Virbo User Guide | Online

Step-by-Step Instructions and Guidelines for Creating Realistic AI Avatar Videos with Precision.

AI Text-to-Speech

Infuse vitality into your narratives with online AI text-to-speech capabilities, offering a variety of languages and voices. Expand your reach by captivating a broader audience with engaging audio content.

With the help of the detailed instructions explained below, anyone can learn to take advantage of Wondershare Virbo online to convert text to speech:

Step 1. Launch Wondershare Virbo Online Version

Start the process of generating AI narrations by accessing Virbo’s website. From here, press the "Generate AI Video Online" button to successfully launch the online version.

access wondershare virbo online
Access Wondershare Virbo Online

Step 2. Enter the AI Text-to-Speech Feature

Once you access the online features, click the "Experience" button within the "Text to Speech" feature to enter the respective window under the "More AI Tools" section.

open wondershare virbo online
Open Text-to-Speech Feature

Step 3. Input the Text for the Script and Add Pauses

Upon entering the editing interface, type the script you want AI to narrate in the "Input Text" box. Afterward, hit the "Pause" icon and add this pause in your preferred place in the script. Moreover, you can adjust the time of the pause to optimize the output of the AI voiceover.

Conversely, the platform also allows you to generate automated scripts using the "AI Script" icon. You can also translate your written content into other languages using "AI Translation" or navigate to the "Upload Files" section to discover adding pre-written text files.

input script text and add pauses
Input Script Text

Step 4. Adjust the Language and Gender for Narrations to Select AI Voice

After optimizing your script, choose the required "Language" and "Gender" for the AI voiceover from the respective drop-down menus. Pick the type of audio content you are generating from the "Trending Voices" section. Here, we will click on the "Product Reviews" tab to reveal different voices under this category. Next, preview the voices and select the most suitable one for reading your text script.

select ai voice for narration
Select AI Voice

Step 5. Optimize the Speed and Pitch of AI Narration

Moving forward, adjust the values of "Speed" and "Pitch" of AI voices to optimize the output. Next, you can change the "Volume" settings to further change how the AI narration sounds.

adjust the ai voiceover settings
Adjust AI Voiceover Settings

Step 6. Generate AI Voiceover and Download the Output

Once all the settings are finalized, hit the "Generate Audio" button to let AI do its magic. Finally, you can hit the "Play" button to preview the AI voiceover. If you are satisfied with the output, press the "Download" button to save this audio on your device.

generate ai voiceover audio
Generate AI Voiceover Audio