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Level Up Your AI Streaming Game: A Quick Guide and Tool Recommendation

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Jan 26, 24, updated Apr 16, 24

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been used in streaming platforms to keep viewers engaged. Since the release of Chat GPT, various platforms have been integrating AI streaming to offer a better experience to the viewers. This has players in the broadcasting scene and media utilizing artificial intelligence streaming in some of the most distinguished ways. In this article, we will explore how AI has elevated the streaming experience and recommend a tool you can use to enhance your offerings.

In this article
  1. How AI is Elevating Consumer Streaming Experience
  2. AI-Powered Algorithm by Virbo Redefining Streaming Experience
  3. Getting Started with Virbo Live: Ultimate Guide

Part 1: How AI is Elevating Consumer Streaming Experience

Artificial intelligence has quickly revolutionized many industries, including the entertainment industry.  Many providers have recently opted to bet on AI streaming services to elevate their game. With artificial intelligence streaming becoming more popular, online broadcasters now offer more value to their viewers. Services like Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, TikTok, YouTube, and many more are using AI algorithms for multiple purposes.

01 What is AI streaming?

AI streaming involves the use of artificial intelligence solutions to enhance video quality, create rich metadata, reduce piracy, personalize content, and more. Streaming providers are implementing AI this was as part of their core business function.

ai streaming

In AI streaming, algorithms study people’s viewing history, behaviors, and preferences to provide tailormade and enjoyable experiences. The technology is also being used to promote relevant shows and movies that keep users on their platforms instead of moving to another one.

02 How artificial intelligence enhances the streaming experience

The use of artificial intelligence streams helps platforms stand out by providing relevant content. Platforms can use artificial intelligence to manage most of the processes in video streaming. This includes selection, content recommendation, and montage. As more uses of artificial intelligence streaming emerge, here are some notable impacts:

  1. AI-Powered Localization: Platforms adapt their language and cultural approaches to enter foreign markets. With AI, the process of capturing, translating, and uploading subtitles is automated. Platforms like IMDB also use AI to source content titles, descriptions, and technical details.
  2. Audience Engagement: With the help of machine language, platforms can accurately keep their audience engaged. AI helps to translate social media posts, catalog information, canned chat responses, knowledgebases, FAQs, website pages, and manuals.
  3. Content Protection: With AI stream, platforms can protect their content and enhance user experience. AI helps to identify pirated streams, taking them down in a matter of minutes. It can also extract digital watermarks of pirated content and prevent users from abusing the service. By blocking such users, AI is a powerful tool in protecting the monetization of platforms with premium content and AI live streams.
  4. Video Encoding Enhancement: Artificial intelligence helps platforms improve the way videos are encoded. Rather than processing a file with the same settings, AI reads the video frames and adjusts the settings for maximum compression. As a result, you get better image quality at a lower cost related to data storage and transfer.
  5. Improve Watching Experience: AI automatically detects credits and allows viewers to skip them to avoid interrupting the watching experience. For instance, the American streaming service Plex relies on a machine-learning algorithm to analyze videos and find the start of the credits sequence. It instructs the frontend viewer by displaying a “Skip Credits” button when the viewer reaches that point.

Part 2: AI-Powered Algorithm by Virbo Live: Redefining Streaming Experience

The transformational influence of AI in the video streaming industry is phenomenal. Service providers can use AI-driven technology to unleash new workflow efficiencies and improve the quality of their videos. By embracing advancements like dynamic brand insertion and content-aware encoding, you can elevate video streaming to boost viewer engagement and monetization. Virbo Live has made major strides in AI innovation with a focus on video streaming and is highly recommended.

One of the areas this technology is making a huge impact is AI live stream. For brands, this means offering your viewers real-time interaction with your business as you sell them the products and answer all the questions. For shoppers, it means getting perfect information about a product before purchasing. With the help of AI live streaming, all this can be achieved with the help of AI-powered avatars. Virbo Live allows you to do all this, enhancing your loge shopping experience.

virbo live

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Pricing Plan:

Pricing Plan Price Features

Creator Plan

US$ 66.65/mo

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  • 3600 mins/mo live streaming duration
  • 100+ royalty-free AI avatars
  • 1T/yr cloud storage
  • Unlimited time of AI script times
  • Unlimited time of AI translation

Business Plan

US$ 127.99/mo

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  • 10800 mins/mo live streaming duration
  • 100+ royalty-free AI avatars
  • 1T/yr cloud storage
  • Unlimited time of AI script times
  • Unlimited time of AI translation

Advanced Plan

US$ 448.49/mo

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  • Unlimited live streaming duration
  • 100+ royalty-free AI avatars
  • 1T/yr cloud storage
  • Unlimited time of AI script times
  • Unlimited time of AI translation


Advantages of Virbo Live:

  • Offers continuous 24/7 broadcasting without interruptions, providing real-time solutions to shoppers
  • Reduced dependence on large human teams as AI Avatars are always available
  • Seamless language changes to appeal to different global audiences
  • Cost-effective by reducing the number of personnel and equipment needed
  • Stable and lag-free streaming performance, leading to more user satisfaction
  • Enhanced content safety and security for shoppers through AI-driven moderation

Limitations of Virbo Live:

  • Lack of authenticity means some viewers find AI streamers to be less relatable or engaging compared to human streamers.
  • Setting up and using AI streaming technology can be complex for some potential streamers.
  • Limited emotional range as AI avatars cannot capture the full range of human emotions.
  • Ethical concerns such as the potential for deception associated with AI technology in general.

Part 3: Getting Started with Virbo Live: Ultimate Guide

Virbo allows you to host live shoring with AI streamers and keep your viewers engaged. The transformative AI technology saves you costs and allows you to reach a wider global audience. With AI-driven avatars or Vtubers, you can boost your revenue during live shopping events on social media. The multilingual avatars are available 24/7 for a seamless streaming experience. Getting started with Virbo Live is simple and does not require complicated technical skills:

Step 1 Create a Live Shopping Rooms

To get started with Virbo Live, create a new live shopping room. Select a template from the range provided or click “Create Project” to create a new live room.

live shopping rooms

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Step 2 Choose AI Streamers and Background

After creating a Live room, pick a virtual streamer from the virtual host library. This allows you to customize the avatar and background to suit the expectations of your audience. You can also add stickers, and adjust the avatar position and size in the canvas area for a more realistic experience.

ai streamer and background
Step 3 Enter Text or Voice

With the Avatar ready for streaming, upload your audio or enter a script. You can write the script manually if you want or utilize the AI scriptwriter and AI translator for automated scripts that will reach a wider audience.

enter text or voice
Step 4 Start Live Streaming

Next, click “Start Live Streaming” to launch your AI avatar. Add the live windows to OBS and experience AI live streaming in the OBS software.


start live stream
Step 5 Interact With the Audience

With the AI streamer live, you can now send a text or connect to a microphone for real-time interactions with the viewers. The AI streamer will engage seamlessly with the audience and respond to their questions with proper answers.

interact with viewers


AI is continuously being integrated into video streaming to enhance viewers' experience in many ways. To provide viewers with more relevant content to allow them to skip video intros, the impact of AI in streaming services is phenomenal. Similarly, streamlining services that utilize AI benefits from more viewership and revenue generation. As the live shopping experience becomes more popular, we recommend Virbo Live for creating realistic AI streamers. Save time and the cost of interacting with your viewers while making sure their needs are well addressed.

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Eric Miller
Eric Miller Apr 16, 24
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