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What is the Virbo Custom Avatar Free Trial Program?

Virbo offers a free trial opportunity for 100 people to customize their avatars. Participants who are approved will have one-year asset ownership of their custom avatar on the Virbo software at no cost.
Japanese Tour Guide
— Sakura
Small Business Owner
— Dour
Oil Painting Artist
— Chloe
E-Commerce Live Streamer
— Bekki

What Will You Get?

One AI avatar customization
asset ownership
15 mins
video credits
export resolution
Private AI avatar with
good lip sync

How to work

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Step 1
Sign in
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Step 2
Apply & Consent
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Step 3
Get Avatar

Exploring the Strength of Virbo

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AI Voice

A professional and natural conversion of text-to-speech across all languages and accents.
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Video Templates

Choose from 300+ video templates for your specific industry and create an engaging video.
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Create studio-quality voiceovers with 460+ voices and languages, decreasing production costs.
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AI Avatars

Provides a selection of 300+ AI Avatars featuring different ethnicities, ages, and styles.
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Royalty-Free Music

100% royalty-free music available to help you amp up your videos or multimedia projects.
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Creative Assets

Access constantly updating video assets. Choose from a variety of fonts, images, or shapes available.
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Storyboard Editing

Merge multiple scenes into a video, making end-to-end presentations as simple as creating slides.
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Full HD Downloads

Download videos in high-definition Full HD format as MP4 or WebM Files.

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  • We offer a free custom avatar experience, allowing participants have their custom avatar on the Virbo software.

  • Fill out the application form and submit your request. Once your application is approved, we will contact you for further customization.

  • Yes, You will have one year of ownership of the customized custom avatar.

  • We will provide a monthly membership to successful participants. All video generation features will consume video credits, including Talking Photo. You can subscribe to it to enjoy more video credits.

  • In Virbo, the credits represent the TOTAL amount of videos that you can create within your subscription period. For example, if you have a 20-minute/month subscription, you can use your 20 minutes to create either twenty 1-minute videos or ten 2-minute videos - it's entirely up to you! Creating AI Videos With AI Avatars

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