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Collaborate without boundaries using Virbo's cloud-based real-time video editor. AI-driven tools, secure sharing, and interactive review enable efficient team video production anywhere.
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Best text to avatar video generator

"Avatars are amazing as they are multinational and customize the voices which makes them more good to use."
Vivek S.
2 mins

Magical and booster editing by Virbo

"In search of a tool I found a shortcut to the heaven of video editing. Virbo let me do my avatar creation work very easily."
anjali p.
8 mins

Convert videos to another language

"Virbo is so smart to convert videos from one language to another. I've made 10+ language videos for my clients. "
Aastha S.
8 mins

A Video editing software with AI integration

"The best part about Virbo is the AI integration and avatar generation, especially with the emerging AI model."
Gabriel A.
7 mins

Generate Engaging video in short time

"Immediate video TAT followed with multiple voice and language options is icing on the cake for anyone."
Rathik P.
9 mins

Convert my avatar into video formats

"Easy to use and it has too many AI tools and features in one place. It's very nice for me to create the content for my business."
Jua c.

Finding the right tools and platforms for seamless real-time collaboration, file sharing, and video editing workflows.

A poorly managed feedback loop
The creative process often involves multiple rounds of feedback, suggestions, and iterations. Incorporating input from various stakeholders, and maintaining version control can be challenging for video teams.
Creative differences
Differing creative perspectives, artistic styles, and personal preferences among team members can lead to conflicts or difficulties in harmonizing the final output.
Communication Barriers
Challenges can arise in conveying the director's creative vision, coordinating tasks among team members, providing feedback, and ensuring everyone is aligned on the project goals and direction.

Share ideas, files and content in real-time

  • 1

    Choose an Avatar

    Choose from over 300 lifelike AI avatars in a vast library. Filter and search through categories and collections for the ideal match, simplifying selection.
  • 2

    Type the Script

    Once you've selected an avatar, you can type or paste your script content in a text editor window.
  • 3

    Customize the Video

    You can format the text, add background music, or make other adjustments as needed.
  • 4

    Generate Your Video

    By following these simple steps, you can easily generate an engaging client service video.

1. Choose an Avatar

You can also custom a video templates for your brand. It enables you

2. Type the Script

Cut, crop and trim your videos. Drag and drop elements, texts, audio and more into the timeline to create your videos.

3. Customize the Video

Review your videos and finalize changes, then export the finished files or share them on social media.

4. Generate Your Video

Review your videos and finalize changes, then export the finished files or share them on social media.

The Best Collaborative Video Editor

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Real-time team collaboration across geographies

Team members can work together even if they are in different places. Virbo allows remote teams to easily share early versions of videos and make changes to the video files. This helps teams collaborate smoothly without being in the same location.
Cross-platform availability: Virbo works on Windows, iOS, Android, and the web. This lets team members use it from anywhere on their preferred devices.
Cloud-based project management: Virbo's Business plan allows teams to manage licenses and access centrally, enabling collaboration on video projects through a centralized cloud-based system.
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Flexibility and customizability for teams working on video projects

Virbo provides many pre-made templates, ways to customize videos, royalty-free music, images, fonts, and other creative assets. This allows teams to quickly change video content based on what each project needs and easily adjust to different creative requirements. Also, teams can leverage these resources to maintain a consistent branding and visual style across their video projects.
400+ Preset and customizable Templates: Virbo works on Windows, iOS, Android, and the web. This lets team members use it from anywhere on their preferred devices.
Preload Brand Kits: your logos, fonts, and colors, or set up branded templates enables you to collaborate at speed.
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Reduce costs and increase efficiency in video production

Did you know Griffin Milks saved $50,000 in video making? Creating videos no longer requires a big team effort. Using a tool like Virbo can help control costs for large video projects. The casting of the video shoot or voice-overs doesn't even have to involve a real person, the production can be done with a relatively perfect piece of work by Virbo.
Eliminates the need for live actors: 350+ on-screen AI actors stand by at any time, saving at least $50-$500 per hour in actor fees.
Enables scalable video creation: Virbo's automated lip-sync, facial animations and video rendering save teams time and money by reducing manual post-production work, cutting at least 30% of post-production costs.

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FAQs on Team Collaboration for Video Production

  • By bringing all materials and tools into one shared virtual space, like Wondershare Virbo, visual collaboration can save time and increase efficiency, as teams don't have to gather materials or switch between multiple applications.

  • Utilizing cloud storage with version control allows teams to access the latest video files from anywhere. Standardizing folder structures and naming conventions prevents confusion over asset management.

  • Assigning specific sequences, scenes or edit roles (e.g. color grading, audio mixing) to individual members prevents conflicting edits. Using non-destructive editing workflows with project locking can enable asynchronous yet controlled collaboration.

  • Using password-protected shared folders, watermarking draft videos, and transferring files over encrypted connections are vital for protecting proprietary video content when collaborating.

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