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Add a human touch to your videos with lifelike AI avatars by Wondershare Virbo. Whether you're creating marketing campaigns, educational videos, or customer service interactions, our AI-powered avatars can deliver realistic performances that engage and connect with your audience.
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Empower Your Video Production with Virbo AI Avatars

300+ Real Human Avatars

Commercial-use-friendly, regularly-updated AI avatars (copyright-free).

Natural Human Voice

Enhance videos with AI avatars in authentic human voices.

460+ Voices & Languages

Hit your global reach with AI avatars proficient in languages and tones.

All Age Ranges

Engage broad audiences with versatile AI avatars.

Various Attires

Improve visual appeal with AI avatars in varied attires.

Diverse Ethnicities

Broaden inclusivity with avatars representing diverse ethnicities.

See Videos Made by Virbo AI Avatars

Say goodbye to complex and time-consuming video production processes. Virbo is the solution for all your video creation needs. Whether it's education, marketing, customer service, or healthcare, we've got you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When referring to "AI actors," we mean artificial intelligence entities designed to simulate or mimic the behavior of real actors. As AI actors based on the likeness of real individuals, it's essential to be mindful of ethical considerations and ensure that the content produced aligns with appropriate standards of conduct. This means avoiding harmful, violent, racist, or sexual content. Instead, AI actors can be utilized for a variety of constructive and creative purposes, such as generating dialogue, performing in virtual environments, or assisting with educational and entertainment projects. It's important to use AI actors responsibly and ethically to foster positive and respectful interactions.

  • An AI avatar is a computer-generated representation of an artificial intelligence system, like a chatbot or virtual assistant. Wondershare Virbo AI avatars provide authentic performances that captivate and establish a connection with your audience.

  • Yes, these avatars are all based on video footage using real actors.

  • For free users, videos are not allowed to be used for commercial purpose. For subscribed users, all materials provided in the software are commercially available, and the produced videos containing digital humans are also available for commercial use.Subscribe now>

  • For personalized avatars on Virbo, you can enjoy the liberty to craft gestures and expressions to your liking. Click now to exploreVirbo's Customization Service!
    For avatar templates, their gestures and expressions are not customizable. If you want a particular gesture or expression, share them with us, and we'll aim to include them in future updates.

  • Once you hover the mouse over the AI avatar, you can preview the intro gestures or expressions. However, you will see the whole performance of the AI avatar when the video is submitted and ready to download.

  • The following article is helpful for anyone looking to create engaging video content without studio costs or hiring actors. Learn more about Creating AI Videos With AI Avatars

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