Virbo User Guide for Windows

Step-by-Step Instructions and Guidelines for Creating Realistic AI Avatar Videos with Precision.

Create AI Avatar Videos

You can start creating your AI avatar video by clicking the “Create Video” button on the homepage.

Step 1. Create a Project

Click “Create Video” to start creating a new video.

create a project
Create a Project

Select the video aspect ratio that you desire. You can choose either to make a landscape video or a portrait video based on your needs. Click “Create Video”.

choose video ratio
Choose Aspect Ratio

Step 2. Choose Avatar & Voiceover

Once inside the user interface, click “Avatars” to pick an AI avatar for your video. Click the shown avatar in the screen, and an action bar will appear on the right side of the screen, where you can choose to adjust the style and location of the displayed video persona.

choose avatar
Choose Avatar

Enter the text you intend to put in the video. You can adjust the speed, pitch and volume of your avatar at the bar shown on the right. Click “Play Script” or “Preview” once you finished operation to preview the video.

play scripts
Play Scripts

Step 3. Edit Video

You can also adjust the background, choose the text style, or add the sticker to the video.

edit video
Edit Video

Click Background Music > None to choose the music for the video, or you can upload your own music that you intend to use.

edit video
Choose Background Music

Step 4. Export Video

To change your video's aspect ratio before exporting, click on the “16:9” under "Edit Video" to open the dropdown menu. Choose from 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, or 4:3, and your video will automatically adjust to the selected ratio.

export video
Change the Aspect Ratio

Once you are satisfied with the effect of the whole video, click “Export” to generate the video. In this way, a brand new video using Virbo AI avatar is created.

export video
Export Video