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Recognizing The Top Deepfake Voice App and Software in the Market

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Jan 18, 24, updated Jul 20, 24

 Social media apps like YouTube and Instagram are full of tutorial videos that use voiceover technology. However, when you want your content to be unique, plain and casual voices cannot match that level. Deepfake voice apps are used to add a humorous effect or capture the audience's attention.

These deepfake voice software specialize in cloning a celebrity or anyone's voice accurately. Some apps offer adding funny voice styles or professional styles to fulfill the purpose. If you landed here to learn about deepfake voice changers, this article is right for you.

In this article
  1. Explaining the Concepts of Deepfake Technology for Assistance
  2. Top Deepfake Voice Apps to Consider (Android & iPhone)
  3. Best Deepfake Voice Software for Easy Executions

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Part 1: What is a deepfake voice?

Deepfake voices are artificially generated to convincingly imitate a real person's vocal traits. These synthetic voices capture nuances such as tonality, accents, and cadence, making them strikingly humanlike.

The creation of deepfake voices leverages AI technology and significant computational resources. The process can be lengthy, sometimes extending to weeks, especially when cloning a specific individual's voice. It necessitates not only specialized tools and software but also a substantial dataset of the target's voice recordings for training purposes.

This method shares similarities with text-to-speech (TTS) software, which generates natural-sounding voices but typically does not aim to replicate a specific person's voice.

While there are legitimate uses for voice cloning, such as in audiobooks and voiceovers, the unauthorized creation of deepfake voices raises significant ethical and legal issues. Consent is crucial when replicating someone's voice to respect their rights and privacy.


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Part 2. Top Deepfake Voice Apps to Consider in 2024 (Android & iPhone)

Where many people use their smartphones for editing, voice deepfake software has become a trend. This section will discuss some top applications that offer deepfake technology. Read the below section to familiarize yourself with the features of these applications:

Top-Graded Deepfake Voice Apps:
  1. Clony AI (Android/iOS)
  2. Voicer Celebrity Voice Changer (Android/iOS)
  3. Celebrity Voice Changer Parody (iOS)
  4. Voice AI – AI Voice Generator (Android)
  5. Voice AI – Voice Changer Clone (iOS)


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1. Voice and Face Cloning: Clony AI (Android/iOS)

Harness the power of this voice deepfake app and generate voice clones of your loved ones using this app. This platform can unleash your creativity by simply uploading an audio, voice message, or recording. Many social media influencers use this app to produce remarkable clips. It extends its compatibility to both Android and iPhone and is available for respective users.

clony ai deepfake voice app

Key Features

  1. Despite creating voice cloning, this app can generate face clones as well.
  2. Users can get fake audio in their chosen language, including French, Turkish, and Italian.
  3. You can share the produced clips and voices with anyone on social media directly.
  4. Offers multiple options to import the targeted media to clone.

2. Voicer Celebrity Voice Changer (Android/iOS)

Using this deepfake voice changer, users will unleash unlimited voice editing capabilities. This can be achieved due to its improved vocoder. Voicer Celebrity Voice Changer also transforms them or adds various effects to diversify content creation. Furthermore, this tool extends its features to voice editing for refining content.

voicer celebrity deepfake voice app

Key Features

  1. The tool offers to change the voices of both male and female celebrities into opposite genders.
  2. It has an artistic user interface that makes editing a more fun experience.
  3. This voice deepfake app is designed to assist both iPhone and Android editors.
  4. Offers funny effects in the voices of multiple celebrities and politicians that you can record your video in.

3. Celebrity Voice Changer Parody (iOS)

Experience the magic of this voice cloning APK as it morphs your voice into that of any celebrity. It possesses the AI voices of 100+ celebrities to transform your videos. The tool requires a stable internet connection and a few seconds of your time to generate accurate results.

celebrity voice changer deepfake voice app

Key Features

  1. Along with voiceovers, this iOS tool can also deepfake celebrity expressions for reels, snaps, and more.
  2. The tool regularly updates its features and adds new celebrity voices to keep your content intact.
  3. This deepfake voice program is tailored to assist iPhone users only.
  4. Along with celebrity voices, it has voice cloning and text-to-speech abilities for a full-fledged experience.

4. Voice AI – AI Voice Generator (Android)

This is where AI meets authenticity and transforms your plain data, voice, or text into voices that resonate with celebrities. Choose a celebrity, add text, and start crafting unique birthday messages to entertaining audio clips; there's a touch of celebrity for every occasion. This deepfake voice program uses advanced deep-learning techniques to achieve perfection in your voiceovers.

ai voice generator deepfake voice app

Key Features

  1. Besides deepfake voices, Voice AI can clone celebrity faces and create full-fledged video messages.
  2. Furthermore, you can use this app to use celebrity voice in calls and voicemails.
  3. Its AI library has over 3000+ AI voices with multilingual support to work at a global level.
  4. This deepfake voice cloning app compatibility span crosses Android platforms only.

5. Voice AI – Voice Changer Clone (iOS)

Discover the future of the deepfake voice program with Voice AI – Voice Changer Clone. It harnesses the power of AI to convert text into vivid, lifelike speech. It uses extraordinary cloning technology for crafting realistic audio from any textual content. From a few seconds sample, it can clone your or any famous person’s voice with custom speech options.

voice changer clone deepfake voice app

Key Features

  1. Besides AI voice, it can assist you in making music and creating songs.
  2. The AI voice that you've created can be integrated into podcasts, videos, TikTok, reels, and voice notes.
  3. In addition to celebrity voice deepfakes, it offers video clones to create a video.
  4. It is tailored to assist iPhone users in creating deepfakes with its deepfake voice program.

Part 3: Looking Over Best Deepfake Voice Software for Easy Executions

There is always a limit to mobile applications as they cannot assist you with detailed editing. Hence, this section aims to introduce you to free voice deepfake software to enhance your editing. Learn about these tools and their functionalities to choose a suitable one for your journey:

Must-Try Deepfake Voice Software in 2024:
  1. Descript
  2. LOVO AI
  3. PlayHT
  4. CereProc
  5. Respeecher
  6. FakeYou

1. Descript

Experience a new dimension of audio creation with this best deepfake voice software. It takes your voice cloning to the next level, allowing collaboration with other creators for content that resonates. Dive into professional-grade speech synthesis at 44.1KHz broadcast quality with this tool for HD-quality content.

descript deepfake voice software

Key Features

  1. Craft lifelike AI clones with just 60 seconds of audio, capturing emotions, tones, and accents to enhance your audio experience.
  2. Transform your videos with its advanced text-to-speech capabilities, and design AI voiceovers that bring your content to life.
  3. Utilize its innovative regenerate feature to refine your scripts for content generation.
  4. Furthermore, it has AI effects such as studio sound, green screen, and eliminating filler words.


Eliminate the hassles of poor audio quality and take your creation to new heights with this ultimate voice deepfake website. This innovative tool not only lets you generate your unique voice but also provides access to cloned voices of celebrities, ready for customization through advanced text-to-speech features. Spare just one minute of your time, and your voice will be replicated for all creations.

lovo ai deepfake voice software

Key Features

  1. It gives access to an integrated library to store your cloned voices with different names according to the emotions they are representing.
  2. Utilize the power of its AI Writer feature to assist you in generating custom scripts.
  3. This deepfake voice website has an AI art generator feature to craft images from prompts.
  4. Experience the product personally with a 14-day trial before committing to a subscription.

3. PlayHT

Craft authentic AI voiceovers for your videos with unmatched 99% accuracy in voice cloning using this voice deepfake online. Its deepfake technology not only duplicates your voice but also mirrors your expressions and emotions seamlessly. This AI relies on a 1-hour audio sample to ensure accuracy, exporting the final product in WAV format.

playht deepfake voice software

Key Features

  1. Enhance precision with its AI pronunciation tool, allowing you to create custom pronunciations for industry-specific names or jargon.
  2. The generated voices are ideal for marketing, e-learning, and social media content.
  3. With over 800+ AI voice options, this deepfake voice program provides a limitless voiceover possibility.
  4. Boost up the global reach of your content or brand with its multilingual capabilities in over 130+ languages.

4. CereProc

Experience the versatility of this voice deepfake website, which is proficient in accurate voice cloning and its translation into multiple languages. To initiate the recording of your voice for the cloning sample, choose a calm environment free of any background noise. Additionally, the tool offers a headset microphone to ensure top-notch voice quality.

cereproc deepfake voice software

Key Features

  1. Share your recordings effortlessly through this deepfake voice website, which is compatible with multiple platforms.
  2. The tools have a wide range of support for multiple Windows versions and iOS devices.
  3. It offers you cloud credit that you can utilize to edit projects seamlessly and start from where you left off.
  4. This voice deepfake online is crafted for voice creation and editing; hence, it is ideal for marketing to maintain the brand's videos.

5. Respeecher

This best deepfake voice emerges as an authentic source to create non-robotic voices by examining the original speech. It is an advanced deepfake tool that leverages AI powers to replicate and generate voices tailored to your various projects. It is notable for its built-in support for children's and celebrity voices.

respeecher deepfake voice software

Key Features

  1. It is best fitting for game developers, advertisers, creators of audiobooks and podcasts, and TV producers to integrate celebrity-cloned voices or other AI voices.
  2. The support team is just an email away, ready to assist with your inquiries at any time.
  3. Furthermore, this deepfake voice website assists in voice dubbing for localization purposes.
  4. Along with deepfake voices, you can create high-end animations with it.

6. FakeYou

End your search on this AI platform, an expert offering deepfake technology. This AI-powered voice deepfake website has the caliber to convert speech into your favorite characters’ voices. Content creator can craft unique and original content to shine on their social profiles. It offers four powerful AI tools supporting deep-faking technology in the realm of diverse video generation.

fakeyou deepfake voice software

Key Features

  1. It provides an AI-driven text-to-speech tool that can generate audio from text. In this regard, you need to add text and let AI read it aloud in your selected voice.
  2. You can use its voice-to-voice feature, where users get cloned voices by uploading an audio file.
  3. Recently, this platform introduced a voice designer option allowing you to design your own AI voice as needed.
  4. Apart from voice cloning, this software provides a face animator option to animate faces with audio.



Maintaining authenticity is a common goal among deepfake voice apps and online tools. The above-discussed tools are tailored to provide accurate deepfakes; however, every one of them has a drawback. This guide has provided users with top deepfake voice apps and software that work best in the market. Using these tools can lead you to improve your creativity and get your voices cloned the way you like. Also, check the key features of each tool to choose the best among them.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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