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Revolutionizing Communication: Real-Time AI Voice Changer

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Nov 02, 23, updated May 31, 24

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has become part and parcel of our lives these days. Communication is one of the industries that this revolutionary technology has dramatically impacted. Nowadays, you can harness the power of AI to create professional videos and audio narrations to pass your message effectively. So, in this post, we will help you find the best real time AI voice changer and some possible uses for this program. Let’s dig in!

In this article
  1. How real time AI voice changers work
  2. Popular applications of real-time AI voice changers
  3. 3 popular real-time AI voice changer software

Part 1. How real time AI voice changers work

A real time voice changer AI is a program that has been extensively trained using deep machine learning algorithms to create a virtual clone of human voices. These programs work by creating a large data set of diverse audio clips, allowing them to analyze your live voice and transform it into your input prompt.

Usually, AI voice changers use machine learning algorithms to transform live voices recorded using your microphone easily. However, sometimes, you may need to enter a text data prompt using speech-to-text AI voice cloning services. Whichever model you choose, the speech training model can take a few minutes or hours to clone your voice.

But AI voice cloners don’t work independently. Instead, these tools allow you to make post-processing adjustments to make your AI voice sound how you want it. For example, you can make sound adjustments like pitch, tone, emotion, etc. Overall, the AI voice cloning process is pretty complex, although the process on your side may take just a few clicks.

Part 2. Popular applications of real-time AI voice changers

As said at the beginning, AI has been a vital cog in our lives for a while. Today, you can use an AI voice changer real time in multiple industries, including entertainment, communication, accessibility, and more. Let’s briefly overview how to use a real-time AI voice cloning app.

1. Entertainment industry

Voice changers are now widespread in the movie and gaming industries. This tool can clone your voice to sound like your favorite gaming character or celebrity. For instance, you can use voice modulation software to sound like a monster in a gaming scene and make the whole experience more immersive.

2. Communication and privacy

Using an avatar profile picture or a fake photo isn’t the only way to maintain privacy while gaming online or creating content. With a real time AI voice changer, you can clone your voice online to sound like Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Will Smith, and other celebrities. Some AI voice changers also have voices that are ideal for video documentaries.

3. Accessibility

Did you know that non-native speakers create some of the videos and audio you find online? We have AI to thank for that! This technology allows people to create unique content in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages. Besides breaking language barriers, AI allows people with speech disabilities to create online content using speech-to-text converters.

Part 3. 3 popular real-time AI voice changer software

Now that we know the uses of AI voice cloning let’s list some of the best voice cloning programs to use.

1. FineShare Online Voice Cloner

fineshare real time ai voice changer

FineShare Online Voice Cloner is an incredible program for vloggers, gamers, filmmakers, and video content creators. It can transform your voice into characters like demons, robots, older men, kids, ghosts, and anyone else. FineShare Online Voice Cloner has multiple celebrity voices like Morgan Freeman, Donald John Trump, Kim Kardashian, Barack Obama, and more.


  • Multiple AI celebrity characters.
  • Record live voices with AI effects.


  • You must sign up to use it.

2. Metavoice Studio

metavoice real time ai voice changer

MetaVoice Studio is another excellent online voice app to help you create engaging, unique, and high-quality AI voices. This tool can integrate into your connected microphone to transform your voice in real time without sacrificing human emotions. It can change your identity on 800+ platforms, including DAW, Zoom, Google Meet, Discord, and more.


  • Speak to your mic and change your voice in real time.
  • It’s compatible with 800+ platforms.


  • Limited voice customization options.


metavoice studio real time ai voice changer is an online voice changer that also has a dedicated desktop program. It’s a simple-to-use voice changer where you only need to upload your WAV, FLAC, or MP3 file to customize it with a unique voice filter. As expected, you can connect your live microphone and transform voices in real time. Overall, it’s a simple and effective tool for podcasting, content creation, and sending audio messages.


  • Simple and free to use.
  • Multiple audio input formats.


  • Limited voice effect options.

Bonus Tips: Delve into the authentic AI voiceover generator

Using AI real time voice changer could even be more fun with Wondershare Virbo. With this online voice changer, content creators can effortlessly transform into 180+ avatar characters with 120+ unique voice effects. It offers numerous advantages, including multiple audio inputs and text-to-speech conversion, making it an excellent tool for all content creators who want to achieve their desired voice sound. Excitingly, content creators can explore the talking photo feature to add an AI voice overlay into a picture. Of course, you can upload an image or choose the available picture templates.

Without further ado, let’s learn how to create a life-like AI voice using Wondershare Virbo:

Step 1. Install Wondershare Virbo on a computer, then choose a video template under the Avatars section.

enter text promot on virbo

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Step 2. Next, enter the text script that you want to convert to audio. You can enter up to 2,000 characters.

adjust language and settings on wondershare virbo

Step 3. Choose the audio output language. This program supports English, Spanish, Hindi, and other languages. Now change the audio speed, pitch, and volume. You can also add background music, image templates, and subtitles.

adjust language and settings on wondershare virbo

Step 4. Lastly, preview your video before exporting to 720p or 1080p. That’s it!

export the ai voice on virbo

Final Words

We hope that you enjoyed reading this post. You can harness endless possibilities with a real-time AI voice changer, as we have discussed here. Most of these apps are available to use for free. Remember to try out Wondershare Virbo’s brand-new Talking Photo feature. Have fun!

Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 31, 24
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