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  • AI script generator saves you time on initial script drafts.
  • Add a human touch to your videos with lifelike AI avatars.
  • Convert boring PowerPoint slides into engaging videos.
  • Empower your video production with AI voice.
  • Translate video content into diverse languages.

What is AI voice?

AI voice uses artificial intelligence technologies to generate or manipulate human-like voices.
Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Jul 14, 23, updated Apr 16, 24

Part 1: What exactly is AI voice?

AI voice is an advanced application of AI language technology that utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to generate or manipulate human-like voices. Powered by machine learning algorithms and deep neural networks, AI voice systems excel in replicating and modifying agents with remarkable precision and an uncanny sense of naturalness.

The application of AI voice is extensive, and one of the latest applications is providing voiceover for AI-generated videos. Wondershare Virbo is a powerful AI video maker that utilizes advanced AI algorithms to enhance your scripts and allows you to select ideal characters from a pool of 150+ digital personas. Furthermore, it offers a library of 120+ AI voices for voiceover, enabling you to quickly generate various marketing, educational, social media, and news videos.

Part 2: What are the advantages of using AI voices?

Flexibility and Customization

AI voice changing and cloning allows users to modify their voices to suit specific needs, experiment with different accents or styles, and create unique character voices.

Time and Resource Savings

AI voiceover services automate the process of narrating videos and audio content, eliminating the need for hiring voice actors and reducing production time and costs.


Free AI voice generators provide a budget-friendly option for individuals and small businesses to access high-quality voice synthesis without investing in expensive recording equipment or professional voice talent.

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Part 3: What are AI voices used for?

Entertainment Industry

AI voices are extensively used in the entertainment industry for various purposes, such as dubbing, creating character voices in animated films, enhancing gaming experiences, and enabling AI voice changing and voice cloning capabilities.

Advertising and Marketing

AI voices significantly create impactful commercials, radio ads, and promotional videos. With AI voiceover technology, brands can deliver their messages consistently and engagingly, capturing the attention of their target audience.

E-learning and Language Learning

AI voices are highly beneficial in e-learning platforms, offering narration for instructional videos, audiobooks, and language-learning materials. These AI voices provide learners with consistent pronunciation, enabling them to improve their listening skills and grasp foreign languages more effectively.

Virtual Assistants

AI voices power virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, enhancing their capabilities to deliver natural and conversational responses. Integrating AI voice technology makes interactions with virtual assistants more human-like and intuitive, creating a seamless user experience.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Apr 16, 24
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