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How to Translate English Video to Tamil Text

Virbo Originally published Dec 06, 23, updated Feb 21, 24

Tamil is the official language of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It boasts a rich linguistic heritage with around 84.12 million native speakers, according to For content creators who want to expand their reach and connect with this vibrant audience, video translation in Tamil can be crucial. So, in this comprehensive guide, we will explain how to translate English videos into Tamil text with the help of easy online tools. So, if you want a culturally resonant transformation of your content with Tamil people, read on!

In this article
  1. Translation Vs Transcription: What's the Difference
  2. 5 Tools and Software Available for Video Translation
  3. Step-by-Step Process to Translate from English to Tamil

Translation Vs. Transcription: What's the Difference

While both translation and transcription sound similar, they are vastly different processes. Each serves a distinct purpose. The translation is converting any content from one language to another without losing its meaning, context or nuances. Translators work with original text, video, or audio content to render it into a different language. On the other hand, transcription is merely converting spoken language into written text. This is often in the same language and involves no deeper understanding of a language for accuracy. The primary goal of transcription is to represent the content in a written format to make it more accessible and usable for various purposes.

In this article, we will focus on translation: to get more specific, video translation in Tamil from English.

5 Tools and Software Available for Video Translation

Let’s look at the top 5 tools you can utilize to get decent Tamil translations from video content.

1. Translate.Video tool for tamil translation

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Translate dot video is a unique tool to get video translation in Tamil. It can dub any English video into Tamil audio or Tamil text, giving you a decent translation of videos in a very short time. No need to create an account. You can just log in with your Google account. Everything is online and easily accessible. Besides Tamil, Translate.Video supports translations from English to 75+ other languages, such as Arabic, Bangla, Czech, French, Finnish, Hindi, Gujarati, Hungarian, and Italian, etc. They have a single platform that can generate captions, translate subtitles, dub videos, provide AI voiceovers, record voice, and provide transcripts as well. You can download the finished product in the form of MP5 video or SRT & VTT subtitle files. 

  • Can translate from Tamil to English as well as from English to Tamil
  • Supports 75+ languages
  • Simple and easy online tool
  • Requires an account on their platform

2. Veed.IO tool for tamil translation

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Veed is another excellent option if you want to turn your Tamil content into English or vice versa. It supports 4 different file formats: MP3, MP4, M4A, and WAV, so you can upload your content in these formats. Using Veed is straightforward: upload your content, transcribe the content by selecting a suitable language, and finally translate it into the desired language. Veed is also incredibly easy to use, though its advanced features can be a bit complex for beginners.

  • Several one-click features like auto subtitling, translations, etc
  • Cloud-based software
  • Smart AI can generate accurate subtitles
  • Clip breakdown occasionally

3. Wavel.AI

wavel for tamil translation

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Although Wavel is a relatively new platform, it has risen to our top 3 spot in a very short time. Besides Tamil, it supports many other local Indian languages like Marathi, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, and Indian English. Perhaps that’s why some of the biggest Indian companies, like BYJU trust its services. We love Wavel, because of its no non-sense approach. It focuses on video dubbing and translation, and that’s what it does best. Unlike many other services that begin as a translation service and then turn into something else.

  • Supports 40+ languages, including many Indian local languages
  • Provides 250+ male and female voices for voiceovers
  • Supports YouTube video translate in Tamil
  • Expensive service

4. Kapwing

kapwing for tamil translation

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We love Kapwing. This fantastic online tool features a powerful AI that translates your videos online in just a few clicks. It’s fast, it’s quick n easy, and it requires no downloads. Whats there not to love? Kapwing is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Even if you have no experience with video translation tools, you can use Kapwing right away with little to no supervision. Besides video translation in Tamil, it also features other powerful video creation tools like generative ai, magic subtitles, auto resize, and more on a single-user interface.

  • Highly intuitive user interface
  • Very simple to use
  • Multi-language support
  • Some technical glitches every now and then

5. Vidby

vidby tool for tamil translation

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Vidby is a lesser-known yet premium translation and dubbing service. It uses advanced AI to translate and dub any video into 75+ different languages of the world, including Tamil. The translations are about as accurate as you can get with AI. What’s more, you can also choose a particular dialect in a language. If you are running a business, Vidby can be an exceptional opportunity to help you attract more customers and monetize your projects.

  • Uses a combination of AI and human editors to give you accurate translations
  • Technical partnership with Google Cloud
  • Pay for what you get saves some money
  • No free trial
  • Very expensive

Step-by-Step Process to Translate from English to Tamil

Let’s take a look at the step-by-step guide for video translation in Tamil. For this tutorial, we will be using to get some Tamil translations.

Step 1Go to Translate.Video platform and upload your video

step guidance for tamil translation – step 1-a

Follow the link below to visit the platform. Once there, upload your English video to the dashboard you see. When the video finishes uploading, click the green Proceed button to continue to the step.

step guidance for tamil translation – step 1-b

Step 2Select the Tamil language

step guidance for tamil translation – step 2-3

Can you see the dropdown menu? Good! Select English as the Source and Tamil(india) as the Target language. You can also select a suitable voice from the voiceover templates available.

Step 3Hit the Translate button

Once you have selected all the suitable options, it’s time to see the magic happen. Click the blue translate button to begin video translation in Tamil. It can take a moment, so be patient.


Mastering the art of translating English videos to Tamil text or any other language opens up a world of possibilities for communication, accessibility and cultural exchange. All the tools mentioned above provide great help in getting your message across in a different language. But the best tool for you will be the one that offers the most help in your creative projects. We hope our step-by-step guidance provided you with some help about how to use these online video translation tools. Good luck!

Virbo Feb 21, 24
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