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Top Methods to Create a Green Screen in PowerPoint

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Apr 30, 24, updated Jun 11, 24
green screen powerpoint presentation

Are you familiar with the green screen effect?

Also known as picture-in-picture or Chroma Key, green screen is a special effects technique that allows you to remove the background color (usually green, red, or blue) from images and videos and replace it with another photo or video clip.

Green screen is the standard for visual effects. It allows content creators to move objects and persons seamlessly and add their own visuals to images, videos, and screens on mobile and desktop devices.

With the right tools, you can transform an image or video with a green screen background to turn your files into multi-purpose content for your next project. Today, we’ll discuss the best methods to help you create a green screen effect in PowerPoint.

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Part 1. Is it possible to create a green screen effect in PowerPoint?

powerpoint green screen video

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to create a green effect in PowerPoint as PowerPoint doesn’t offer a built-in chroma key tool. However, you can use alternative methods to achieve the desired result.

For example, you can create a slide in PowerPoint and use the green color for the image background, and then eliminate the green background effect using an AI-powered video creator and editor software to replace the background with a video or photo.

Then, you can upload the enhanced photo into your PowerPoint presentation using the importing option.

Part 2. How to Use a Green Screen for Presentations (Traditional Way)

For those of you who are interested in trying out adding a green screen in Powerpoint, here is a video guide:

Below is a detailed step-by-step to use a green screen for your PowerPoint presentations.

Step 1: Open PowerPoint, select the slide preview pane, right-click it, and select New Slide to create a new slide;

green screen powerpoint presentation new slide

Step 2: Click the new slide, navigate to Design > Background Styles > Format Background > Solid Fill > Color, and select the green color for the background.

green screen powerpoint presentation green background

Step 3: Navigate to File > Save As to save the slide in a preferred image format (e.g., PNG or JPEG).

Step 4: Select the image or video editing software that supports chroma keying, like Adobe Premiere Pro, and import your slide.

Step 5: Remove the green background from the slide using the software’s chroma key tool and replace it with a video or image.

Step 6: Export and save the edited slide.

Step 7: Go back to PowePoint, navigate to the Insert tab, and select Pictures to import the edited slide into your PowerPoint presentation.

green screen powerpoint presentation insert slide

Step 8: Use PowerPoint features to position and resize the edited video or image according to your needs.

Part 3. Easier Way – How to Create a Green Screen in PowerPoint

powerpoint green screen video wondershare vibro

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Since PowerPoint doesn’t support chroma-keying directly, creating a green screen effect may become tedious and time-consuming. A good alternative would be to use professional AI video editing software with a dedicated video import feature to convert PowerPoint files to video.

Thankfully, Wondershare Virbo Desktop is an excellent PowerPoint-to-video converter for Windows that can quickly turn PowerPoint presentations into top-grade AI avatar videos.

You can diversify your PowerPoint presentations and slideshows with over 300 AI-enabled avatars, voice models, and over 180 video templates to enhance your visual content and make it more shareable, accessible, versatile, and engaging.

Using Virbo Desktop to convert PPT to video is a simple process that involves completing only a few steps:

Step 1: Download Virbo Desktop and install it on your computer;

Step 2: Launch the program and click Create Video > Import PPT;

powerpoint green screen video virbo converter

Step 3: Click Select File and choose the PPT/PPTX file you want to convert or drag and drop the file into the Virbo window;

Step 4: Virbo will automatically convert the selected PowerPoint file into a script;

powerpoint green screen video import ppt

Step 5: Select the AI Avatar, text style, animation, and background music for your PowerPoint presentation to edit and enhance your video;

powerpoint green screen video select background

Step 6: Click Export to apply the modifications and generate your PowerPoint presentation video with Wondershare Virbo PowerPoint-to-video AI converter.

powerpoint green screen video virbo converter

Part 4. How Do You Make a Fake Green Screen?

The easiest way to make a fake green screen effect is to try the following options:

  • Use a green paper or cloth to create a green screen;
  • Paint the spare wall green to achieve the exact effect;
  • Consider investing in a chroma key or green screen portable kit (you can get one online for around $70);
  • Buy a collapsible green backdrop or green fabric from the fabric store.

If you need to replace the green screen background, you’ll need a professional tool with the Chroma Key feature to remove the green backdrop and replace it with a different photo or video clip.


This article shared some useful tips on how to create a green screen effect in PowerPoint, even though the tool doesn’t offer the chroma key tool. However, the process can be tedious, requiring you to complete many steps and shift between multiple tools.

You can opt for an alternative way and use an AI-powered PowerPoint-to-video converter like Wondershare Vibro to seamlessly turn PowerPoint presentations into versatile, shareable, and easily accessible videos.

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FAQs on Making Green Screen Effect in Powerpoint

  • How do I remove the green screen in PowerPoint?
    You can remove the green screen in PowerPoint by following these steps:
    1. Open PowerPoint and navigate to the Slide Master tab;
    2. Select Background Styles > Format Background;
    3. In the Format Background window, navigate to Fill > Solid Fill > Color;
    4. Select any color you prefer to remove the green screen.
  • How can I add a new background to a video in PowerPoint?
    Follow the steps below to add a new background to a video in PowerPoint:
    1. Open the PowerPoint presentation;
    2. Select the slide where you want to add a new background;
    3. Click Design > Format Background > Picture or texture fill > File;
    4. When the Insert Picture window appears, select the image you want to use as a new background.

    You can also add a moving background to your PowerPoint presentation by adding a video to your slide:
    1. Open PowerPoint;
    2. Click Insert > Video > This Device;
    3. Select the video you want to add as a new background.
  • How can I use PowerPoint as a virtual background in Zoom?
    Here’s how:
    Open Zoom and click Share Screen;
    Click Advanced and select PowerPoint as Virtual Background;
    Click Share.
  • Can I polish the green screen effect in PowerPoint?
    Yes, you can. PowerPoint comes with an array of top-grade features that allow you to enhance your PowerPoint presentation background, such as:
    1. Add color and shape overlays to make the background sharper and more engaging;
    2. Add the right graphics and font style to boost texture and make your presentation look more vivid and colorful;
    3. Use Artistic Effects to customize your green screen background by increasing or decreasing transparency and intensity settings.
Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jun 11, 24
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