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Step-by-Step Instructions and Guidelines for Creating Realistic AI Avatar Videos with Precision.
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Get Started with Virbo (App Version)

Wondershare Virbo has introduced itself as a video production tool focusing on creating AIGC "real-person" short videos on marketing. You can easily create overseas artifacts on marketing with its unique core functions, which include AI Avatar (AI Digital Human), Scene Templates, Multilingual Dubbing, Intelligent Script Creation, and much more. These functionalities allow users to easily improve their efficiency in creating overseas short videos.

Key Functioning Points:

  • Helps in generating Real-Person Marketing Videos Using Text Prompts.
  • Provides hundreds of Assets and Templates featuring multiple industries.
  • Ultra-Realistic Avatars for creating Globalized Content
  • Create a Professional Script with AI using a few keywords.

01 Installation and Registration

Virbo supports both iOS and Android platforms. You can simply click the button below, and your device will be automatically detected and redirected to the corresponding app store.

Download Virbo App for Free
Download Virbo App for Free
for iOS
for Android
secure download

After downloading and installing is complete, open the Virbo App. Choose the registration method on the homepage based on the actual product display for the supported options on different devices.

1iOS: Google accounts/Apple ID accounts/self-created accounts.

2Android: Google accounts/self-created accounts.

3You can temporarily use the app without associating it with an email address by clicking on the "Guest Login" option in the top right corner.

4More details and supported device parameters can be found here.

register virbo on ios
Register Virbo on iOS
register virbo on android
Register Virbo on Android

02 Create AI Video Projects

Virbo has 3 methods for creating your AI avatar video, allowing you to choose the approach that suits your preferences to get started.

Create a blank project

Click on the "Create video" on the homepage to create a new blank project. For detailed steps, click here to view.