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A Guide to Translate Japanese to English Video with Best Options

Virbo Originally published Nov 15, 23, updated Feb 21, 24

We all are aware that after the atomic crisis Japan faced, its economy maximized. Today, whether in entertainment or business, Japan is leading in all. When it comes to entertainment, Anime has become Japan's product. However, Japanese isn't a widely spoken language, which makes it challenging to comprehend. Many tools translate videos from Japanese into English.

These Japanese-to-English video translators have a wide range of advantages. English is understood worldwide and spoken more around the world. Translating videos into English will enhance content reach beyond the borders. This will benefit in materialistic and cultural terms as everyone can understand it then. This article will cover some of the top Japanese-to-English video converters.

In this article
  1. Wondershare Virbo: Making Video Translation Easy on Desktop with
  2. Translate.Video: A Fine Japanese to English Video Translator
  3. Rask AI: Translate Japanese to English Video with
  4. Instant Video Translator from Japanese to English:

Part 1: Making Video Translation Easy on Desktop with Wondershare Virbo

If you seek an AI-backed Japanese-to-English video converter, you can have better options. Wondershare Virbo is a flexible tool assisting in translation and other video functions. Along with translating your video into multiple languages, it can add subtitles to it. Users can employ its generative abilities to craft AI avatars, voiceovers, and scripts. You can also enhance a video using its built-in resource library.

Key Features Of This Unique Video Translator

  • AI Avatars: Create your avatars or employ them from Virbo’s pre-built collection. It has 300+ avatars to make your marketing or educational video interactive. These avatars can connect with your audience through realistic voices. You can also customize the attires, accents, and ethnicities of these avatars.
  • AI Voice: Do you want to use voiceovers for your videos but are unable to record? Wondershare Virbo provides the solution to that. You can use its text-to-speech AI to generate voiceovers for your videos. In addition, you can clone your voice and create voiceovers. It has 300+ diverse and high-quality AI voice options.
  • AI Script Generator: Save your time and resources on creating scripts or hiring someone for that. Users can generate complete scripts just from descriptions. You need to give a head start, like what the script should be about, and it will show results. Its integration with ChatGPT allows it to be more efficient and rapid.
  • Video Translator: This tool can translate videos from Japanese to English. It has multilingual support to translate videos and add captions. The translation limit for videos is 10 seconds to 2 minutes. Moreover, it keeps the quality of the video while translating.
  • Templates Gallery: If you are creating videos for specific contexts, it has video templates for it. You can create professional, explanation, and social media videos. There are multiple templates in every category for bringing uniqueness to content.

Simplified Step-by-Step Instructions for Wondershare Virbo Video Translator

Since the topic of our article is Japanese-to-English video converters. Let’s explore the procedure of translating Japanese videos into English using Virbo:

Step 1: Initiate Virbo and Access Video Translator

After installing and launching the software on your device, locate the “Video Translator” option. You can find it at the top right corner; select it.

open video translator feature

Step 2: Upload File and Adjust Preferences

Once you’re in the Video Translator window, click on the “Upload” button. Then, choose a file from your device for import. You can set preferences like the translation language, speaker’s voice, and subtitles. You also have the option to retain or remove background music. Once satisfied, press the “Translate” button to proceed.

upload and set preferences in virbo

Step 3: Preview and Download the Video

After the translation process is complete, you can start the export process. Click on the video for a preview before finalizing. Once satisfied, click the "Download Video" button to save it to your device. Use the "Three Dots" icon to access options for renaming or deleting the video.

download final video from virbo

Part 2: Translate.Video: A Fine Japanese to English Video Translator

Suppose you are looking for a diverse and multi-purpose method, then Translate.Video is your tool. The tool facilitates efficient Japanese-to-English video translation. With its multilingual support, it can translate any video in 75+ languages. Amongst this, it can provide video transcripts, add subtitles, and dub voices. Moreover, users can also edit their videos afterward using this tool.

The tool has a plain and minimal user interface with everything upfront. Translating Japanese to English video is a piece of cake in it. Users do not need to give any references as the tool is pre-trained. Find the steps to translate a video with Translate.Video below:

Step 1: Upon visiting the tool's official website, click the "Translate Video" button. Afterward, log in to your account to start seamless translation.

access feature in translatevideo

Step 2: Once logged in, click the tab "Drag & drop multiple files or click to upload." Then, select files from your device to convert. After uploading files, click the "Proceed" option to proceed.

add video and proceed

Step 3: In the Publish Process window, select "Video Translation & Subtitles." Then, "set the "Source Language" to Japanese and "Target Language" to English. You can select a preferred English accent from the given option. A "Voice English" option will appear; select a voice from there. At the end, select "Translate" to move further. Once the translation progress is complete, proceed further to download the video.

set translation preferences and translate

Part 3: Translate Japanese to English Video with Rask AI

Rask AI is an all-in-one platform for video translation, audio transcription, and subtitles. You can find the translate Japanese to English video functionality in it. The tool supports 130+ languages to facilitate creators with international audiences. Whether you want to translate a marketing video or an entertainment, it can assist. It also supports many text formats like SRT, VVT, and TXT.

In this section, you can learn how to translate video from Japanese to English. The user interface of this tool is very accessible, and you can upgrade your pricing plans. The following text covers the step-by-step process of video translation:

Step 1: Start by logging into your account and accessing its editing interface. Afterward, click the "Upload Video" tab to import a video for translation.

upload video in rask

Step 2: From the featured window, choose a file from the device or paste a URL. Furthermore, choose "Japanese" under the “Original language” and "English" under “Translate to.” Click the "Translate" button to start the process.

set preferences for translation

Step 3: Once the translation process is complete, you'll be redirected to a new window. Press the “Play” icon to see the preview of the video. To change the translator's voice, select the "Speakers voice" option under the preview screen. After choosing a voice, click the “Confirm” option.

change voiceover and redub

Step 4: Upon getting satisfactory results, click the “Download” button. Then, click the “Translated Video” option and save it straight to your device.

download final translated video

Part 4: Instant Video Translator from Japanese to English:

Do you want to translate a video from Japanese to English with accurate dialogue? is proficient in video translation in more than 125 languages. The tool has an accuracy rate of 98.5% and allows you to review video before export. Amongst video translation, you can also insert English subtitles in your videos. It also retains the integrity of translated language through proofreading.

After knowing about, you must want to try it. Although we have familiarized you with this tool, it is important to check for yourself. To help you with exploring, here is an instruction manual to operate this translator:

Step 1: Click on the provided link to access’s video translator. Then, click the "Translate your Video" button to reach its primary editing interface. There, import your media into the Media section by clicking the "Upload a File" option.

upload video in veed

Step 2: Then, navigate towards the “Project Settings” panel on the left. Scroll down to locate the "Translate voice" option in the Magic Tools section. Click on this option to proceed with the translation process.

navigate to translation feature

Step 3: Next, start filling up the given options to translate your project. Add "Japanese" as the original language and "English" as the translation language. Then, select a male or female voice in the "Speaker" section. In addition, you can also choose a conversational style like normal, happy, and more. Select the quality of the video from the given options. Further, click the "Duplicate and Translate" button.

set translation settings and proceed

Step 4: Wait for some time for the translation process to complete. Once it's complete, review your final video from the editing window. You can enhance the video and make changes using this tool. Afterward, click the "Done" button at the top right corner. Then, click the "Export Video" button to download the video on your device.

export and save translated video


Japanese videos hold a remarkable value worldwide. Hence, their translation is necessary. Users can employ the above-mentioned Japanese to English video converters for this. For enhanced creation and translation, we recommend you use Wondershare Virbo. The tool has versatile abilities and is compatible with many platforms. Its generative AI makes it a perfect tool to assist you in your creations.

Virbo Feb 21, 24
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