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Step-by-Step Instructions and Guidelines for Creating Realistic AI Avatar Videos with Precision.
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Creating AI Videos With Templates

Using the templates available on the platform, you can make quick decisions in selecting the perfect human scenes and characters for the respective industry or business you are representing. Once selected, you can have it replaced with your text, images, and videos. Having the templates makes your operations quick and enhances your productivity tenfold.

Step 1: Look for the templates on the home screen of Wondershare Virbo. As you scroll down, you can observe the different categories of templates according to the scenes. The platform also displays small previews of every template.

access templates for ai video

Step 2: Select any specific category you wish to select according to your requirements. Change the orientation of the videos from Vertical (9:16) to Horizontal (16:9) using the button on the top-right.

change templates orientation

Step 3: As you select a template, you will be led to the preview window of the digital template. Look through all the effects and choose the “Create video” option to proceed.

create video from template

Step 4: You will be navigated to the respective video creation page, where you can make edits to the template.

open template on video creation panel

Step 5: As you continue editing the video template, you can make all kinds of changes. This involves changing the background, replacing templates, changing the avatars, or selecting a new dubbing from the options.

change template of ai video
change background of ai video
change avatar of ai video
change voiceover of ai video

Step 6: Once you are satisfied with the video template, continue to select the "Preview" button to view the final results. On confirmation, select the "Export" button adjacent to it to save your video template.

export final template ai video