presenter not Industry-aligned
Presenters may lack expertise or credibility within the specific industry and can’t capture the brand’s essence.
Language Restriction
The brand promotion video recorded through traditional methods might struggle to cater to multilingual audiences, hampering global outreach and inclusivity.

Create compelling product unboxing videos that offer both realism and comprehensive demonstrations

  • 1

    Choose Virtual Representative

    Browse through an extensive library of over 300 realistic avatar options. Utilize the categorization, filters, and search functionality to identify the perfect virtual persona.
  • 2

    Scripting the Narrative

    Once you've selected your avatar, you can either type out the content directly or conveniently paste a pre-written script into the designated text editor window.
  • 3

    Tailoring the Experience

    Shape the video according to your preferences. Format the text styling, incorporate background music or audio elements, and make any other desired adjustments to create a truly personalized experience.
  • 4

    Rendering the Final Product

    After following the straightforward steps outlined above, you can effortlessly generate a polished, professional-quality video output.

1. Choose an Avatar

Select from the avatar library with different timbres and prefessions.

2. Type the Script

Type in the script and add engaing content in your videos.

3. Customize the Video

Adjust background, text format or any necessary changes in the video.

4. Generate Your Video

Review your videos and finalize changes, then export the finished files or share them on social media.

Transform Brand Concept into Engaging AI Video Experiences

promote brand
Cost-effective Solution

Affordable and Cost-effective Video Production

Virbo eliminates the need for expensive presenters, studios, or video crews, making professional-quality video creation accessible with a limited budget and resources. Its price-friendly plan also provides users with a variety of options.
different avatars
Diversified Choice

AI Avatar Presenters in All Professions

With over 300 realistic AI avatars across diverse professions, styles, and languages, brands can select avatars that best represent their industry and align with their target audience, overcoming the limitation of finding the perfect human presenter and also breaking the language barrier.
pre-made templates
Abundant Resource

Extensive Library of Video Templates and Creative Assets

Virbo provides over 180 customizable video templates designed for various marketing purposes as well as a vast library of royalty-free music, fonts, images, and other creative assets to enhance brand videos to create professional-looking videos aligned with their visual identity.

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FAQs of
Brand Promotion Video

  • By utilizing compelling storytelling, visually engaging content, and clear messaging that resonates with the audience's values and interests.

  • By maintaining a cohesive brand identity, tone, and messaging across all marketing channels, including social media, websites, email campaigns, and offline advertising materials.

  • AI avatars can significantly boost brand recognition and recall by providing a unique and memorable visual representation of your brand. Their lifelike appearance and ability to convey emotions and personality traits can help forge stronger connections with your audience, making your brand more relatable and memorable. Wondershare Virbo is a great choice for you to make business branding videos.

  • Yes, it is possible to distribute a company's business promotion videos worldwide. Utilizing Wondershare Virbo for brand promotion videos is recommended due to its video translator feature, enabling seamless translation and localization for global audiences.