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For Team

The Team plan gives you the flexibility to provision, track and manage licensing across groups and teams.

Unlock to all advanced features for iOS/Android APP/ Windows PC/ Web Online
Free tech support
No atrribution required
Multi-user control for both team and business
3 users supported
Flexible payment options
Free update and updrade for annual plan
1000 mins/yr video credits and 300G cloud storage 1500 mins/yr video credits and 500G cloud storage 3000 mins/yr video credits and 1T cloud storage

For Business

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Virbo's Awards

Virbo has been honored with the G2 Small Business Leader Spring 2024 Award and has achieved ISO 27001 certification for Information Security Management.


Value for Business


Access royalty-free stock media, realistic AI Avatars, diverse voices & languages, and intelligent templates to quickly improve efficiency with professionalism and simplicity.


An ideal cost-effective video editing suite for SMBs with perpetual licensing, an intuitive interface, and universal account authorization across three platforms (Win, iOS and Android).

After-Sales Service

Your privacy is our priority. We use advanced encryption and fraud protection to secure your financial and personal information. If you have any issues, feel free to contact us anytime.

See What Our Users Ask Frequently

  • Virbo custom avatar is a digital but photo-realistic representation of a human. These custom avatars can be used to create business videos with Virbo. You can create a custom avatar of yourself or a team member, for example (with the explicit consent of the person).
    Once your custom avatar is created, it will appear among our built-in avatars in Virbo Assets. Then you can use it in your videos. You define the video script you want the person to speak, adjust the settings, and generate the video.

  • When creating your custom avatar, you can clone your voice as well. This is an additional process and requires some extra steps. Please note that the custom AI avatar and voice are a paid add-on to the Virbo plan.

  • It currently takes about 10-15 minutes of video recording in front of a green screen. After you’ve submitted the footage to our team and paid for the custom avatar, you’ll receive your custom avatar on your Virbo account within 10 business days.

  • No. Your Custom Avatar will not be accessible to anyone other than your own account.

  • No, you can't create a custom avatar of someone else. Creating a new custom avatar requires explicit consent from the person, and our team manually checks and processes all custom avatar video footage.
    Moreover, existing images or video footage can't be used for creating custom avatars - our custom avatar creation requires about 10-15 minutes of dedicated video recording (as described above).This means that it is impossible to impersonate a celebrity or a politician.