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How To Translate Videos in Tamil for a Wider Reach

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Dec 06, 23, updated Jul 20, 24

Expanding your video content into Tamil opens doors to a vast audience. With over 75 million Tamil speakers worldwide, tapping into this demographic can amplify your reach. Video translation in Tamil not only breaks language barriers. It also fosters cultural connections with your target audience.

By reaching Tamil-speaking viewers, you unlock new avenues for brand exposure. You also increase your chances of community engagement. The next parts will teach you how to translate English to Tamil language. The page will also introduce an AI-powered app to help you connect with this vibrant audience. Explore the article to learn more.

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In this article
  1. Notice to Readers: Difference of Translating or Transcribing in Tamil
  2. How To Translate Videos in Tamil and Vice-Versa
  3. Other Methods to Translate in Tamil

Part 1. Notice to Readers: Difference of Translating or Transcribing in Tamil

Translating and transcribing are two distinct processes. Each is crucial in its own right when it comes to Tamil language translate to English:


Translating is converting the meaning of spoken words or written text from one language to another, like English convert to Tamil meaning. It ensures that the essence and intent remain intact. Transcribing focuses on converting spoken words into written text. It captures the dialogue or narration without considering the nuances of translation.


Translation takes into account the broader context of the content. It often factors in cultural references and idiomatic expressions. It also takes into account societal norms to convey the message. Transcription deals with capturing the spoken words. It doesn’t delve into the context or cultural nuances.


Translation requires knowing both languages involved. It allows you to convey the nuances of the original content. Transcription focuses more on capturing the spoken words. It often doesn’t consider the linguistic nuances or cultural context.

Automatic translation tools like YouTube can do video translation in Tamil. But, they often struggle to capture the nuances of translating and transcribing. AI-powered apps like Wondershare Virbo offer a solution by combining translation and transcription.

Part 2. How To Translate Videos in Tamil and Vice-Versa

Translating videos has never been easier, thanks to many Tamil to English converter app or software, such as Virbo. It’s a versatile tool powered by advanced AI technology. If you’re looking to connect with Tamil-speaking communities, Virbo streamlines the translation process. The app saves you time and effort so you can focus on creating wonderful content. Follow the steps below to start video translation in Tamil and vice versa, such as English to Tamil translation.

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  • Step 1: Download and install Virbo on your computer. Log in using your Email, Wondershare, Google, Facebook, or Twitter account. If downloading is not possible, you can use the Virbo online tool. To start translating, click on the Video Translator button.
wondershare virbo main window

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  • Step 2: Upload the video for translation. Next, set up your preferred language settings. Change the source and target languages on the right side (Tamil in this case). Add subtitles and lip-sync based on your preference.
wondershare virbo main window
  • Step 3: Preview the multilingual video to ensure accuracy once the translation process is complete. Make any necessary adjustments if needed. Finally, download or export the translated video in your desired format.
video translation with subtitles

Key Features of Virbo:

Virbo’s AI technology offers a range of features to enhance your translation experience:

  • AI video translations.Virbo supports over 40 languages, including Tamil, ensuring accurate and efficient translations.
  • AI avatars.Customize your video with AI avatars to add a personal touch to your content.
  • AI voice.Choose from a variety of AI voices. Match the tone and style of your video.
  • AI Script.Generate transcripts and captions using Virbo’s AI script feature.

Use Cases of Virbo

Here are many scenarios where you can take advantage of Virbo:

video use cases

Build stronger customer loyalty

Engage Tamil-speaking customers by translating product tutorials and testimonials. You can also provide customer support videos in Tamil. It fosters stronger relationships and loyalty for your brand’s success.

Stand out in social media

Capture the attention of Tamil audiences on social media platforms. Translate and localize your video content to increase engagement and shares.

Boost digital marketing

Expand your reach and drive conversions by translating marketing videos and advertisements. Translate your promotional content into Tamil to tap into a new market segment.


Virbo offers flexible pricing options for users interested in video translation in Tamil. While there’s a free version available, the paid plan offers features suited for your Tamil content (as of March 6, 2024):

  • Monthly Plan.$9.9/month - The plan grants you access to 10 minutes of video credits every month. It’s ideal for occasional video translations.
  • Yearly Plan – Essential. $19.9/year - This plan gives you 22 minutes of video credits annually. It caters to moderate translation needs for Tamil videos.
  • Yearly Plan – Pro. $199/year – The pro plan is for heavy users and businesses looking to translate a significant volume of Tamil videos. It offers a generous 300 minutes of video credits per year.

Additionally, the Monthly Plan supports videos of up to 2 minutes long. Meanwhile, both Yearly Plans allow for videos of up to 5 minutes. Regardless of your plan, they all have a maximum resolution of 1080p and unlimited time for AI scripts.

Part 3. Other Methods to Translate in Tamil

There are alternative methods available if you prefer different English to Tamil translate approaches. Yet, it’s important to note that these methods cater to text translation. They may not capture the nuances and context of video content. Let’s explore two common alternatives:

Google Translate

Google Translate is a well-known tool for translating text from one language to another, such as google converter tamil to english. Here’s how you can use it for basic translation:

  • Step 1: Visit the Google Translate website or open the Google Translate app. Select the input and output languages (e.g., English to Tamil).
  • Step 2: Type or paste the text you want to translate into the provided box. Google Translate will instantly translate the text into Tamil.

Remember that Google Translate may not always produce the most accurate translations. It’s especially evident for complex sentences or specialized terminology.

YouTube Video Translation

YouTube offers a built-in feature for translating video titles and descriptions. It can also generate subtitles in many languages, including languages from English to Tamil. Here’s how you can use it:

  • Step 1: Upload your video to YouTube and navigate to the video’s editing page. Click the Subtitles/CC tab.
  • Step 2: Select the language you want to translate your subtitles into (e.g., Tamil). YouTube will automatically generate machine-translated subtitles.
  • Step 3: Review and edit the translated subtitles to ensure accuracy and coherence.

YouTube’s video translation in Tamil feature can be helpful at times. But, it may not capture the nuances or cultural context accurately. Manual editing is often required to refine the translations. This is important to ensure they align with the original video content.


Reaching Tamil-speaking audiences through video translation is essential for expanding reach and engagement. While alternatives like Google Translate and YouTube exist, they may lack accuracy and nuance. Wondershare Virbo stands out with its AI-powered features. The app ensures precise and efficient English translation to Tamil language or any other languages in video translation.

Using these strategies empowers content creators to connect with Tamil audiences. It can drive meaningful engagement and growth. Elevate your content’s impact using tools like Virbo for seamless video translation in Tamil. Embrace the opportunity to make an impact with diverse audiences. Amplify your message and win the Tamil-speaking audience with your powerful content creation.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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