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[Review] Descript Overdub: Controlling the Audio in Video

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Jan 18, 24, updated Apr 16, 24

With the ever-increasing technological advancements, AI plays a big role in audio recording. AI has changed how we handle work, such as in businesses, content creation, etc. One of the best features of AI is overdubbing, which accurately mimics your voice. If you want a cost-effective solution, use an AI overdubbing solution instead of re-recording audio.

Descript offers multiple AI audio-oriented features, which makes it an exceptional creative platform. With its transformative abilities to create videos from text scripts, utilize the Descript Overdub AI to enhance audio within the content. In this article, we’ll explore Descript Overdub, an AI-induced platform offering diverse tools like AI overdub.

In this article
  1. An Introduction to Descript Overdub: A Unique Video Script Influencing Toolkit
  2. Descript Overdub Feature: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Part 1: An Introduction to Descript Overdub: A Unique Video Script Influencing Toolkit

There are several instances where you make a mistake while recording, and returning to re-recoding is not ideal. Here, we introduce you to Descript Overdub, an excellent solution for dealing with script mistakes within videos. Traditionally, outdated technology does not offer such technical tools to automatically rectify mistakes in media content.

Overdubbing is useful as it adds richness to the original recording and removes errors. You can transform your videos with the Descript Overdub AI feature. Descript Overdub uses AI voice cloning that replaces incorrect audio without re-recording it. That overdubbed audio can blend in with any audio conditions.

You'll get the same result whether you record with a different mic or at a different place. It can fix audio mistakes in seconds that otherwise would take hours of editing. This feature saves money and verifies ownership before creating your AI voice. Users can edit, record, collaborate, and publish their work all in one place.

descript overdub main interface

Key Features

Are you wondering what other tools or features Descript has to offer that can assist your needs? The following section will provide you with features other than Descript Overdub AI:

1. Text-To-Speech

Use the Descript text-to-speech feature to create voice clones with AI. Descript captures the emotions and narration style of human speech. It almost feels like a real person is talking back instead of a computer-generated voice.

2. Transcription

The Descript transcription feature provides you with industry-level accuracy and speed. You can add speaker labels in seconds with the AI speaker detection feature. It also supports over 22 languages and keeps your data secure and confidential. Also, you can access your history in DOC, RTF, or other formats with the cloud sync tool.

3. Podcast Editor

As a professional podcaster, you can also face various video editing difficulties. For this purpose, Descript presents its podcast editing software that saves you the trouble. It is an all-in-one podcast editor that can help you record, collaborate, share, publish, promote, and more. Using a built-in recording studio, you can get professional-grade audio and 4K video from this tool.

4. AI Voices

Descript AI voices can generate clone voices for you. There is a vast collection of voice actors you can choose from with different emotions, tones, and accents. It will also detect commas and vary its tone of voice according to the given text. Also, this tool smoothens over any blunders or slips you make.

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Despite how many features Descript offers, there are still some limitations to using this tool. In the following section, we have highlighted some of these: 

  • Descript doesn't have a mobile app for editing videos. Many users find it convenient to record and edit content on a smartphone rather than on a desktop.
  • This tool can sometimes be a bit slow, especially on a MacBook. While this is common for video editing tools, it can be irritating while making videos.
  • While you can find various templates within the Descript library, the options are not flexible. Users are unable to find different options to choose template themes.
  • Although the transcription quality is generally great, it always needs some post-editing. Descript does not automatically update all changes of a word after fixing it in the transcript.

Pricing Plans

The pricing plan of Descript is very reasonable for content creators and provides valuable features with each plan. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, the Descript overdub feature will help you with content creation tasks:

Pricing Plan Price
Basic $12 per month
Pro $24 per month

Part 2: Descript Overdub Feature: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you cannot upload any recorded podcasts due to scripting errors, we have a solution for you. Previously, we have understood what Descript Overdub AI is capable of and how much we can take advantage of it. Below, let's learn about Descript and how to use the Overdub feature to enhance your videos:

Step 1. Begin by downloading Descript and launch it on your desktop. When the interface appears, click the “Projects” tab from your left-side panel. Now, press the “+ New” button, and from the extended menu, choose the “Video Project” option.

create new video project

Step 2. When a new window opens, you can write your project name above the options available. Following this hit the "Add file" option to proceed. Once the dialogue box opens, choose your desired video and import the video content.

import video content

Step 3. After the video is uploaded, a small “Transcribing” screen will appear. On this mini screen, you can choose your speaker and language for the uploaded video. When selecting the desired options, hit the “Done” button.

set custom transcript settings

Step 4. Following the process, you can make your desired changes to the text without any interruption. Once the changes are done, select the changed text in the script, and a small pop-up screen will appear. Here, you have to click the "Replace" dropdown menu and choose "Overdub" to change the audio.

overdub replaced text


In the end, we learned how to use the Descript Overdub feature. Besides, there are many other important AI features of Descript that can benefit creators. Also, consider the limitations discussed above before using this tool as your go-to solution. Overall, the Descript Overdub feature can be used to make your audio content creation error-free.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Apr 16, 24
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