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Instantly convert scripts to stunning videos in professional quality using our free AI video generator. Bring any text to life with realistic AI voiceovers, avatars, animations and impactful visuals, ideal for social marketers, content creators, educators, and small businesses.
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Easy Script to Video Converter Powered by AI

With Wondershare Virbo, anyone can quickly create a script to AI video without professional video editing skills. Enter your text script, and the intelligent AI will make your videos in no time. It’s also worth noting that it uses the advanced ChatGPT 4.0 to analyze and convert the text scripts into actionable and consumable videos. This technology produces realistic video scripts with beautifully synced scenes and voices. Overall, you don’t need any skills to use this free script to video maker.

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Expressive AI Presenters for More Views

This AI script generator comes with hundreds of realistic avatar templates for any narrative project. For example, you can choose a presentation avatar that looks professional or casual, depending on your content style. You can also create video from script with avatars from diverse countries and backgrounds, including American, Hindi, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, and much more. Moreover, you can fair female and male avatars in a single video narration to make your presentation look more engaging. With Virbo AI, you can kiss goodbye to those traditional video and photo shoots.

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From Script to Video with Voiceovers

Wondershare Virbo doesn’t only convert script to video. Instead, this innovative video maker doubled up as a convenient text-to-speech converter. It can convert script into video and sound like professional voice actors in seconds. You can transform text scripts into avatar voice narrations in English, French, Italian, and other international languages. Your Virbo avatar can have matching accents and tones as well as sound like a professional in your preferred industry. This can make your videos more engaging and informative on social media, websites and marketing platforms.

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Free to Generate Any Video from Script Online

Enable AI to make a video from a script for free. You won’t pay anything to download and install this video script writer AI. This is a convenient and cost-effective way of generating top-quality videos for online sharing without hiring professional services. That’s not all. This program has numerous video templates suited for any industry. You can create talking avatar videos for industries like fitness, education, medicine, and blogging. Moreover, you can generate any type of video, including intros, main content, and outros.

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How to Convert Scripts into Video with AI?

  • input video ideas
  • convert scripts to video
  • edit AI-generated video
  • export video for sharing
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Step 1. Enter Your Text Script Ideas.

Open the AI Script tool online, then enter your text script in any language. Briefly describe your video requirements, including the field, topic, tone of voice, and vital points.
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Step 2. Generate Video from Text.

Once you enter the text script, choose your preferred aspect ratio, then click the Generate Video button. Your video draft will appear in seconds. You can also ask AI to refine your script before generating the video.
fine-tune the generated video

Step 3. Pick an AI Voice & Avatar.

Preview the generated video and edit further by adding a desired voice narration. You can also choose a custom voice speed, accent, and avatar before generating the video.
download the script-generated video

Step 4. Download & Share Your Masterpiece.

You can preview the generated video again to ensure it meets your sharing standards. If satisfied, export and share the video with your online audience.

Revolutionize Video Production With Virbo AI

Recording and editing videos can be time-consuming and expensive, requiring equipment like a camera, studio, and professional video editor. But with Wondershare Virbo, you can quickly and easily convert text to video for free. This AI tool offers a faster, easier, and more affordable way to create video narrations for marketing, training, business and social media. Simply enter your idea description and wait for the video.

Traditional Video Creation

traditional workflow of video creation
Challenging to create script
Require professional skills
Hiring actors, equipment and studios
Complex editing tools & processes

Virbo AI Video Creation

advanced video generation based on AI
AI Generated Script by ChatGPT 4.0.
Easy to use, suitable for beginners.
AI-generated voices & avatars for videos.
All-in-one AI Video Editor.

FAQs of Script-to-Video Generator

  • Wondershare Virbo can help you generate videos from text scripts instantly. It uses ChatGPT 4.0 AI technology to convert your text into realistic sound and sync the audio with an animated avatar. Just enter the script idea and watch the magic unfold.

  • Virbo AI is one of the best text-to-video generators online. This program is easy to access and allows you to create engaging avatar presentations with natural voiceovers for free. However, to remove a watermark and unlock advanced features such as voice cloning and avatar customization, you may need to upgrade your account.

  • You can maximize our text to video generator by following some best practices when entering text scripts. So, how do you go about it? Follow these tips:
    • Identify the target audience and use the appropriate tone.
    • Use a conversational video tone that your viewers can easily understand.
    • Avoid unnecessary vocabulary and grammar mistakes in your script.
    • Keep specific scenes short, preferably 3-4 sentences.
    • Use a call-to-action (CTA) in product descriptions.
    • Read the script aloud to know how it will sound to your target audience.

  • Absolutely! We're excited to announce our new AI portrait filters and image-to-image generator. With this feature, you can transform any human into a cartoon or animated-style avatar and make it talk in your animation videos. Just write a few words or upload a picture to preview and insert it into your video.

  • Yes, Wondershare Virbo provides copyright-free video, audio, and images. This means you can use the generated video narrations in any business without worrying about a potential lawsuit or harassment.

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