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Automatically translate Tamil audio or video to English online with top-notch AI dubbing and subtitles. Get your translated videos in minutes and expand your global reach.
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How to Translate Video from Tamil to English?

  • upload tamil audio or video to translate
  • translate tamil to english
  • export the translated english video
upload tamil video online

Step 1. Upload a Tamil Video.

Start by clicking the button below to access our AI video translator on your browser or device. Navigate to Video Translate and upload your Tamil video.
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Step 2. Auto Transcribe & Translate.

Set the source language to Tamil and the target language to English. You can also add lip-sync effects, auto subtitles, and transcript reproofing if you like. Click Translate to convert your Tamil video.
download the converted video

Step 3. Download Your English Video.

Once you're happy with the AI-translated video, play it back and export it in high quality. Voilà!

Tamil to English Translation Online

accurate ai video translation

Accurate Video Translation Powered By AI

Looking to bridge the language barrier and share your Tamil video with English-speaking audiences? Virbo AI translator is your go-to solution for effortlessly converting your Tamil videos into English, ensuring your message resonates effectively with wider viewers. Using advanced translation technology, Virbo AI can quickly translate and dub your Tamil video into English within minutes. With an impressive accuracy rate of up to 98.46%, you can count on Virbo AI to deliver professional-quality videos that engage your English viewers, helping you expand your reach and connect with a global audience seamlessly.

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Multi-Language Video Audio Translator

Virbo AI automatically transcribes and translates audio in your video files into 40+ languages and accents, including Tamil, English, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Hindi, Dutch, and many more. Whether you need to convert Tamil into English or vice versa, or explore other tones of Spanish or Turkish, this translator gives you the power to extend your reach and connect more deeply with individuals across continents. Experience the convenience of seamless communication and strengthen your international relationships effortlessly.

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auto dubbing tamil videos
feature video translation

AI Dubbing Any Tamil Video into English

1 click to transform a Tamil video into English without the need for professional voice actors or audio dubbing services. With AI technology, you can seamlessly replace the original voiceovers in your video with an AI voicetrack in English. What's even more amazing is that this voice translator offers a Lip-syncing effect which enhances the naturalness of the video narrator's speech and performance. All you have to do is toggle on the lip-syncing effect and watch as your video comes to life in a whole new language. It's like magic, but better!

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Translate Tamil to English Subtitles Instantly

Add an extra spark of engagement for your viewers through Virbo's AI subtitle generator. With an accurate scanning and analysis of the translated English voices, creating captions seamlessly synced with your videos becomes a breeze. This not only saves you time but also enhances your storytelling, making it even more captivating and enjoyable for your audience.

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ai translation for anyone

Create Accessible Videos for Everyone

Whether you're a language learner, marketer, social content creator, business, traveler, or movie fan, Virbo AI translation helps you reach a global audience. Spread your message across cultures, earn more views and likes, and increase engagement. Virbo makes it easy for people from different backgrounds to understand and connect with your content.

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FAQs about Tamil to English Translator

  • Use Virbo's latest AI online translator to accurately convert Tamil speech into English, enabling viewers to understand the video's content in their preferred language. Just upload a Tamil content file, select English as the output language, and click "Translate" to get the job done.

  • Yes, Virbo's free AI translator automatically translates videos into Tamil from over 40 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, etc. It supports video translations with voices, text, and subtitles.

  • Virbo's AI video translation accuracy has significantly improved, reaching up to 98%+ due to advancements in machine learning and neural networks. However, it may not always be 100% accurate, and minor errors can occur, especially with idiomatic expressions or complex language nuances.

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