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Create AI video with realistic avatar

Virbo User Guide for Windows

Step-by-Step Instructions and Guidelines for Creating Realistic AI Avatar Videos with Precision.


Virbo's template feature collects a wide range of ready-made and exquisite video templates for users to choose from, eliminating the hassle of creating videos from scratch. With just a few simple clicks, you can easily create a sophisticated video that guarantees your satisfaction.

Step 1. Choose Template

On the main interface of Virbo, you can click on the "Video Template" tab to switch to the template display area. Above the templates, there are six categorized sections: Hot, Ecommerce, Explainer Video, Advertisement, Festival, and Social Media.

Choose Template

There is also a ratio selection switch beside it, where you can choose your preferred video aspect ratio.

Choose Aspect Ratio

Step 2. Create Video

After selecting your preferred template, click and preview it. Then, in the bottom right corner, click the "Create Video" button to proceed to the editing interface.

Create Video

Step 3. Edit Video

In the editing interface, you can enter the script text and adjust elements like voiceover and avatar. You can also change the background and add stickers, among other options.

Edit Video