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Applications of Customized Services

Virbo's customized services have a wide range of applications

Improve Employee Training

Compared to traditional face-to-face training, AI avatar videos enable scalability and reusability, eliminating the need for live trainers and material resources, thus greatly reducing costs.

Boost Your Digital Marketing

In digital marketing, creating valuable and engaging content can attract more attention from customers, build brand reputation, and inspire customer interaction.

Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Virbo enables exceptional customer experiences at every stage of customer management. With AI avatar videos, you can effectively convey messages, build relationships, and enhance satisfaction.
  • Build Stronger Customer Relationships

    Virbo enables exceptional customer experiences at every stage of customer management. You can effectively convey messages and build relationships with AI avatar videos.
  • Advertising and Promotion

    Create eye-catching advertisements and promotional videos using customized avatar characters and cloned voices, always captivating your audience.
  • Training and Education

    Personalize and engage learners with customized avatar characters and voices, delivering captivating training and educational experiences.

What Virbo Can Do for Your Business

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Cross-Platform Experience on Mobile and PC
Virbo supports iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, ensuring seamless device switching and data synchronization for better user experiences.
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Simple AI Tool to Reduce Operational Costs
Create high-quality virtual human videos effortlessly in three steps. Powered by advanced AI technology, bring your creative vision to life with ease.
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Better AI Avatar Videos with Lower Tco
AI avatar videos are more cost effective than traditional live-action ones. And you can also enjoy compatibility across three platforms.
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Boost Productivity with Higher Efficiency
Enhance your video production with virtual humans: simplify workflow, save time, and make post-production adjustments effortlessly.
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Lower Maintenance Costs
By choosing our service, you can reduce expenses associated with traditional video shooting while enjoying a seamless multi-platform experience.
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Reliable After-Sales Service
Our dedicated team will provide optimal user experience with prompt support and assistance for any inquiries or doubts you may have.

Customized Services for Unforgettable Branding


Customize Avatars

Our team will work closely with you to understand your requirements and goals to create a realistic, captivating virtual character that perfectly conveys your message and story.

Clone Voices

We specializes in voice cloning, capturing and preserving your unique voice characteristics with precision. You can apply your voice to customized virtual avatars.

Choose from two options (Avatar Pro & Avatar Lite) for
your custom avatar.

Custom Avatar (Lite)
  • Fixed background
  • No restrictions
  • Requires 5 minutes of recorded talking footage
  • No green-screen required
  • Voice cloning available as a paid add-on
Custom Avatar (Pro)
  • Professional matting
  • Up to 1080P resolution and 60 FPS
  • Requires 5 minutes of recorded talking footage
  • Green-screen required
  • Voice cloning available as a paid add-on

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Virbo custom avatar is a digital but photo-realistic representation of a human. These custom avatars can be used to create business videos with Virbo. You can create a custom avatar of yourself or a team member, for example (with the explicit consent of the person).

  • When creating your custom avatar, you can clone your voice as well. This is an additional process and requires some extra steps. Please note that the custom AI avatar and voice are a paid add-on to the Virbo plan.

  • It currently takes about 10-15 minutes of video recording in front of a green screen. After you've submitted the footage to our team and paid for the custom avatar, you'll receive your custom avatar on your Virbo account within 10 business days.

  • No. Your Custom Avatar will not be accessible to anyone other than your own account.

  • No, you can't create a custom avatar of someone else. Creating a new custom avatar requires explicit consent from the person, and our team manually checks and processes all custom avatar video footage. Moreover, existing images or video footage can't be used for creating custom avatars - our custom avatar creation requires about 10-15 minutes of dedicated video recording (as described above).
    This means that it is impossible to impersonate a celebrity or a politician.

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