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Let AI Voice Your Text in Lifelike Sound
40+ languages supported
200 native-sounding voices provided in database
9 timbres for different application scenarios

AI Voice OR Human Voice

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From Text to Audio: Convert Text Alive to Authentic Speech in Seconds

Personalize Your Text-to-Audio Voice

Tailor every aspect of your narration to perfection, from speed and pitch to volume and pauses. With this text to sound online tool, it’s easy to create expressive audio that truly reflects your feelings.

  • Customize speed, pitch, and volume to achieve more precise tone
  • Insert pause for emphasis, natural flow, or dramatic effect
Select Scenario- specific Timbre

Whether you're working on product reviews, documentaries, storytelling, tutorials, podcasts, or more, Wondershare Virbo text-to-speech AI offers a diverse range of timbre options to engage your viewers.

  • 9+ different timbers options
  • Pre-record voices varied in ages, gender, and ethnicity
Provide 40+ Languages Coupled With 200+ Native Sample Library

Broaden your content's reach with support for over 40 languages in our AI Voice generator. Use our extensive sample library featuring more than 200 native voices.

  • Support 40+ different languages worldwide
  • Select the appropriate accent you like over 200+ native speaker samples
Upload Audio in Click

Besides its online text-to-voice feature, Wondershare Virbo lets you upload your own audio recording. Select the language of the audio and watch as your avatar seamlessly syncs and matches the voice.

  • Upload audio recording up to 5 mins
  • Support MP3 and WAV format
  • Match the avatar’s lip movement to the uploaded audio

Where Wondershare Virbo text-to-speech can be used?

Boost content creation with Wondershare Virbo text-to-speech feature, perfect for a myriad of use cases. From educational videos, and podcast episodes to sales presentations, commentary segments, and tutorial guides, empower your projects with lifelike narration that engages, informs, and captivates your audience.

How to covnert text to audio with Wondershare Virbo


FAQs About
Text to Speech

  • AI text to Voice operates using a multi-step process that consists of linguistic analysis and speech synthesis. Upon receiving a text input, the AI system breaks down the text into its linguistic components — such as words, punctuation, and sentence structure. Once the fundamentals are established, it determines the more human aspects of each word, including its pronunciation, stress, and intonation patterns.

    These text to audio converters utilize deep learning techniques and neural networks to model the relationships between linguistic elements and their corresponding acoustic features. Large volumes of text and audio data are used to train these models, which then produce lifelike AI voices and speech patterns.

  • Yes, text to speech AI voices sound even more natural and expressive, capturing the tiny details that make human speech unique, like rhythm and tone.  Neural TTS has made AI voices sound so realistic that it's difficult to distinguish them from human voices. Virbo AI text to voice converter online is the most realistic text-to-speech tool. You can experience free realistic text to speech features with simple steps.

  • Virbo is the best AI text to sound converter online tool. This platform offers natural-sounding AI voices across 200+ languages and accents, ensuring the highest quality and versatility. This platform is also user-friendly and offers many customization options as well. It comprises the best AI voice that truly resembles a human voice, and people can't identify that the voice was AI-generated.

  • Yes, you can customize your own voice using AI voice generators like Virbo text to speech online. You can use your own studio-quality audio recordings to create a unique voice by using its Voice Cloning feature. AI attempts to create a voice model that mimics yours when converting text to speech.

Convert text into lifelike speech, captivate your audience with compelling audio content

Save both time and cost in recording expensive voiceovers.

Quality guaranteed, no robotic voices
Elevate your story with pauses
Support MP3 download
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