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The Ever-Changing Era of AI Video Translation: A Reality to Be Fulfilled

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Nov 03, 23, updated May 31, 24

The landscape of video creation is continuously evolving with the advancement of AI. It has reduced the manual efforts of video production with automated processes. Content creators translate their videos for a powerful impact on the audience. In this regard, they prefer AI translate video tools to translate large volumes of videos.

Otherwise, human translators and related equipment prove costly. That's why it's a practical solution when overseen by humans for quality assurance. So, this article will show the practical applications of translating video content. Besides, you will find the best online tools that offer AI translate video features.

In this article
  1. Wondershare Virbo: Breaking the Barriers in AI Video Translation
  2. What Are the Basic Applications of Translating Video Content?
  3. How Is AI Influencing Video Translation on a Practical Level?
  4. Other Pre-Existing Online Tools Offering AI Translation

Part 1. Wondershare Virbo: Breaking the Barriers in AI Video Translation

Wondershare Virbo is an AI tool that can translate videos into over 300 languages and voices. It can generate engaging AI-talking avatar videos with natural-sounding voices. Such videos can boost your digital marketing campaign with attractive content. AI videos remove the need for employee training resources and live trainers. Overall. It reduced the traditional learning costs while creating the most impactful videos.

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Video Translator Feature – A New Addition

This feature of Virbo offers AI to translate video into selected voices along with subtitles. Users can upload their video, ranging from 10 seconds to 2 minutes. Moreover, it allows you to check the option of an AI generator for translated subtitles. Later, you can hit the keep background music option that will only change human voices.

After uploading a video, you must pick the original language of the video. Then, you should choose a language for voiceover or translation. Also, users can select the accent or tone of the translated voices from the given options.

virbo video translator feature

Other Notable Features of Wondershare Virbo

1. AI Avatar

They are digital representations of humans to present without revealing identity. This AI tool offers natural-looking avatars of more than 300. You can select any avatar by specifying a search with Gender and attire filters. After choosing an Avatar, users can set their background from business or other groups.

2. AI Voice

This feature of Virbo allows you to convert text into speech. It is regularly updated to match your needs. You can get many voice tones like calm, energetic, mature, gentle, and fluent. It allows you to adjust the volume, speed, and pitch of the AI-generated voice. Furthermore, users can change the gender and language of the voice as required.

3. AI Script Generator

Save your time and get a customized script with the integration of ChatGPT and Virbo. It creates engaging, lengthy, or professional type of content from smart optimization. Users can also paste their script and prompt to re-write that text. When you get the desired script, choose portrait or vertical mode to create the video.

4. Talking Photos

Make your photos speakable by using this feature of Virbo. For this purpose, you have to upload a straight-looking face picture instead of a selfie. Apart from importing any image, you can select any AI photo from the given options. Later, users have to paste their script to make a talking photo.  

5. Video Templates

Pick a well-crafted video template instead of editing from scratch. There are video templates from festivals, e-commerce, advertisements, and many other domains. Despite selecting from such domains, you can search for a template with a topic input. You can still customize the chosen template by changing the background or adding text to it.

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Part 2. What Are the Basic Applications of Translating Video Content?

Translating video is not only about language; it's also about making content reachable. It ensures that the message is delivered impactful across cultures and regions. Translating content can connect people from different linguistic backgrounds. It removes language barriers whether you belong to the education or business sectors. Thus, get to know more applications in the given section:

1. Healthcare and Medical

Medical professionals consider AI translate video for many healthcare aspects. Mainly, they use translated content for communicating with different language-speaking patients. It is also used to share research findings and medical training globally. This way, international participants are able to easily understand the informative discussions. 

2. Legal and Compliance

It refers to translating video content that complies with legal requirements. In such cases, legal documents, contracts, and related videos are translated. This way, users ensure that everyone can understand the multinational business that they are signing. It is important because any misinterpretations can cause legal disputes.

3. Entertainment and Media

This industry is currently using AI translate subtitles more than other domains. The media industry translates movies, TV shows, series, and other streaming content. It allows a broader universal audience through subtitles and dubbing. You might have also observed streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ relying on video translations. They invest in dubbing videos to reach international subscribers. 

4. Tourism and Hospitality

Travel agencies look for promotional videos that can showcase culture and destinations. These videos are translated into Spanish, Chinese, or English languages to attract tourists. Translated videos can provide virtual tours of historical places or guide visitors. Restaurants also use translated videos to explain dishes and menus to international tourists.

5. E-learning and Education

Educationists and trainers can create bilingual courses through video translation. They use AI translate videos to customize learning paths for diverse learners. It is especially fruitful for non-English speakers to learn in their native language. Besides, enabling translated subtitles can help slow-paced or impaired learners in grabbing concepts.

Part 3. How Is AI Influencing Video Translation on a Practical Level?

Technology advancements put video creation and editing at ease. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence has positively influenced video translation and creation. It makes the process accurate, cost-effective, and accessible to all. Content creators, businesses, and educationists are filling the language gaps with translated videos. So, let’s learn how AI influences video translation without further delay:

1. Voiceovers and Dubbing

AI-powered tools can generate natural-sounding voiceovers in different languages. Such dubbing and voiceovers are not much more distinguished than human voices. You can get multiple translated videos with the use of machine translation models. Moreover, they can add automatic subtitling on streaming services like YouTube and Vimeo.

2. Language Learning

Students can listen to native speakers and receive translations with AI algorithms. It enables them to grasp the pronunciation of words and learn their meanings. When students watch videos with translated subtitles, they can identify their weak areas in learning. It can also help in improving the vocabulary and grammatical skills of learners.

3. Multilingual SEO

Multilingual SEO means optimized content on search engines and websites. Its primary goal is to improve visibility across different regions and languages. Translation and localization of video content can expand discoverability in various locations. AI algorithms analyze user experiences and suggest relatable or user-preferred language content. 

4. Real-time Translation

AI translate video provides solutions to live broadcasting and video seminars. It proves valuable for international news, reporting, events, and global business meetings. AI-driven translation systems recognize speech and provide translation on the screen. The natural language processing and machine learning models detect conversation for translations.

5. Enhanced Post-Editing

Human translators can get help from AI in an exact and faster translation process. In this regard, machine translation systems can provide a baseline that humans can refine. They can adjust translations to fit with the context and tone of the video. You can get assistance to remove potential errors in translation, like terminology discrepancies.

Part 4. Some Pre-Existing Online Tools Offering AI Translation

Online translating tools are beneficial for efficient and affordable solutions. They make global communication accessible and correctly align with growing users' needs.

The internet is full of online software for AI translate subtitle generation. Selecting a secure and reliable tool is still a concern to get high-quality outputs. Thus, we have enlisted some of the best online AI video translating tools to ease your selection.

1. is an online tool for recording and editing professional videos on one platform. This video editing tool can translate your subtitles into different languages manually. It enables you to upload a subtitles file and adjust the video as required. Besides, it claims to produce 98.5% accurate translation and subtitling services.

veed io ai translate

Key Features:

  • Upload subtitle files with VTT, TXT, and SRT formats to get subtitles added to the video.
  • Offers preset styles library and effect library for subtitles.
  • Allow manual changes of subtitle check-in and check-out timing in the video.

2. Maestra

This AI-powered tool offers voice-overs, transcriptions, and caption-generating services. Users have to upload their audio or video files to translate into more than 100 languages. Besides using this AI translate video for subtitles, you can get dubbing of videos with your chosen speakers. After generating subtitles, you can edit and export into PDF, TXT, SRT, and VTT formats.

maestra ai translate

Key Features:

  1. Change subtitles' font style, font size, color, positions, and characters per line.
  2. Collaborate and give access to teammates for editing auto-generated subtitles.
  3. Embeddable player allows you to export the generated subtitles without downloading the video.

3. Kapwing

Edit, trim, and enhance videos with this AI tool with cutting-edge technology. AI translate subtitle is one of its features in terms of AI video creation and editing. You can paste a YouTube video link or upload a file from Google Drive and Google Photos. After getting subtitles, users can translate them into different languages or edit them.

kapwingai ai translate

Key Features:

  1. Adjust characters per subtitle in your video as desired.
  2. Resize the video canvas for direct sharing on social media platforms.
  3. You can browse misspelled words and manually correct them.

4. HeyGen

HeyGen is originally an AI video creator but also offers a video translation feature. To translate a video, you have to upload an MP4 video with a 500 MB file size. The file size uploading limit depends on the credits and plan you are using. It requires uploading videos of 30 seconds minimum and 5 minutes maximum.

heygen ai translate

Key Features:

  1. Despite uploading an MP4 video, you can make a video from a webcam in HeyGen.
  2. Gives you the option to translate video or translate audio files.
  3. Multi-speaker translation and proof translation options are available in its enterprise version.

5. Wavel.AI

Elevate videos, films, and presentations with this video dubbing and subtitle-generating AI tool. It offers translation in over 40 languages with male and female voices. You can upload a 2-minute video of 100 MB while using its free version. The generated subtitles can be split, merged, and added to the video according to users’ preferences.

wavel ai translate

Key Features:

  1. Users can highlight and strikethrough the subtitles text in the video.
  2. You can set minimum and maximum subtitle duration in the clips.
  3. It allows you to choose the emotion, pitch, volume, and speed of the translator.


To sum up, AI has reduced the manual efforts in the video production and editing industry. Now, you don't have to translate video through professional translators. For this purpose, AI tools can serve different fields of video translation. This article has also discussed the practical applications of AI translate video tools. 

In search of the best translation tool, you can rely on Wondershare Virbo. This AI tool has all the essential features to create an AI avatar video and translation. That's why digital creators and other professionals prefer this AI tool.   

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Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 31, 24
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