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Top 5 Best Tools to Convert Text to Audio Online for Free

In this article, you can discover the best TTS converters that can help you convert your written script into a high-quality voice.
Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Aug 04, 23, updated Apr 19, 24

TTS (text-to-speech) converters are widely used to make written content accessible for visually impaired individuals. Moreover, professionals use TTS converters to produce voiceovers and narrations for their creative content. This helps in converting text to speech with great efficiency. It not only saves you time but also helps in making correct pronunciations of any language.

Thus, if you are interested in converting text to voice online for free, this article is for you. In this article, you can discover the best TTS converters that can help you convert your written script into a high-quality voice. Hence, let’s jump into the details.

In this article
  1. The Benefits of Using the Text to Speech Online Converters
  2. The Most Recommended AI Text to Speech Generator for Offline Platforms
  3. Detailed Overview of the 5 Best Text-to-Speech Online Tools

Part 1: The Benefits of Using the Text to Speech Online Converters

TTS converters can immensely benefit you in various fields. To learn the key advantages of text-to-speech converters, proceed to the following section:

1. Ensures Enhanced Reading and Saves Time

Many people don’t have significant time to read books or written content. In such a case, TTS tools can convert text into voice online. This can enhance your reading experience while saving time. If the text is lengthy or complex, you can listen to the converted voice for your ease. It will help you understand the information more quickly. Thus, TTS converters are essential to offer an enriched reading experience.

2. Supports Diverse Languages and Accents

Most of the TTS tools support multiple common languages. If you want to make your content accessible to a diverse audience, TTS converters play a huge role. Such converters help people from different backgrounds access the content in their respective languages.

Furthermore, TTS converters provide accurate accents and pronunciations of every language. This can be an advantage for language learners and trainers. Thus, you can rely on TTS converters to pronounce complex terms in the correct pronunciation.

3. Helps in Proofreading

Once you have created your script, you may need to proofread it. In this case, TTS can help you with effective proofreading. While listening to your written content, you can find out errors and grammatical mistakes. After discovering the mistakes, you can accurately edit your document. Hence, TTS converters can help improve the quality of your text documents.

4. Allows Voice Customization

Popular TTS converters come with many options for customization. For example, you can select desired pitch, tone, and voice quality from the options. The customizable options can help in producing voiceovers and narrations in your desired way.

Furthermore, to make the generated voice professional, you can also insert pauses in the required time. Hence, TTS converters help users to make their speech appealing and professional.

Best Overall: The Most Recommended AI Text-to-Speech Generator for both Online and Offline

Do you want a TTS converter that can function across offline platforms? Virbo is an advanced tool available for Windows, iOS, and Android devices. You can also generate AI videos online version from any web browser. The text-to-speech function of Virbo lets you produce professional AI voices in your desired tone and speaking style. Moreover, it supports more than 120 AI voices in clear audio quality.


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After selecting the gender, you can explore multiple attires to produce an AI voice. It will help in choosing a perfect accent for your desired language. Furthermore, you can specify the tone of the AI voice from the given options. For example, you can select mature, explanation, natural, native, and other tones.

Virbo also provides AI Avatars that you can use as virtual presenters in your videos. Thus, this tool is a must-have to generate quality AI voices with additional features.

Part 3: Detailed Overview of the 5 Best Text-to-Speech Online Tools

Do you want the best tools to convert text to audio online for free? Check the following section for the top-notch TTS converters with their key features.

1. Voicemaker

Voicemaker is a professional tool to convert text into the desired voice. It provides several options to produce a desired voice through customization. With this tool, you can explore more than 1000 AI voices with the best audio quality. The AI voices of this text-to-speech converter are available in more than 130 languages.

On its interface, you can find two options for its AI Engine: Standard TTS and Neural TTS. Both options offer different functions and voices. Voicemaker also offers multiple voice effects. For instance, you can add breathing, soft, angry, empathetic, and other voice effects with one click. You can also specify the sample rate from audio settings through this tool. Hence, it’s a complete TTS converter for professionals.


Key Features

  1. This tool supports three output audio formats: MP3, OGG, and WAV.
  2. From the settings, you can manage pauses, speed, and volume of your voice according to your desire.
  3. You can directly share the audio files from this tool to multiple platforms. For example, you can upload the generated voice to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.

2. Speechify

Speechify is a famous tool that can assist you in converting text to speech online for free. With this tool, you can type, paste, and upload text easily. It consists of natural TTS voices you can select according to your desire. It can boost your productivity by reading lengthy documents, Google Docs, and any textual content. Moreover, it supports more than 30 languages available in unique voices.

Once you have converted the text into speech, you can download the audio files to your system. Moreover, you can use Speechify on both your desktop and smartphone devices. It also offers its Google Chrome extension.


Key Features

  1. Using Speechify, you can increase the reading speed of your text to 9X faster. It can help you in listening to the words faster for your training.
  2. It also offers the official celebrity voices of Snoop Dogg and Gwyneth Paltrow.
  3. Once you have saved anything on Speechify library, it will be synced across your every device.

3. is known for its high-quality performance for editing audio files. The TTS converter of functions to provide you with high-end audio results. It allows you to insert up to 1500 words at a time for conversion. Moreover, you can discover realistic human voices that you can select for the conversion. Most importantly, it has a friendly interface that can encourage beginners.

This tool uses AI technology to convert text to speech online. Therefore, you won’t find errors in the generated voice. Once you have converted the text into speech, you can download the audio in MP3 file format.


Key Features

  1. The customization options in let you generate the AI voice of your choice. You can select the output language, pitch, and reading speed.
  2. You can edit your AI voice by trimming, splitting, and cutting. Moreover, you can adjust the volume of the voice, preferably.
  3. io offers many tools to edit your voiceover. It contains a voice changer, voice recorder, and voice visualizer.

4. Speakatoo

Do you want an all-rounder TTS converter? Speakatoo is a simple yet effective TTS converter comprising various features. It supports over 120 languages to reach a diverse audience. You can also explore over 850 AI voices on this tool. Furthermore, it supports multiple audio file formats. After conversion, you can download the audio file in FLAC, OGG, MP4, and MP3.

Along with downloading the audio file, you can also share its link across many platforms. With advanced AI technology and neural training, you can create high-end AI voices through it. Hence, you must try this tool to convert text into voice online.


Key Features

  1. On this tool, you can use multiple audio controls like rate, pitch, and volume. Using such controls, you can produce your desired voice easily.
  2. This tool can add auto inflections in the audio to make your voice realistic. Furthermore, this will help to convey human emotions in the best possible way.
  3. Using this tool, you can add breathing effects and pauses to your voice. It will make your AI voice more natural.

5. PlayHT

PlayHT is an advanced TTS converter you can rely on for commercial use. It supports over 60 languages and 800 AI voices. The AI voices are available for both genders in distinct voice styles. The supported audio file formats are MP3 and WAV. If you want to create a unique AI voice, you can explore diverse languages and accents in its interface.

Furthermore, the conversion speed of this tool is impressive. Within a few minutes, you can listen to the generated AI voice without errors or mistakes. This tool uses efficient machine learning models to provide the best results. Hence, you should try PlayHT to make high-end AI voices.


Key Features

  1. To make your voice dynamic, you can add stress and emphasis to certain phrases. It will add a professional touch to your AI voice.
  2. PlayHT allows you to use multiple voices in the same audio file. It can be ideal for creating voiceovers of movies and dramas.
  3. This tool lets you collaborate with your team members in a comfortable environment. You can invite your colleagues to create voiceovers together.

Wrapping Up

TTS converters can help you in various professional fields. Using such tools, you can create accurate voiceovers and narrations for movies and games. Moreover, you can learn new languages through TTS converters.

In this article, we have discussed the famous tools to convert text into voice online. For a more advanced tool, you can navigate to Virbo. It’s an AI-supported software that can create flawless AI voices from your text.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Apr 19, 24
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