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Top 10 AI Script Writers to Choose in 2024

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Jul 17, 23, updated Jul 20, 24

By using AI script writers, you can experience enhanced performance along with optimized consistency. In addition to this, you can also get more creative ideas with these tools. This discussion aims to provide you with top-class script-writing AI tools.

Moreover, you will also find effective tips for beneficially using these tools. Thus, scroll down and get the information you want to discover.

In this article
    1. Virbo
    2. OpenAI ChatGPT
    3. BIGVU
    4. DeepAI
    5. Jasper
    6. Simplified
    7. WriterHand
    8. Smodin
    9. TinyWow
    10. Script AI
  1. Tips for Using AI Script Writers Effectively

Part 1: Top 10 AI Script Writers in 2024

The AI script-writing tools can give you data-driven scripts. These tools can also help you write scripts of any genre that can attract users effectively. You can discover some of the top 10 tools for writing scripts with artificial intelligence here:

1. Virbo

By using Virbo, you can easily make attractive and well-written scripts. This intuitive AI script generator can potentially create professional scripts on numerous themes. Moreover, you can use Virbo to create scripts on any topic without limitations. From keywords to key selling points, it lets you customize everything. You can also input personalized prompt instructions to get what you want without compromise.

One of the best things about generating a script with Virbo is it lets you edit the script, so you will not face any customization. You can also make direct videos on the scripts, so you don't have to use other video-making tools.

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Compatibility of Virbo

  • iOS, Android, Windows, Online

Key Features of Virbo

  1. Virbo supports diversified operating systems, due to which you can use its single premium account on multiple platforms without issues.
  2. It integrates 150+ AI Avatars with multinational features. You can also select the AI Avatars as per their styles, ages, or ethnicity.
  3. There are versatile amounts of commercial stock in Virbo. You can also use the 180+ Virbo templates along with royalty-free music.
  4. This tool also integrates natural AI Voices. With these AI Voices, you can make top-class text-to-speech videos.
  5. You can easily use Virbo's AI Script Generator on any platforms. Whether you want to use it on mobile, windows or online, you can always generate perfect scripts in seconds anywhere.
  • The interface of Virbo is well established, so you can use this tool without facing any issues.
  • This tool can help you in generating high-quality videos with customizable templates.
  • You can personalize everything with Virbo, such as languages, accents, and dimensions.
  • You cannot access the VIP assets of Virbo until you are a premium user.
  • The freemium users have limited attempts to generate scripts or videos with Virbo.

2. OpenAI’s ChatGPT

The drastic increasing craze of ChatGPT never fails to amaze users with its optimized functionality. With ChatGPT, you can make scripts on any topic without any issues. Moreover, ChatGPT script writing can create content in a limited time. You can also ask ChatGPT to insert keywords or specific emotions throughout the script. If you don't like the script, you can instruct it to generate a new one for you.

chatgpt ai script writer

Compatibility of ChatGPT

  • Online, iOS

Key Features of ChatGPT

  1. ChatGPT is trained on a large text database which ensures the largest vocabulary. It can also interpret technical words and write modernized scripts for you.
  2. Destroy has the potential to grasp the context of the instructions. So, you will get the script truly written on the instructions you have given.
  3. It has multilingual features, allowing you to write scripts in multiple languages. You can also translate steps in different languages in your desired language.
  4. This AI scriptwriter free also has self-improvement abilities and incorporates advanced algorithms. It can create content that aligns with the user's feedback.
  5. ChatGPT is capable of writing scripts in different domains. Whether you want to create a script on health care or text tech, this tool can help you with everything.
  • Its straightforward interface allows you to explore and use the tool without complications.
  • This tool has the fastest data processing speed, so that you can have scripts in a limited time.
  • You can also access previous responses with the left toolbar on ChatGPT’s interface.
  • If you are using the free version of ChatGPT, you cannot use it properly when the demand is high.
  • This tool only integrates information after 2021, so you cannot access the information before that.


Why go through the hassle of thinking when you can use the fantastic AI script generator of BIGVU? It lets you organize your thoughts and create attention-grabbing scripts. You can also use the built-in script templates such as sales proposals and more. In addition to this, it can also rewrite the previously existing scripts for you.

bigvu ai script writer

Compatibility of BIGVU

  • Online

Key Features of BIGVU

  1. You need to tell the tool about your business in 10 words to BIGVU. After that, it will create the best-in-class scripts for you.
  2. You can also record yourself while saying the words of scripts that will be scrolling up on your screen.
  3. It also integrates several editing tools to create elegant captions. You can also auto-trim parts of the videos and change the background.
  4. With BIGVU, you can create personal and professional scripts to engage more users. It also lets you personalize the tone of the script.
  5. Using the video analytic dashboard, you can track your work throughout the week and see views on videos.
  • BIGVU also has shared workspaces that allow you to collaborate on the videos and scripts.
  • You can even create a video worth 59 minutes with this amazing tool.
  • The premium version lets you make and export the scripts without any watermark and logo embedment.
  • You can only make a 9-minute-long video using the free version of BIGVU.
  • The script-making speed of this tool is relatively slow, which can be problematic for the users.

4. DeepAI

This is an optimized AI suit for creating scripts to take your videos to the next level. No matter if you want to tell the users about your products or industry, this tool can create scripts on everything. Moreover, you also have an option for customizing the style and tone of voice that you want in the script.

deepai ai scriptwriter

Compatibility of DeepAI

  • Online

Key Features of DeepAI

  1. With its AI Image Generator, you can create unique, realistic-looking images by entering short prompts.
  2. It has a specialized community art feed that helps you get new trends and ideas to showcase your online presence.
  3. DeepAI has several built-in styles; you can select any style that fits your needs and requirements.
  4. You can also enable the Genius Mode of DeepAI to get more professionally written scripts and have an ad-free experience.
  5. Using this tool, you can also generate images related to your scripts. This will make the script more expressive.
  • It incorporates several AI image and text APIs, which lets you work with optimized productivity.
  • You can use the private image generation tool of DeepAI for generating confidential images.
  • With its AI plagiarism checker, you can look for plagiarism in your scripts to avoid mishaps.
  • It can occasionally provide incorrect information and can also give biased ideas.
  • The irritating limitation of this tool is it does not have information after 2021.

5. Jasper

Jasper is a famous tool for creating optimized scripts for videos. It can create video scripts for all social media platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, etc. You can also customize the tone of voice in scripts. This may include cheeky, bold, format, or pirate. Other than this, you can also chat with this AI script generator to have human-like conversations and generate productive ideas.

jasper ai scriptwriter

Compatibility of Jasper

  • Online

Key Features of Jasper

  1. Jasper can create a certain number of words on your desired topics according to your requirement. You can also give prompts like titles and headings to Jasper.
  2. It also lets you edit the document with its built-in document editor. Moreover, Jasper can also move the text around and insert links or pictures.
  3. If you think your content needs minor tweaks, then you can rephrase the sentences with Jasper. It also lets you fix grammar mistakes in content.
  4. With plagiarism checker of Jasper, you can see the uniqueness of your script. The built-in templates can also make your work easier than ever.
  5. You can add new words to previously written paragraphs using the Content Lookback feature.
  • You can use Jasper's prewritten content to jumpstart your engagement and marketing.
  • It can save you time researching content and provide significant information in a limited time.
  • Jasper has a delightful interface, so you can easily find the features you need.
  • You cannot generate unlimited content with Jasper if you are not a premium user.
  • Jasper is an online tool, so you need to have a robust internet connection to use it.

6. Simplified

Simplified script writing AI tool helps you to write professional-grade scripts in a limited time. Furthermore, you can write both short-form and long for scripts to create interactive videos. With its AI powers at your fingertips, you can create grammar-friendly scripts. It can also write scripts in 30 different languages.

simplified ai scriptwriter

Compatibility of Simplified

  • Online

Key Features of Simplified

  1. It incorporates a social media planner, which helps you to generate and organize posts for upcoming days.
  2. Simplified has 90+ AI copywriting templates which are very assisted for copywriters.
  3. Using the present plagiarism detector, you can eliminate all the plagiarized content from scripts.
  4. This tool also lets you customize the tone of voice you want to implement in your scripts.
  5. You also have an opportunity to select the theme, character, genre, and other aspects of your script.
  • With its rewriter, you can also rewrite any paragraphs that you don’t like.
  • It has ultra-fast script-generating speed, which is very beneficial for the users.
  • As it is a straightforward tool, you don’t have to master any specific skill to use it.
  • All the advanced and premium features are limited to the paid version of this tool.
  • The packages of its AI Writer Pro depend upon the number of words you want to write monthly.

7. WriterHand

This free AI scriptwriter is a perfect solution for writing customizable scripts. It comprehends a well-structured interface along with ultra-fast data processing speed. You can get the scripts by inputting the simple prompts. Moreover, it also lets you customize the level of creativity in scripts. You can adjust it from a scale of 1 to 10.

writerhand ai script writer

Compatibility of WriterHand

  • Online

Key Features of WriterHand

  1. Using the AI Poem Generator, you can generate poetical poems by entering topics or themes.
  2. Use its AI Outline Generator feature to get a more organized structure for your scripts.
  3. You can write high-quality content on any topic in the world with its AI Writer feature.
  4. Students can generate grammar-oriented essays with this tool. You can also instruct it about the length of the essay.
  5. Story lovers can use this tool to create stories on any theme. This may include fiction, historical, and real events.
  • This tool is capable of writing error-free content in multiple languages flawlessly.
  • It has many AI features such as AI Meta Description, AI Product Description, AI Review Generator, AI Email Maker, and more.
  • Its interface is not very colorful, which can be boring for students.
  • It can sometimes generate unauthentic information, which is not a reliable thing.

8. Smodin

Smodin is also a quality-oriented AI script-writing tool. With this, you can not only generate the script but also customize your targeted audience. In addition to this, personalizing story type and outline is also possible with this. It also supports many languages, such as Latvian, German, Arabic, etc. Thus, you can also get scripts in the language of your choice.

 smodin ai scriptwriter

Compatibility of Smodin

  • Online

Key Features of Smodin

  1. This tool supports templates, and you can select the script templates to have the best experience.
  2. Using the Rewrite feature, you can rewrite any sentence or paragraph you don't like in the script.
  3. It also has the potential to summarize the long paragraphs in limited and conclusion content so you can get the storyline faster.
  4. The image-to-text feature of Smodin lets you convert any textual image into well-written text without grammatical errors.
  5. Smodin also supports copywriting, so you can get content that intervenes with your targeted audience.
  • The AI Grader helps you to get feedback on your writing to get a better idea about the quality of your content.
  • If you are worried about the plagiarism problem, it can also detect plagiarism in scripts.
  • You can customize the type of document you want, such as descriptive, argumentative, and more.
  • Its pricing plans are expensive, so you cannot buy them if you are short on budget.
  • This tool has quite a slow processing speed, which can interrupt your workflow efficiency.

9. TinyWow

This free AI scriptwriter lets you generate unique scripts with its AI powers. You just need to add the script's title and manage the tone of voice. Next, this tool will handle the rest for you. Once you get the output, you can change the headings and rewrite sentences. Moreover, you can even download your scripts to your device or copy them to the clipboard.

tinywow ai scriptwriter

Compatibility of TinyWow

  • Online

Key Features of TinyWow

  1. With its built-in content improver, you can flawlessly turn lower-quality content into higher-quality content.
  2. If you are a student, you can use its Essay Writer feature to create modernized essays on diversified topics.
  3. For upgrading your social media accounts, you can also generate attention by grabbing captions with this.
  4. If you don't understand any part of the text, copy and paste it into the TinyWow interface and tell the tool to explain it.
  5. Using the blog post idea feature, you can generate beneficial ideas for your blog posts in a limited time.
  • It is a feature-rich tool, and you can find features for almost everything writing-related.
  • This tool also has the potential to translate text into other languages and manage the tone of voice.
  • You can also use the content planner to keep track of posts and scripts to be uploaded.
  • It has poor customer support services, which is not a good thing.
  • Sometimes it writes poor-quality content with irrelevant sources that can minimize output quality.

10. Script AI

Script AI is also a famous scriptwriter nowadays. This tool can generate significant content ideas and write scripts with modernized words. You can use this free AI script writer for writing IG, TikTok, YouTube, and other types of scripts. Further, it can also expand shirt sentences to fulfill your sentence requirement. You can also use this tool for writing Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram bios.

script ai ai scriptwriter

Compatibility of Script AI

  • Online

Key Features of Script AI

  1. You can get social media post ideas from it and generate content about it.
  2. With this, you can get blog titles and ask the tool to write blogs with personalized outlines and paragraphs.
  3. It also helps in generating YouTube SEO descriptions along with YouTube SEO titles.
  4. If you want to expand your social media accounts, you can also ask for the tool to generate best-in-class hashtags.
  5. Besides the script content, it can also create hooks that boost your engagement ratio and ensure success.
  • With Script AI, you can create everything that helps boost your social media account credentials.
  • You can ask the tool to provide a descriptive definition if you don't understand anything.
  • There is no restriction to login with your Facebook or Gmail account to use this intuitive tool.
  • This tool cannot mimic human emotions to a reliable extent and sometimes duplicate the content.
  • You have to read the script carefully because it can make mistakes in the writing.

Part 2: Tips for Using AI Script Writers Effectively

Before getting into the script writer AI tools, there are a few effective things that you need to keep in mind. These tips not only help you in boosting productivity but also streamline workflow efficiency. The tips which you have to consider and implement while using the AI scripts tools are:

1. Understand the Limitations of a Tool

It is essential to understand the capabilities and limitations of an AI-powered tool. The AI script tools can still make mistakes. This can include both information and grammatical errors. Moreover, sometimes it repeats the same scenes in the scripts. Thus, you need to know that you cannot entirely depend on AI tools for generating the scripts.

2. Input Clear Instructions

An AI script generator does not know what you want in your script. So, you have to provide understandable instructions and prompts. In addition to this, you can also input relevant keywords and other specific information. By this, the AI tools will automatically embed that information in the script. You will not have to face the scenario of inputting detailed information manually in scripts.

3. Review and Edit the Script

You need to review and edit your script thoroughly. AI tools can make mistakes that can be quite problematic. Thus, it is essential to review the scripts thoroughly. This will assist in eliminating all the errors from the scripts. You can also edit the script to customize it in whatever way you want. Thus, avoid relying on the AI script tools and try to do some manual efforts.

4. Select AI Script Writer with Innovative Features

Day by day, technology is evolving, and so do the AI features. So, you need to select a tool that integrates innovative features. Moreover, you must see if the tool can induce coherence and consistency in your scripts. In addition to this, stay updated with the advancements and select the intuitive tools that integrate the best script-writing models.


As stated in this article, you can use the best-in-class AI script-writing tools to get the best scripts. A considerable number of script-writing tools are present on the web. However, the top 10 among them are discussed above.

From their key features to pros and cons, you have learned everything about them. Moreover, the tips through which you can interactively use the scriptwriter AI tools are also discussed in this article.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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