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How to define AI video?

AI videos are created or enhanced using artificial intelligence technologies, including machine learning and computer vision techniques, to analyze, modify, or generate visual content.
Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Jun 26, 23, updated May 17, 24

Part 1. How to define AI video?

AI videos are videos that are created or enhanced using artificial intelligence technologies. These videos often involve machine learning algorithms and computer vision techniques to analyze, modify, or generate visual content. AI can automate tasks such as video editing, synthesis, object detection, motion tracking, etc. It can also enhance video quality, generate realistic visual effects, and even create synthetic videos. AI videos leverage the power of artificial intelligence to streamline video production processes, improve visual storytelling, and push the boundaries of creative expression in video content.

Part 2. What technologies are commonly used in AI videos?

In the definition above of AI videos, various use cases can be observed, which also require the following potential technological means:

1. Computer vision

In videos, computer vision techniques can be used for object detection, tracking, and segmentation to identify and extract specific objects or regions.

2. Image Synthesis

Image synthesis techniques leverage AI algorithms to generate realistic visual effects, allowing virtual objects or effects to integrate into videos and create imaginative scenes.

3. Video super-resolution

AI video technology can use deep learning algorithms to upscale low-resolution video images, enhancing the clarity and details of the video.

4. Video restoration

By employing AI algorithms, videos can be automatically restored by addressing issues such as noise, artifacts, and blurriness, restoring the quality and visual appeal of the video.

5. Video editing and clipping

AI technology can automate video editing and clipping tasks, including scene recognition, shot transitions, and audio processing, improving the efficiency and quality of video production.

6. Video generation

AI generative models can automatically create new video content, such as generating scenes based on textual descriptions or creating visual effects based on music, providing new possibilities for creativity.

7. Face recognition and expression analysis

AI video technology can identify faces in videos and analyze facial expressions and emotions, enabling applications such as human-computer interaction, emotion analysis, and personalized recommendations.

These technologies enhance video production efficiency, elevate visual effects, and enable the creation of compelling and innovative AI video content.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 17, 24
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