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Convert text, presentations, or PowerPoints into high-quality AI Avatar training videos at scale with up to 50% cost savings and 90% time savings compared to traditional video creation methods.
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5 mins

Best text to avatar video generator

"Avatars are amazing as they are multinational and customize the voices which makes them more good to use."
Vivek S.
2 mins

Magical and booster editing by Virbo

"In search of a tool I found a shortcut to the heaven of video editing. Virbo let me do my avatar creation work very easily."
anjali p.
8 mins

Convert videos to another language

"Virbo is so smart to convert videos from one language to another. I've made 10+ language videos for my clients. "
Aastha S.
8 mins

A Video editing software with AI integration

"The best part about Virbo is the AI integration and avatar generation, especially with the emerging AI model."
Gabriel A.
7 mins

Generate Engaging video in short time

"Immediate video TAT followed with multiple voice and language options is icing on the cake for anyone."
Rathik P.
9 mins

Convert my avatar into video formats

"Easy to use and it has too many AI tools and features in one place. It's very nice for me to create the content for my business."
Jua c.

It's hard to make 100s' of customer training videos
that match each other and have up-to-date content

Recording voiceovers
Recording high-quality and consistent voiceovers across multiple videos requires specialized equipment and skills.
Video editing
Creating professional-looking videos demands advanced video editing tools and expertise, which can be time-consuming and resource-intensive.
Frequent updates
When products undergo frequent changes, updating existing training videos becomes laborious, requiring re-recording voiceovers and re-editing videos.

Efficiently produce consistent, up-to-date, and engaging customer training videos at scale.

  • 1

    Choose an Avatar

    Choose from over 300 lifelike AI avatars in a vast library. Filter and search through categories and collections for the ideal match, simplifying selection.
  • 2

    Type the Script

    Once you've selected an avatar, you can type or paste your script content in a text editor window.
  • 3

    Customize the Video

    You can format the text, add background music, or make other adjustments as needed.
  • 4

    Generate Your Video

    By following these simple steps, you can easily generate an engaging client service video.

1. Choose an Avatar

You can also custom a video templates for your brand. It enables you

2. Type the Script

Cut, crop and trim your videos. Drag and drop elements, texts, audio and more into the timeline to create your videos.

3. Customize the Video

Review your videos and finalize changes, then export the finished files or share them on social media.

4. Generate Your Video

Review your videos and finalize changes, then export the finished files or share them on social media.

Empower Your Video Editing Skills in Minutes

Diverse AI Avatars

Create videos as diverse as your customer base

Make your customer training videos more inclusive with over 300 AI avatars spanning different ages, ethnicities, and styles, allowing your organizations to choose avatars that best resonate with your workforce
• 300+ lifelike avatar as well as customized your AI avatars
• varied in age, ethnicity and occupations
• 4K live view AI avatars available
Multilingual Support

Turn text into high-quality voiceovers with one click

With support for over 300 voices and languages, Virbo enables the creation of training videos in the native languages of employees, ensuring better comprehension and knowledge retention. This multilingual capability is particularly useful for global organizations with a diverse workforce.
Updates at Scale

Update your customer training videos in minutes, not months

Need to update all your customers on the latest product release? By eliminating the need for live trainers and material resources, Virbo's AI avatar videos offer scalability and cost-efficiency for employee training programs. Organizations can produce consistent, high-quality training videos at a fraction of the cost and time compared to traditional methods.

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FAQs on Using
Video Marketing
to Support
Customer Service

  • Customer service training videos should cover a range of topics relevant to the organization's customer service objectives, such as handling customer inquiries, managing complaints, building rapport, and resolving conflicts. Other important topics may include empathy, active listening, and cultural sensitivity.

  • Effective customer service training videos should be well-scripted, visually engaging, and professionally produced. They should use real-life scenarios, role-playing exercises, and examples to illustrate key concepts and reinforce learning. Additionally, incorporating interactive elements, such as quizzes or branching scenarios, can enhance engagement and retention. With the help of AI tools, like Wondershare Virbo, everything goes easy just in clicks.

  • Employee training videos offer several benefits, including flexibility, scalability, and consistency. They can be accessed anytime, anywhere, allowing employees to learn at their own pace and convenience. Additionally, training videos ensure that all employees receive consistent and standardized training content, regardless of their location or schedule.

  • To ensure that employee training videos are engaging and effective, organizations should focus on creating content that is relevant, concise, and visually appealing. Incorporating storytelling techniques, humor, and real-world examples can help capture the audience's attention and make learning more enjoyable. Additionally, using high-quality production values, such as clear audio, sharp video quality, and dynamic visuals, can enhance the overall viewing experience. By leveraging Wondershare Virbo's AI-powered video creation capabilities, organizations can deliver engaging, multilingual, and cost-effective employee training videos that enhance knowledge retention and overall training effectiveness.

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