Virbo User Guide | Online

Step-by-Step Instructions and Guidelines for Creating Realistic AI Avatar Videos with Precision.

Create AI Avatar Videos

To begin crafting your AI avatar video, simply click the "Create Video" button found on the homepage.

Step 1. Create a Project

Click “Create Video” to start creating a new video.

Create a Project

Choose your preferred video aspect ratio: opt for a landscape or portrait video, depending on your requirements. Then, click on "Create Video."

Choose Aspect Ratio

Step 2. Choose Avatar & Voiceover

After entering the user interface, select "Avatars" to choose an AI avatar for your video. Click on the displayed avatar on the screen, and an action bar will appear on the left side, allowing you to customize the style and placement of your video persona.

Choose Avatar

Input the text you plan to include in the video. You can modify the avatar's speed, pitch, and volume using the controls displayed on the right-hand side.

Play Scripts

Step 3. Edit Video

You can also modify the background, select text style, or add adorable sticker to the video.

Edit Video

Moreover, click on "Music" to select the soundtrack for your video. You can choose from extensive music library and customize the volume to suit your preferences.

Choose Background Music

Step 4. Export Video

When you've achieved the desired video effect, simply click on the "Export" button to generate your video. This straightforward process results in the creation of a brand new video featuring the Virbo AI avatar.

Export Video