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Virbo Live:
Host Live Shopping with AI Streamer

Experience the cost-efficient and multilingual AI-driven avatars or Vtubers to boost revenue during live shopping events on social media. With 24/7 seamless AI streaming, users can transform the live experience.

AI Streamer Live Shopping Setup Guide

  • playrecord
    1. Create a live shopping room
    Select a template or click "Create Project" to create a live room.
  • aiai
    2. Choose AI streamers and background
    Pick a virtual streamer from the virtual host library. Customize the background and add stickers for personalization purposes. Feel free to adjust their position and size in the canvas area.
  • texttext
    3. Enter text or voice
    Next, upload your audio or enter a script for your AI-generated avatar. Moreover, you can utilize an AI scriptwriter and AI translator to generate automated scripts for a wider audience.
  • playplay
    4. Start Live Streaming
    Click the "Start Live Streaming" button and add the live window to OBS. Seamless live streaming in the OBS software started!
  • interactinteract
    5. Interact with the audience
    Finally, send interactive text or connect to a microphone to interact with the audience. Let AI Streamer engage the audience and respond to their questions in real-time.

AI Live Shopping vs. Traditional Live Shopping

AI live shopping
  • Continuous 24/7 broadcasting without interruptions.
  • Reduced dependence on large human teams.
  • Cost-effective with lower personnel and equipment expenses.
  • Seamless language changes to engage a diverse global audience.
  • Enhanced content safety through AI-driven moderation.
  • Stable and lag-free streaming performance.
traditional live shopping
  • Limited by time, unable to maintain uninterrupted broadcasts.
  • Heavy reliance on manpower for broadcasting, production, and management.
  • High costs associated with personnel salaries and equipment facilities.
  • Language limitations in live broadcasts.
  • Unpredictable content moderation.
  • Vulnerable to external factors affecting live human streaming.

Live Shopping with AI Streamers in Action

Explore real-life live shopping examples and scenarios showcasing the capabilities of AI streamers
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Exploring Niche Capabilities in Live Shopping

Explore AI streamers, multilingual support, translation magic, and script innovation to revolutionize your live shopping experience.

Realistic AI-driven Avatars

Elevate engagement with our AI streamers or Vtubers that perfectly mimic natural movements. Our avatars mirror real-life nuances while spanning various ethnicities, poses, and attire. This ensures authenticity and relatability in every interaction during the live shopping experience.

Multiple Languages and Accents

Expand your livestream shopping experience with the seamless integration of various languages and accents. Breaking the language barriers to ensure a diverse audience can connect with your content without effort.

AI Translation

Translate text into multiple languages and generate voice-driven AI streamer to broaden your reach and provide a global live-streaming shopping experience to people.

AI Live Shopping Script Generation

Let AI effortlessly generate engaging shopping scripts, saving you time and ensuring a seamless flow of captivating content during your live stream.

More Possibilities of Virbo Live Shopping Tool

Customizable Q&A Repository

Set up automatic responses by creating your personalized Q&A database—connecting with your audience just got smarter.
Customizable Q&A Repository

Microphone Integration for Voice-driven AI

Connect and speak into the microphone to drive the AI streamer to speak in real-time.
Microphone Integration for Voice-driven AI

Cloud-Based Operation

No download, no hassle. Operate directly from the Cloud to enjoy flexibility while managing your product.
Cloud-Based Operation

Interaction Through Text

Enter text and click Send to trigger the AI streamer to speak according to the text content.
Interact Through Text

Compatiblility with Major Platforms

Stream on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn, X (Twitter), Twitch, Alibaba and more.
Compatible with Major Platforms

Real Voices of Virbo AI Live Shopping Tool

user profile
Alex Rodriguez
Content Creator
AI Live Streaming's multilingual support blew me away. The seamless integration of different languages and accents is unparalleled. The future of live streaming is here!
user profile
user profile
Emily Chen
Small Business Owner
Hosting live shopping events on social media with Virbo Live has significantly boosted my revenue. The avatars' realistic movements make product showcases feel personal, enhancing customer connection.
user profile
user profile
David Kim
Language Educator
The translation functionality is a game-changer for my language lessons. AI Live Streaming effortlessly converts text into multiple languages, enhancing accessibility for students globally. A true innovation.
user profile
user profile
Elena Morales
Educational Content Creator
Virbo Live's avatars, diverse in age and ethnicity, resonate with my students. The realistic personas make learning engaging and relatable. A revolutionary tool for educational content.
user profile
user profile
Helen Dolores
Virbo Live is a sales booster! AI streamer live broadcast reduces the cost of streaming, and multi-language feature allows our products to be exposed to audiences in more countries, which is simply great.
user profile
user profile
William Turner
Digital Marketing Specialist
Our ecommerce sales skyrocketed with AI Live Streaming. Dynamic interactions and multilingual support amplified audience reach, resulting in a remarkable 40% increase in sales.
user profile
user profile
Daniel Wong
Marketing Manager
AI streamer reduces our live streaming costs. During the 24/7 uninterrupted live broadcast, we can reach the audience at all times. This is an excellent way to reduce costs and increase efficiency
user profile
Amanda Carter
Marketing Coordinator
AI streaming catapulted our e-commerce sales. Multilingual support broadened our customer base, creating an immersive online experience.

Got Questions? We Have Answers!

  • Virbo Live supports streaming on all streaming platforms. If you're broadcasting on platforms like YouTube, Facebook Live, etc., you can directly stream using OBS to the respective platform. For platforms such as TikTok, Shopee, etc., you can initiate the broadcast using the official live tools provided by each platform (e.g., TikTok Live Studio).

  • Virbo Live offering a diverse range of 120+ voices across 20+ languages. Unleash the power of expression in languages like Hindi, English, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Catalan, Thai, Arabic, Japanese, Malay, Korean, French, Indonesian, Bengali, Tamil, Persian, Burmese, Kazakh, German, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Russian, Urdu, Cantonese, Javanese, and Uzbek. Connect with your audience globally, as Virbo Live empowers your content with authentic and captivating streamings in the language that resonates with your audience.

  • All built-in assets on Virbo Live are copyrighted by Wondershare. If you are a Virbo Live subscription user, all resources inside are available for commercial use. If you are a free user, commercial use is not supported. Click here to subscribe and unlock more benefits.

  • Yes, Virbo Live supports video backgrounds. The upload requirements are as follows:
    - Image and background dimensions should be 9:16.
    - Supported image formats: JPG/JPEG/PNG, video formats: MP4/MOV.
    - Resolution for images and videos should not exceed 1080P.
    - Video duration should not exceed 30 minutes.
    - File size should not exceed 1GB.

  • Virbo Live and Wondershare Virbo are two different products, and account benefits are not shared. Virbo focuses on generating AI spokesperson videos, while Virbo Live primarily addresses live scenarios with AI realistic personalities.
    Click here to purchase Virbo Live.
    Click here to purchase Wondershare Virbo.

  • We offer two plans: Creator Plan and Business Plan, both providing annual and monthly subscription options. You can directly purchase them by clicking here. For the Advanced Plan, please get in touch with us!

  • Currently, we don't support topping up live streaming hours within the same month. To continue streaming, you'll need to purchase an additional subscription:
    - If you repurchase the current plan, it will take effect in the next month or year.
    - If you choose a different plan, it will take effect immediately.

  • A single Virbo account is versatile, allowing you to access it across multiple devices. However, simultaneously using the same account on several devices could lead to data exceptions. To ensure a seamless experience, using a single account on only one device at any given time is advisable.

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