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Chrome Video Translators: Top 5 Video Translation Chrome Extensions

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Nov 02, 23, updated Jul 20, 24

Videos are a vital source of communication with a diverse audience on many platforms. They can engage viewers belonging to education, business, or any other sectors. People translate videos into different languages for the global reach of video content. Translating videos can help to avoid misinterpretations and make content relatable for all.

For this purpose, Chrome video translator tools serve many advantages to users. Google Chrome offers several translation extensions to translate videos and assist language learners. Read this article and learn the benefits of using translators in various industries. Besides, you will find some top-notch translate Google Chrome extensions online.

In this article
  1. Industries Benefit from The Feature of Chrome Video Translation
  2. Top-Known Chrome Extensions for Translating Video Content
  3. Are Chrome Extensions Worth the Try as Compared to Offline Tools?
  4. Wondershare Virbo: A Comprehensive Answer to Effective Video Translation With AI
  5. FAQs

Part 1. Industries Benefit from The Feature of Chrome Video Translation

The feature of Chrome video translator proves helpful in breaking language barriers. Many public and private companies use such extensions to expand their content’s impact. For instance, manufacturing companies can use translated videos for safety training and instructions. So, let’s delve into the detailed implications of using Chrome translators below:

  • Education: Translated videos assist remote students in learning in their native language. This way, language learning, and cross-cultural studies become easier for diverse students. They can understand complex topics through video-translated material or subtitles.
  • Healthcare: Language barriers can lead to misdiagnosis of telemedicine. Video translation allows doctors to participate in global meetings in their inborn language. It also helps patients to know pre-surgery instructions and medical advice.
  • E-commerce: Language barriers can hinder business expansion and product demonstration. Chrome Translate allows websites to create multi-language advertisements for websites. It aids in effective marketing and global reach to potential customers.
  • News and Journalism: Video translation informs viewers during live news broadcastings. It facilitates cross-border communication and also assists impaired viewers. Chrome video translators meet ethical reporting demands by providing accurate translations.
  • Public Services: Government agencies use translated videos to guide non-native visitors. They ensure that all the critical information is accessible to everyone. In such cases, translated videos can educate the public about emergency situations.
  • Technology and Software: Startups and technology companies need investors and partners. Thus, they use translated videos to convey their technical concepts. These companies provide support material for the purchased software in translated video format.

Part 2. Top-Known Chrome Extensions for Translating Video Content

Google Chrome extensions are software programs added to the Chrome web browser. They enhance the functionality of the browser with a personalized experience for users. Using extensions normally automates repetitive tasks and boosts productivity. You can find the best Chrome video translator to make quick video translations:

1. iTour Video Translation

This Chrome extension can translate the audio from your selected video. It can translate online meetings from Zoom, Google Meet, Canva, and Microsoft Teams. International students use it to detect spoken lectures and turn them into text. To get subtitles played on your computers, you have to set the sound source to a microphone.

itour video translation chrome translator

Key Features

  1. Online videos can be translated into 2 language subtitles.
  2. Users can adjust the font size of subtitles from large to small and medium options.
  3. It can translate phone calls, Messenger, WhatsApp, and video calls to ease communication.



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2. Auto Translate for YouTube

To activate automatic subtitles, you can use this YouTube subtitle translator Chrome. Some videos on YouTube do not offer subtitles. This extension can not only provide subtitles but also translate them into your desired language. With just one click, users can get automated subtitles of any chosen YouTube video.

auto translate for youtube chrome translator

Key Features

  1. You can upload and save subtitles on Notepad to share them later.
  2. Auto Translate for YouTube allows you to adjust the copyright of subtitles from the pop-up section.
  3. Posting and sharing the link of subtitles on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.



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3. Video CC Translator

Translate closed captions provided by video platforms such as Udemy and YouTube with Video CC Translator. It gives you an option to enable captions of the video. Furthermore, users can choose the font weight and text alignment from several options. It allows you to define the subtitles' font size and opacity with the sliders available.

video cc translator chrome translator

Key Features

  1. It supports all languages that are available on Google Translator.
  2. You can change the position of subtitles as per readability.
  3. There are many subtitle styles available that users can set as desired.



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4. Ultimate Video Translator

Social communication with global listeners gets easier with this Chrome video translator. This extension offers YouTube video subtitles and captions. In this regard, you have to choose a language and manually give a prompt to start the process. It lets you share the translated video on Twitter and other streaming platforms.

ultimate video translator chrome translator

Key Features

  1. Translate captions or subtitles on one page.
  2. Provides integration with video streaming platforms like YouTube, NRKTV, etc.
  3. Download video subtitles and share them on social networks.



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5. Video Translator - Translate Video Online

Are you looking for an extension to translate videos quickly online? This extension offers AI-powered video translation technology to translate with 99% accuracy. Business owners, content creators, and marketers get benefits from this Chrome translate extension. It is also useful for making instructional and educational videos for international viewers.

video translator online chrome translator

Key Features

  1. Offer translation of video content in more than 21 languages.
  2. Allows you to choose the language and paste the URL link of the video for translation.
  3. It can transcribe speech and translate it into other languages with OpenAI support.



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Part 3. Chrome Extensions vs. Offline Tools

In the above sections, we have highlighted a few Chrome video translator extensions. Notably stating, most of them can translate subtitles only and do not offer video translation. If we compare it with offline tools, such extensions also require an active internet connection. They also lack translated video saving and sharing to your device.

Thus, you should consider an offline tool that allows you personalization options. Look for a tool with translating customization options like selecting a gender, voice, or accent. In this regard, you can head to the next section and explore such a video translation tool.

Part 4. Wondershare Virbo: Your Answer to Video Translation With AI

People who seek comprehensive and quick video editing can actually dream of it now. Wondershare Virbo is an AI tool to generate engaging AI videos. It can meet your needs for business, education, or social media video presentations. You can create AI avatar videos and photos by pasting the script. To enhance videos, it allows you to insert stickers, text, and backgrounds from its resources.

While it provides some top-notch video-creating and editing features, you can make professional content out of your visualized ideas. This makes it one of the best tools to work with for video content creation.

AI Translate Videos – A New Feature To Look Out For

Communicate with the whole world by using this AI feature of Virbo. It provides you with customization options for translating videos. Firstly, you have to select a translating voice or language from more than 300 choices. Then, you are required to upload an MP4 video ranging from 10 seconds to 2 minutes. Despite translating videos, it can generate translated subtitles.

This feature also allows you to choose a gender, voice tone, style, and accent for translation. Besides, you can keep the background music in the video while translating just human voices. Users can still adjust the translated video on voice speed, volume, and pitch.

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Other Features of Wondershare Virbo

  1. AI Script: Generate your marketing plan with ChatGPT and Virbo integration. This feature allows you to insert prompts of up to 2,000 characters in the AI Script section. You can select shorten, expand, or happier styles for smart optimization of content. To convert the generated text into speech, you have to choose landscape or portrait mode of video.
  2. AI Avatar: Video making doesn’t need any camera or crew when AI avatars are available. There are more than 300 AI avatars of different attire, age range, and ethnicities. You can choose an avatar from western, eastern, business, or causal sections. After selecting one, set their location, layer, and style from a circular or full-body view.
  3. Video Templates: Get predesigned video templates from your required niche. Pick one from advertisement, social media, or explainer video domains. The video templates are available in two aspect ratios of 16:9 and 9:16. After choosing one template, users can still customize it as needed. It allows you to change your avatar, insert text, or adjust the video background.
  4. AI Talking Photos: Make your talking photos and boost content engagement with this creativity. Virbo offers almost 10 templates of AI-talking photos in its library. Apart from that, you can import your images to make it talk. In this regard, you are asked to upload a straight-pose picture. Later, paste a script and let them speak the content with AI support.

How to AI Translate Video With Wondershare Virbo

Virbo enables users to translate videos into various accents, voices, and tones. Let's delve into the steps and learn how to get a translated video.

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Step 1: Get Wondershare Virbo and Access Video Translator Feature

Launch Wondershare Virbo in your system after downloading from its official website. Enter the main home screen of Virbo and look for the “Video Translator” option on the right side. Click on it and navigate toward another pop-up screen.

start video translator ai function

Step 2: Import the Video and Set Translating Parameters

As you navigate into the "Video Translator" screen, select the "Upload" button. Browse the video you want to translate and hit the "Open" button. After that, press the downward symbol of “Original Language” to choose the video’s language. Next, head to the “Translate Language” and pick an intended language from the drop-down list. Lastly, hit the “Translate” button and get the video preview.

import video and set parameters

Step 3: Export the Video in Your System

The platform automatically takes you into the "My Creations" section, where you can view the status of the video completion. Once it successfully exports, select and view the video to check the quality of the translation. You can also adjust the aspect ratio of videos in Windows, export options include 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, and 4:3. If you are satisfied, click the "Download" button to export the video to your device.

export video to device

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  1. How to use Google to translate a video?

No, Google doesn’t provide a direct feature to translate a video. However, you can use the Subtitle feature of YouTube or different Chrome extensions to translate a video. If you need a more advanced or reliable solution, you can get help from Virbo Online by accessing it from your browser.

  1. How to make videos automatically translate?

If you want to automatically translate your videos, we recommend using Virbo's AI Video Translator. This AI tool allows you to translate your video automatically into over 40 languages without any manual involvement.

  1. How many languages does the extension support?

The number of languages an extension can help you translate your video into depends on your choice because it is not the same for all Chrome extensions. For example, Video Translator - Translate Video Online allows you to translate video into 40+ languages.

  1. Can the extension translate video without subtitles?

No, there are no such extensions available that can help you translate videos without subtitles. To carry out video translation without subtitles, you will have to use the desktop, mobile, or web version of Wondershare Virbo – AI Video Translator.


In short, translated videos are valuable sources for global communication. For this purpose, Chrome video translator extensions are used in many industries. This article has shed light on Chrome extensions that give translation of subtitles. So, using offline tools is preferable in this regard. They are better than such extensions due to the customization options in translation.

Take the example of Wondershare Virbo, which offers AI translation in human-like voices. Unlike Chrome Extensions, you can define your translating parameters. It can turn your video into targeted language and select voice, tones, and accents. Apart from translation, it also provides AI avatars, video templates, and much more. That’s why this AI tool is worth trying if compared with Chrome Extensions.

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Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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