Virbo User Guide for Windows

Step-by-Step Instructions and Guidelines for Creating Realistic AI Avatar Videos with Precision.

Talking Photo

Have you ever wanted to create a video using your favorite photos to express your ideas? Virbo's Talking Photo can fulfill your wish! This feature allows you to make photos speaking or even generate videos using preset images or photos uploaded from your device. By following our instructions, you will quickly learn how to operate.

Way 1: Simply Bring Your Photos to Life with 2 Steps

Simply input your script (or use Virbo's AI feature to generate one), choose the voice-over, and export the video to achieve the desired effect! You can also record audio online or upload your own recordings to make your photos speak.

Step 1. Choose Talking Photo

Download and install Wondershare Virbo on your computer and click "Talking Photo" to bring photos to life.

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select talking photo
Click Talking Photo

Pick a template or click "Upload Picture" to upload your own picture and tap “Next”.

click next
Create Next Button

Step 2. Input Text and Set A Voiceover

Enter your voiceover script or click the 'Audio Upload' to import an audio file as the voiceover. 

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input script
Input Script

After entering your voiceover script, you can customize the language, and adjust playback speed, pitch, and volume.

edit voiceover
Edit Voiceover
click next
Choose Voiceover

Check "Background Music" to add or upload background music, or add subtitles by checking "Apply Subtitles". 

check subtitle and background music
Apply Subtitles And Add Background Music

Step 3. Export Talking Photo

Now, you can click "Export Video" to export the talking photo. Wait for export successfully and then you will see it under "My Creations".

export talking photo
Download Talking Photo
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Way 2: Use Your Still Photos to Create Videos

Want to create videos with your photo? You can view the following steps:

Step 1. Create a project

After clicking "Talking Photo" on the homepage, pick an image you desire or click "+" to upload an image and tap “Create Video” to start creating a new video.

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click create video
Create Video

Step 2. Edit video

Type/paste your voiceover script or click "Audio Upload" to upload/extract/record the audio as video script. You can choose different languages and adjust speed, pitch, and volume at the operation bar. You can also switch the background, add background music, or add subtitles.

edit video
Edit Video

Step 3. Export video

Click preview to check the effect of your video. Once you are satisfied with the whole video, click "Export" to generate the video.

export video
Export Video

The generated video will be shown on "My Creations". You can view it and click "Download Video" to save it to your computer.

download video
Download Video
safe Downloadsafe & secure