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Exploring the Finest Text-to-Speech Male Voice Tools for Natural Output

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Jul 21, 23, updated Jul 20, 24

In recent years, mostly female voices were utilized in the text-to-speech feature. However, male voices are also reliable options to utilize in the text-to-speech features. This can help you in ensuring preferences and inclusivity. In this article, we will discuss top-class text-to-speech male voice tools. In addition, we will guide you about using the built-in voice-to-text feature of Mac.

In this article
  1. Innovative Online Tools for Text-to-Speech Male Voice
  2. Powerful and Advanced AI Voices Generator for Windows, Android, and iOS
  3. How to Use the In-Built Text-to-Voice Feature of MacBook

Part 1: Innovative Online Tools for Text-to-Speech Male Voice

Getting confused while selecting a reliable text-to-speech male tool is still here. After careful evaluation, we have gathered the best-in-class tools for converting text to speech. Jump below to get into the tools right away:

1. Speechify

If you want to make readings more efficient and accessible, this online tool covers you. With it, you can listen to your choice's content rather than read it. This text-to-speech male tool incorporates AI algorithms through which you can easily listen to various music. Above all, it has some fantastic features that enhance your reading experience.

You can also use its voice-over studio to create human-quality voices with customization. You can use this tool to turn any type of text into speech. It also comprehends 30+ premium voices along fastest listening speed, which is 1.1 and more. It can also skip ads, citations, or footers automatically in speech.

How to Convert Text into Speech with Speechify

The procedure of converting text into speech with Speechify is not as complicated as you think. You can even turn Telugu text-to-speech male voice online with this. Feel free to follow the steps instructed below to accomplish this task:

Step 1: Initially, launch Speechify text-to-speech online tool on your browser and import the text of your choice. Following this, go to “Select Speed” and manage it accordingly.

add the text and adjust speed

Step 2: Next, choose “Select Voice” and choose a male voice that fits your need. To convert speech into text, click the “Listen” icon and listen to your text as speech.

press the listen button

2. Speakatoo

With this advanced text-to-speech male voice tool, you can convert text into 120+ languages. It can also generate high-quality text in multiple formats, such as OGG, MP3, and MP4. Moreover, it also has a wide array of AI-based features and API integrations. You can also get SSML support with this exclusive tool.

The audio control lets you control several metrics of audio to optimize functionality. In addition, it also incorporates the breathing pause, which makes your speech more realistic. One of the best things is it has 700+ male and female voices.

What is the Procedure to Turn Text to Speech with Speakatoo

Speakatoo has an optimized quality procedure to turn text into voice. To accomplish this task with ease, you can follow the steps given here:

Step 1: Open your browser and search for Speakatoo. Once you are on the main page, go to "Language" and select the language of your choice. Next, click "Voice" and choose the voice you like. In the "Text" section, you can enter text in the text box.

customize the speakatoo settings

Step 2: To proceed, manage the "Audio Controls" and "Advanced Effects". Finally, hit the "Play me" button. You can also click "Download" to download the speech.

play or download the speech

Part 2: Powerful and Advanced AI Voices Generator for Windows, Android, and iOS

Virbo is an amazing AI voice tool through which you can convert text into 120+ voices and languages. All the voices are realistically humane, so you don't have to worry about that. Besides that, the interface of Virbo is quite optimistic, making your work easier.

It also has blazing-fast data processing speech, which also streamlines your workflow efficiency. You can also use this tool on multiple devices without any restrictions.

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Key Features of Virbo

  1. It supports multinational AI avatars to make impressive videos. You can also select both male and female avatars.
  2. There are endless assets in Virbo which include royalty-free music and templates. You can use them at your convenience.
  3. Using its AI Script feature, you can generate impressive scripts for best-in-class videos.

How to Convert Text to Speech with Virbo

By following the straightforward steps listed below, you can convert text to speech male without any issues:

Step 1: Open Virbo and Access Feature

To start, open Virbo on your device and select the "Text to Speech" feature from the main interface. Next, select the style and voice for a speech from the next screen and hit the "Convert Now" button.

tap on convert now button

Step 2: Start Convert Text to Speech

To proceed, paste the text in the “Text to Speech” interface and tap the “Create Video” button. Select the dimension from the orientation options of Virbo, such as Portrait Video and Landscape Video, and hit the “Create Now” button. Wait a few moments and then download the video on the device.

add the desired text

Part 3: How to Use the In-Built Text-to-Voice Feature of MacBook

Mac users mainly have no idea that they can use the in-built text-to-speech male feature of Mac. If you are a Mac user that also has no idea about using this feature, this part is for you. Follow the instructions given below to use this amazing feature with ease:

Step 1:Start your Mac and click the "Apple" icon to locate and access the System Settings. Afterward, go into the "Accessibility" settings and click the "Spoken Content" option.

access the spoken content option

Step 2:Next, locate "Speak Selection" and enable it. You can also select the "Info" icon for managing settings such as Highlight Content, Word Content, Show Controller, and more. Finally, confirm the settings by pressing the "OK" button.

adjust the spoken content settings

Wrapping Up

As stated in this article, you can easily use the innovative text-to-speech male voice software. This can turn any type of text into male voices without any issue. The online tools that can help you with this are Speechify and Speakatoo.

You can also use the most recommended Windows, Android, or iOS tool, Virbo. It has some fantastic features you can learn from the above discussion. Moreover, if you are a Mac user, you can use its built-in text-to-speech feature by following the steps discussed in this article.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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