Virbo User Guide for Windows

Step-by-Step Instructions and Guidelines for Creating Realistic AI Avatar Videos with Precision.

Create AI Avatar Videos

You can also start creating a new video by clicking “AI Script” button to start from editing the text of the video.

Step 1. Open AI Script Feature

Click “AI Script” button on the homepage.

ai script
AI Script

Step 2. Polish Script

Enter the text that you intend to edit and choose from the displayed text styles to polish your texts.

polish script
Enter the Text

Step 3. Edit Video

You can also customize the avatar, background, text style, and add stickers to the video.

edit video
Choose Avatar

Select "Background Music > None" to pick music for the video, or upload your preferred audio for use. Once you are satisfied with the results, click “Create a video” to enter the video generation interface.

edit video
Choose Background Music

Step 4. Export Video

Once you've completed creating the video, click "export" to generate the final output.

export video
Export Video

FAQs about AI Script

1Can an AI script generator produce high-quality scripts?

AI script generators have advanced, but script quality depends on factors like complexity, input, and training data. While they can produce creative scripts, they may lack the nuanced understanding of human writers.

2How can I use an AI script generator effectively?

Effectively using an AI script generator requires precise prompts and experimentation. Clearly define genre, tone, and style, iterating as necessary. Review and edit the generated scripts to ensure alignment with your requirements and maintain consistency in a streamlined process.

3What are the limitations of AI script generators?

AI script generators have certain limitations. They rely heavily on the data they were trained on. They may also struggle with generating highly original or innovative content. Therefore, it's important to use AI-generated scripts as a starting point and apply human creativity and judgment to refine and improve the final result.