Virbo User Guide for Windows

Step-by-Step Instructions and Guidelines for Creating Realistic AI Avatar Videos with Precision.

AI Script

The need to create videos from scratch involves multiple procedures, out of which, script writing stands among the first and foremost requirement. With the inception of AI, processes like script writing have been automated to the fullest. When it comes to selecting tools that provides the best results, Virbo comes with a dedicated AI Script feature amidst its comprehensive AI video creation properties.

Step 1. Open Wondershare Virbo and Access AI Script Feature

Start the process by launching the latest version of Virbo on your computer. Following this, select “AI Script” from the available options to open a new pop-up window.

open virbo and search ai script
Access AI Script

Step 2. Provide Prompt and Create Script

Upon typing the prompt for the video script, click “Send” to initiate the process of script generation. Virbo will provide a proper script containing all the details of the video. However, it also contains options below the generated script, giving users the option to shorten, expand, or make the script more engaging. If you are satisfied with the results, use the “Copy” button to save it across the clipboard. Otherwise, you can also use the “Create Video” option to set up a video project across Virbo.

add script and make respective changes
Generate Script

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