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5 Must-Know Hacks to Beat Deepfake Attacks: Streamer Survival Guide

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Jan 26, 24, updated Jul 20, 24

Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) tools have significantly influenced various industries, including streaming services. In the recent wave of development, deepfake streamers have emerged as a way of replicating people in videos. Creators are also using deepfake live streams to engage viewers with avatars that look just like their favorite celebs. However, deepfake streams often encounter attacks and issues that may question their authenticity. In this article, we look at some of the hacks creators can use to beat deepfake attacks.

In this article
  1. What is Deepfake Scandals?
  2. Must-read Tips for Deepfake Streamers
  3. Bonus - A Safe Choice for Live Streaming: Virbo Live

Part 1: What is Deepfake Scandals?

Deepfake scandals involve incidents when media is manipulated using artificial intelligence (AI) in unethical or harmful ways.

deepface scandals

Some of the issues included in the Deepfake scandals include:

  1. Misinformation and Disinformation: Creation of misleading and false videos or audio recordings of public figures, which helps to sway public opinion and influence elections.
  2. Financial Fraud: Impersonating someone to gain access to their financial accounts and other personal information.
  3. Nonconsensual Deepfake Pornography: Superimposing an individual’s face or body onto another’s in sexually explicit content without their consent.
  4. Cyberbullying and harassment: Creating humiliating or embarrassing videos of an individual to harass or cyberbully them.

Part 2: Must-read Tips for Deepfake Streamers

The rise of deepfake content has caught the eyes of many regulatory agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The major concern is the use of deepfakes for crimes like blackmail, extortion, and harassment. With several scandals also pegged to deepfake, streamers need to be conscious of how they use this technology. Here are 5 must-read pieces of advice concerning deepfakes.

1. Choose Your Content Wisely

Although the power of deepfakes is undeniable, creatives can overcome it by choosing content wisely. To be on the safe side, avoid content that treads on sensitive ground. Stay away from topics that spread misinformation, and avoid engaging in malicious humor or issues that involve impersonating real people without their consent. You may be considering using fictional narratives, original characters, or transformative works that push the boundaries of storytelling. Try to be more creative and imaginative in your work while staying within the ethical frameworks.

2. Be Transparent in Your Work

Streamers are often carried away by the buzz or the need to stay in the spotlight. However, being honest and transparent will help you stay authentic with your audience. Right from the onset, try to be as upfront with your views as possible about the use of deepfakes. By being open about your creative journey, you will be enhancing rather than spoiling the magic.

The way you represent deepfakes to your audience means everything. Announce your personas clearly and explain the technology behind the creation. Use the opportunity to build trust with your audience and engage them in intriguing conversations about the nature of identity and digital representations. Doing so can also help spark more interest among the audience as they realize that they are interacting with a meticulously crafted avatar and not a celebrity clone.

3. Label and Contextualize

When you are using deepfakes for streaming, treat your viewer like an intelligent companion. Avoid the mistake of seeing them as gullible marks. Make sure your content is clearly labeled as deepfake through titles, overlays, or disclaimers in your stream. Show that you care about your audience and you do not want to leave them guessing. Explain the purpose behind your chosen person and the creative choices that you have made.

4. Prioritize Respect Over Reach

Deepfakes allow you to instantly explore fame and what people think of your avatar. However, avoid being carried away by the fame and being swayed to the unethical side. Steer clear of impersonation that can lead to reputational damage or harm vulnerable groups. Even if your avatar is just a fictional character, it still deserves ethical treatment. If it engaged in potential offensive behavior, make sure it is within the confines of your established narrative.

5. Embrace the Collaborative Spirit

Deepfake streamlining has great potential for community building. You can easily collaborate with other creators by engaging in open discussions and encouraging responsible use of the technology. Working together with other creators also helps you to share knowledge and troubleshoot challenges together. You also get to elevate your content while contributing to a healthier and more responsible deepfake ecosystem.

Bonus - A Safe Choice for Live Streaming: Virbo Live

Whether you are a content creator or a brand, you can benefit from the power of AI in your content. With Deepfake scandals having such ethical issues, finding a safe option is essential. In particular, you can use AI-powered avatars to provide vital information to your users and keep them engaged. Wondershare Virbo Live allows you to keep your viewers engaged without necessarily having to create fresh content from scratch.

1. Unlock AI Live streaming with Virbo Live

Virbo Live offers you a cost-effective way to host love shopping with an AI streamer. The multi-lingual avatars or Vtubers keep your viewers engaged for a seamless experience. By supporting all streaming platforms, including TikTok and Shopee, you can start broadcasting using the official live tools for each platform. In the case of platforms like Facebook Live and YouTube, you can stream directly using OBS.

virbo live ai streamer

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2. Easy-to-follow Step Guidance for AI streaming

Wondershare Virbo is one of the easiest AI streaming services to use. It comes with a simplified platform that will work on almost any device. You only need to define your AI-powered avatar, generate some content, and see your stream come to life.

01 Equipment requirement:

Wondeshare Virbo has no special equipment requirements to get started. You can start creating your AI stream right from your PC or phone. Make sure you meet at least these requirements:

  • Computer Requirements: A properly configured and smoothly running computer with Stereo Mix or other virtual sound cards.
  • Network Requirements: The average network speed in the computer's environment should be more than 5Mbps for smooth live streaming.
  • Browser Requirements: Recommended to use the Chrome browser and update it to the latest version for optimal and stable performance.
02 Step Guidance

Using Virbo Live is quite easy and does not require technical expertise to get started. The whole process is automated to have your AI Avatar live and interact with your audience.

Step 1 Create a Live Shopping Rooms

Once you have logged in to Virbo Live tool, click “Create Project” or select a template of choice from the available ones to create a new live room.

live shopping rooms

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Step 2 Choose AI Streamers and Background

Pick a virtual streamer from the virtual host library to add to your live room. You also have the option to customize the avatar and background or add stickers and adjust the avatar's position and size.

ai streamer selection
Step 3 Enter Text or Voice

Upload your audio or enter a script that the AI Avatar will use to interact with your views. You use the AI smart scriptwriter and AI translator to generate the script effortlessly.

text generation
Step 4 Start Live Streaming

With everything ready for your AI Avatar, it is time to Start Live Streaming. You can add the live windows to OBS for live streaming in the OBS software, for platforms like Facebook and YouTube.


ai live stream
Step 5 Interact With the Audience

Once live, the AI streamer will interact seamlessly with the audience and respond to their questions without your involvement.

audience interaction


Deepfake Live offers an exceptional opportunity for content creators. You can produce content that is more relevant to your audience but with less effort. However, this technology poses a formidable challenge as seen with the recent scandals. Therefore, Deepfake streamers need to adopt an approach that is transparent and protects other people. A safe alternative is using Virbo Live, which allows you to create a great streaming experience for your audience using AI streamers.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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