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Step-by-Step Instructions and Guidelines for Creating Realistic AI Avatar Videos with Precision.
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Create An AI Avatar Video

1. Create a New Project

Wondershare Virbo provides a system for the rapid generation of AI avatar videos through its multiple directions of creating new projects. You can create a new AI project on Virbo in the following ways:

  • Creating an entirely new project.
  • Creating the project with the help of AI avatars.
  • Creating the project with the help of a recording integrated through “Text-to-Speech.”
  • Creating a project using the option of generating an AI script.
  • Creating a project with the aid of existing AI-generated templates.
open virbo to create

2. Editing the Project

The AI video generation tool can be utilized for enhancing videos by editing them through AI-generated scripts, AI avatars, voiceovers, and storyboarding. Learn how Virbo makes it easy to edit a video on the platform:

2.1 Input Scripts

Step 1: As you lead into the Video Creation page from the main screen of the tool, select the “Script” area appearing under the video. You will be directed into the “Text Editing Mode” for the video.

open video creation

Step 2: Type in the text or paste it on the provided space that you want to be rehearsed by the AI Avatar.

add text to panel

Step 3: As the text is added, tap the "Confirm" button on the top-right to exit the text editing mode.

confirm adding text

2.2 Using AI Avatars

Step 1: Once you find yourselves on the video creation page, navigate to the "AI Avatars" section at the bottom of the screen.

access ai avatars on panel

Step 2: You can navigate through the multiple categories available on the screen and select your respective AI avatar. This will help you preview the respective AI avatar.

select avatar to change

Step 3: As you are satisfied with your choice, tap the “tick” icon on the right side of the screen to apply the AI avatar to the video.

confirm avatar change

2.3 Adding Videos/Images

Step 1: If you intend to add any image or video to your video, select the "Import" icon on the bottom. You will be led into the media selection window, where you can select your required media.

lead to media section

Step 2: As you select your respective media, select the “Upload” button for uploading it on the video panel.

upload media

2.4 Editing Storyboards

Step 1: For those who wish to add more storyboards to their video, select the "+" button on the video editing panel for adding a storyboard. After adding it, you can utilize the available digital characters, voiceovers, backgrounds, and other elements available.

add storyboard

Step 2: If you want to make some particular edits to the storyboards, tap on a specific storyboard and select the option of "Copy" or "Delete."

copy or delete storyboard

Step 3: To change the sequence of the storyboards, press any storyboard to enter the adjusting mode. This helps you change the order of the added storyboards in the video.

adjust storyboards

3. Preview and Export Video

3.1 Previewing AI Video

Step 1: After performing all respective edits on the video, you can have it previewed with the “Preview” button on the top-right corner.

preview ai video

Step 2: For facilitating faster video previews, the AI model shows frames as images during the preview.

view frames of ai video

3.2 Exporting AI Video

Step 1: As you successfully preview the video, select the "Export" button on the top-right to proceed with saving the video.

export ai video

Step 2: Once the video is exported after a while, you can find it in the “Creation” section. Lead into the particular section from the home screen and lead into the “Video” tab. It can be viewed within the application or from the gallery of your smartphone.

find video in app