Virbo User Guide for Windows

Step-by-Step Instructions and Guidelines for Creating Realistic AI Avatar Videos with Precision.

Create Video With PPT

Wondershare Virbo is a comprehensive video-making facility offering a wide set of possibilities to its users. It has recently extended its productivity by offering the option of creating videos out of PPT. With such diverse options to convert PowerPoint to video, you can develop the best visuals for your audience from the available content. Following is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to converting PPT to video with Virbo.

Step 1. Start By Importing Your PPT File

After launching Wondershare Virbo on your desktop, continue to select the "Create Video" button. As this opens a pop-up, select the "Import PPT" option on the bottom-left to add your PowerPoint file.

import ppt to convert to video
Choose Import PPT

Step 2. Add Avatars and Voiceover To the PPT Video

As you’ve imported your PPT file successfully, define whether you want to extract your script from the file or not. Click "Create Video" to redirect to the next window, which outlines the PowerPoint file as a video.

import ppt
Import PPT

Here, you need to define a proper avatar according to your video, which can be done using the "Avatars" button on the top toolbar.

select avatar for ppt video
Select Avatars

Consequently, you need to add a proper voiceover that will assist you in explaining the PowerPoint file within the video. For that, lead to the "Text Script" or "Audio Upload" section to add the appropriate voiceover. Define your voice from the available list and set its parameters, or upload your pre-recorded voice to add along with the avatar.

add voiceover to video
Add Voiceover

Step 3. Perform Other Edits to Video

After selecting the avatar and voiceover for the video, you can perform other edits as well. Change the background of the video or add music in the background according to your choice. If you want to display the subtitles across the video, enable the "Subtitle" option. Furthermore, for more advanced settings in your video, you can define a proper "Layout" or add stickers and edit text style on the top toolbar.

perform other edits to video
Edit Video

Step 4. Preview And Export Final PPT Video From Virbo

Once you finish all the edits, click the "Preview" button on the top right corner to preview the video.

preview ppt video
Preview Video

If you are satisfied with the video after previewing, click the "Export" button to save this video.

export video
Export Video