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20 Minutes Plan

10% OFF
One-time payment, no auto-renewal, and can be repurchased as needed.
Total 20 credits, 1 credit = 1 minute
300+ realistic AI avatars
200+ language and accents
300+ ready-to-use templates
24/7 tech support

40 Minutes Plan

20% OFF
One-time payment, no auto-renewal, and can be repurchased as needed.
Total 40 credits, 1 credit = 1 minute
300+ realistic AI avatars
200+ language and accents
300+ ready-to-use templates
24/7 tech support

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20 Minutes Plan

40 Minutes Plan

US$18 US$32
AI video generation
20mins 40mins
Realistic AI avatars
300+ 300+
Language and accents
200+ 200+
Ready-to-use templates
300+ 300+
Tech support
24/7 24/7

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  • In Virbo, the credits represent the TOTAL amount of videos that you can create within your subscription period. For example, if you have a 15-minute/month subscription, you can use your 15 minutes to create either twenty 1-minute videos or ten 2-minute videos - it's entirely up to you!
    Each video rounds up to 30 or 0.5 credits. For example, a 5-second or 30-second video consumes 0.5 credits, and a 31-second or 60-second consumes one credit. All video generation features will consume video credits, including TalkingPhoto. You can subscribe to it to enjoy more video credits.

  • The rights and interests of subscribers include enjoying VIP assets, video credits, extending maximum time for a single export, cloud storage space expansion, 1080p export resolution, and much more.

  • During the validity period of the subscription plan, when the duration of the exported video exceeds the current remaining video duration rights, the purchase entrance for the duration refueling package rights will pop up, and you also can purchase on this page.

    It's advisable to consider purchasing the Additional Video Credits Plan only if you've already subscribed to the Virbo Tools Plan and your license is still valid. If you haven't subscribed to the Virbo Plan yet, please click here to do so before proceeding with the purchase of additional credits.

  • Wondershare Virbo includes Monthly, Annual Essential, Annual Pro, and Video Credits Plan. You can directly purchase and enjoy the rights and interests corresponding to the plan bought on the Purchase Page or in the Virbo app.

  • Video credits plan include 20, 120, and 240 minutes of total duration of the video that can be exported, and holds validity for 365 days. When the account is within the subscription validity period, you can enjoy video credits plan rights. When the account is not within a valid subscription state, you cannot enjoy these rights. After subscribing to the plan, continue to enjoy the benefits of the video credits plan until it is used up or expires.

  • For free users, videos are not allowed to be used for commercial use. For subscribed users, all materials provided in the software are commercially available, and the produced videos containing digital humans are also available for commercial use.

  • A single Virbo account is versatile, allowing you to access it across multiple devices, including Windows PCs, web online, iOS phones, and Android phones. However, simultaneously using the same account on several devices could lead to data exceptions. To ensure a seamless experience, using a single account on only one device at any given time is advisable.

  • The same email account supports login and uses on iOS, Android, and Windows system devices. Account information and data are synchronized, and rights and interests are interoperable.

  • Cancellation of subscription means that the subscription will not be renewed for the next month, and the remaining minutes of the month will still be available for the current billing cycle.
    Note: Your video export duration allowance will reset at the beginning of each billing cycle. However, the video credits package you have purchased will not reset but is only available for premium members.

  • All Virbo plans are monthly or yearly subscriptions that reset themselves with the given amount of credit the plan is entitled to when the billing cycle renews; with successful payment, all credits expire before the next billing cycle, so any unused credits will NOT carry over.

  • Storage will be credited approximately five minutes after your purchase. If the storage is not credited to your account, please get in touch with customer service.