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Best text to avatar video generator

"Avatars are amazing as they are multinational and customize the voices which makes them more good to use."
Vivek S.
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Magical and booster editing by Virbo

"In search of a tool I found a shortcut to the heaven of video editing. Virbo let me do my avatar creation work very easily."
anjali p.
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8 mins

Convert videos to another language

"Virbo is so smart to convert videos from one language to another. I've made 10+ language videos for my clients. "
Aastha S.
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A Video editing software with AI integration

"The best part about Virbo is the AI integration and avatar generation, especially with the emerging AI model."
Gabriel A.
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Generate Engaging video in short time

"Immediate video TAT followed with multiple voice and language options is icing on the cake for anyone."
Rathik P.
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Convert my avatar into video formats

"Easy to use and it has too many AI tools and features in one place. It's very nice for me to create the content for my business."
Jua c.

Replicate the offline shopping as faithfully as possible.
And that’s where product videos come in.

‍High Production Costs
Quality video production requires good cameras, lighting, microphones, etc, which can be expensive. Also, hiring skilled videographers, editors, and actors can add significant costs.
Developing a script, storyboarding, planning the shoot, and shooting video footage takes considerable time, as well as, post-production work. Especially if multiple takes are needed.
Ongoing Effort and Adaptability
Different platforms (e.g., Instagram, YouTube, TikTok) have unique video specs and audience expectations. Staying updated with trends and adapting content demands continuous effort and adaptability.

The Best Way To Produce High-Quality, Engaging E-Commerce Videos That Effectively Promote Your Products.

  • 1

    Choose an Avatar

    Click "Create Video" to start a new blank project. Choose an AI avatar from the library of over 300+ realistic options to match your brand identity.
  • 2

    Type the Script

    Type or paste your script of your product videos into the text editor.
  • 3

    Customize the Video

    Customize further by adding text, stickers, assets from the library.
  • 4

    Export Your Video

    Preview your video and make any final edits. Click "Export" to render and download your e-commerce video.

1. Choose an Avatar

You can also custom a video templates for your brand. It enables you

2. Type the Script

Cut, crop and trim your videos. Drag and drop elements, texts, audio and more into the timeline to create your videos.

3. Customize the Video

Review your videos and finalize changes, then export the finished files or share them on social media.

4. Export Your Video

Review your videos and finalize changes, then export the finished files or share them on social media.

Get Started on Your Product Video Journey with Virbo

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Diverse AI Avatars

Create Localized Product Videos With 300+ Avatars

Virbo provides access to over 300 realistic AI avatars in different languages, accents, and styles. This allows e-commerce brands to create localized product videos and marketing content that resonates with global audiences. The AI avatars can act as virtual spokespersons, presenters or influencers to showcase products in a personalized way
• 300+ lifelike avatar as well as customized your AI avatars
• varied in age, ethnicity and occupations
• 4K live view AI avatars available
scripts for ecommerce product video
AI Script Generation

Natural Scripts From Just a Few Product Keywords

The AI script generator can quickly produce natural scripts from just a few keywords related to the product. This saves time and effort compared to writing scripts from scratch, enabling e-commerce teams to rapidly create video scripts optimized for product descriptions, features, and benefits.
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Customizable Templates and Assets

350+ Customizable Templates, Backgrounds, and Assets

Virbo provides a vast library of customizable templates, backgrounds, and assets tailored for different industries. E-commerce brands can leverage these resources to create on-brand, visually appealing product videos that align with their branding and messaging.
• 350+ customizable templates
• royalty-free music
• over 150 text effects
ai dubbing for e-commerce
Multilingual Voice Synthesis

AI Dubbing Native Languages of Your Target Markets

With over 300 natural AI voices across multiple languages, Virbo makes it easy to dub product videos in the native languages of target markets. This multilingual capability expands the reach and impact of e-commerce video marketing campaigns globally.
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Cross-Platform Compatibility

Collabrate With Your E-Commerce Team Anywhere and Anytime

The ability to create videos seamlessly across web, desktop, and mobile devices allows e-commerce teams to collaborate and work on video projects from anywhere. This flexibility streamlines the video production process for e-commerce marketing and sales initiatives.

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FAQs on
E-commerce Video Production

  • Using AI avatars in e-commerce video making offers several benefits. Firstly, they provide a human-like presence, enhancing engagement and relatability for viewers. Additionally, AI avatars can represent diverse demographics, expanding your audience reach. They also offer cost savings compared to hiring human actors and enable consistent branding across videos. With AI, customization options are vast, allowing you to tailor avatars to match your brand's personality and target audience preferences. Finally, AI avatars can be easily animated and integrated into various types of e-commerce videos, from product demonstrations to customer service interactions, enhancing overall video effectiveness.

  • Leverage cost-effective tools like Wondershare Virbo, to create professional-quality videos without the need for expensive equipment or hiring specialized talent.

  • Track metrics like views, engagement (likes, comments, shares), conversion rates, and revenue generated. Use analytics tools to gain insights and refine your video strategy accordingly.

  • Consider product demonstrations, unboxing videos, customer testimonials, how-to guides, and behind-the-scenes content to cater to different stages of the customer journey.

Scale E-commerce with Virbo's AI-Powered Multilingual Product Video Creation

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