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Easily enhance your content on Windows devices with Virbo - generate AI avatar videos with over 120 voices and 180 templates.

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Efficient AI Script Optimization

Effortlessly optimize scripts with our automated AI Script Generator. Save valuable time on initial drafts and enjoy a smooth and efficient creation process with a user-friendly tool.
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Explore Creative AI Avatars

Explore over 150+ AI avatars and breathe life into your virtual experiences. With a wide range of avatars encompassing various styles, Virbo empowers you to create captivating AI avatar videos.
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Diverse Voices in Multiple Languages

With support for over 120+ voices and languages, our system allows you to generate scripts that can be spoken by realistic avatars with clear audio quality without background noise, immersing yourself in a seamless listening experience.
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Create Professional-Looking Videos with Ease

  • Marketing
    Take your business to new heights with our collection of pre-designed marketing templates, complemented by a wide variety of royalty-free video assets.
  • Give your product promotion and sales videos an authentic touch by including a genuine presenter and incorporating localized voice content.
  • Optimize your training outcomes and captivate your audience with our specially crafted video templates, thoughtfully designed to maximize learning efficiency.
  • Infuse authenticity into your social media videos with a genuine avatar and localized voice elements, creating an engaging and captivating viewing experience.


Accelerate your business growth with our collection of pre-designed marketing templates, enhanced with a wide range of royalty-free video assets.


In digital marketing, creating valuable and engaging content can attract more attention from customers, build brand reputation, and inspire customer interaction.


Compared to traditional face-to-face training, AI avatar videos enable scalability and reusability, eliminating the need for live trainers and material resources, thus greatly reducing costs.

Social Media

Virbo offers 150+ authentic AI avatars to enhance credibility and maintain consistent content quality in your publications. With its AI script generator, optimizing your social media content becomes effortless.

Generate AI Avatar Videos in 3 Steps

01 Step One

Create Project and Optimize Script
Open Virbo and create a project by clicking "Create Video" or selecting a template. Enter the copy, and click AI Script to optimize the copywriting.

Generate AI Avatar Videos in 3 Steps

02 Step Two

Personalize and Edit Avatar Videos
You can change the avatar and position it anywhere on the slide, choose the avatar's voice, change the video background, add music, etc.

Generate AI Avatar Videos in 3 Steps

03 Step Three

Preview and Export AI Avatar Video
To preview and export your finished video, click the "Preview" or "Export" button in the upper right corner. Your virtual human video is now finished!

Exploring the Strength of Virbo

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AI Voice

A professional and natural conversion of text-to-speech under all languages and accents.
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Video Template

Choose from over 180+ video templates for your specific industry and create an engaging video.
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Create studio-quality voiceovers with 120+ voices and languages, decreasing production costs.
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AI Avatars

Provides a selection of 150+ AI Avatars featuring different ethnicities, ages, and styles.
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Royalty-Free Music

100% royalty-free music available to help you amp up your videos or multimedia projects.
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Creative Assets

Constantly growing video assets. Choose from a variety of fonts, images, or shapes available.
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Storyboard Editing

Merge multiple scenes into a video, making end-to-end presentations as simple as creating slides.
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Full HD Downloads

Download videos in high-definition FullHD format as MP4 or WebM Files.

What Our Customers Say

Product Manager
Hardy, Hyt
I love using Virbo to create various types of promotional videos. Its AI Avatar features are incredibly realistic, and the language selection is exceptionally diverse. Additionally, it can quickly generate high-quality video materials, which significantly facilitates my product promotion efforts. Thanks, Virbo!
Sanhgt, W
I often need to create various marketing videos to attract customers and promote products. With Virbo, I can quickly generate interesting, vivid, and creative marketing videos without worrying about technical difficulties or professional skills, greatly improving my work efficiency and creativity.
Social Media Influencer
Evelyn Sullivan
It is so easy to create various short videos using Virbo, which is better for attracting attention and increasing followers on social media. It provides me with free music and image materials and generates short videos quickly. This not only brings more attention and followers to me but also improves my work efficiency and creativity!
Lavender, Sgh
I always want to create various instructional videos to give students a better learning experience and increase my teaching effectiveness. Virbo gives me a chance to make a difference. It provides a wealth of video templates and materials that I can freely choose from and quickly generate high-quality instructional videos.
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