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How To Convert Video Voice to Text Online for Free?

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Nov 02, 23, updated Jul 20, 24

Do you ever struggle to understand or keep up with long videos? Maybe you need the information in text format for easier note-taking or sharing. However, transcribing the video content manually can be a time-consuming task.

The good news is that you can easily convert video voice to text online for free. In this guide, you’ll explore several ways to do it using the best tools and some tips if you encounter any issues. So, whether you’re dealing with online meetings, e-learning content, or working on global campaigns, this article has a solution for you. Let’s start.

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In this article
  1. For Online Meetings on Desktop: Convert Video Voice to Text by Descript
  2. For E-Learning Online: Convert Video Voice to Text by Happy Scribe
  3. Virbo: Best Video Voice-to-Text Translator Online for Global Marketing
  4. Troubleshooting Issues When Converting Video Voice to Text

Part 1. For Online Meetings on Desktop: Convert Video Voice to Text by Descript

Joining online meetings might get tricky when crucial details slip by because of fast speakers or background noise. Don’t worry – Descript has your back. It is a versatile video recorder that doubles as a video voice-to-text converter online.

descript website interface

With Descript, you can easily review key points, find specific moments, and share the transcript with colleagues who couldn’t make it. Say goodbye to missed details and hello to smoother online meetings with Descript.

How To Convert Video Voice to Text Automatically Using Descript?

With Descript, online meetings become active and focused. Ready to give it a try? Follow these steps below to convert your recorded video to text files online with Descript:

  • Step 1: Launch Descript from your web browser and create an account.
  • Step 2: Click + New in the top right corner of the Projects on the home page. Then, go to Video project > Add file, and select your video file from the pop-up window.
descript new project interface
  • Step 3: Descript will automatically begin transcribing your video once it’s uploaded.
  • Step 4: You’ll see the converted text on the left. Just click on it to make any changes you need.
descript convert video to text


Click the “Actions...” button on the text editor and select “Remove filler words...” to search and delete filler words in the text automatically.

descript more features
  • Step 5: Once you’re happy with the transcript, you can export it in various formats. Go to File in the top navigation pane and select Export.
export text transcription
  • Step 6: Go to the Transcript tab bar from the pop-up window. Choose the desired format (TXT, DOCX, etc.) and customize the export settings.
select file format for transcription

Part 2. For E-Learning Online: Convert Video Voice to Text by Happy Scribe

Getting new skills through e-learning is great, but listening to long video lectures can be tiresome. But with AI tools like Happy Scribe, it is easier to study. It has an intuitive interface and lets you convert video voice to text online for free.

happy scribe video to text converter

Happy Scribe’s AI transcribes your video, whether pre-recorded or from YouTube, giving you a text version of the lecture. Now, you can review the important things at your speed and find specific info faster.

How To Convert Video Voice to Text Using AI With Happy Scribe?

You can use Happy Scribe as a YouTube video voice-to-text converter online. The first 10 minutes are free; you can try it out for short videos or snippets. Here’s how to use Happy Scribe for video transcription online:

  • Step 1: Head to Happy Scribe’s website and log in to your existing account. If you’re a new user, sign up for a free account.
  • Step 2: Choose the upload source:
  • Click Upload a fileand select your video from your desktop folders.
  • Paste the public video URL from YouTube, Google Drive, and more into the designated field.
upload video file or add url
  • Step 3: A pop-up window will appear once you’ve chosen the upload source. Choose the language spoken in your video from the dropdown menu. Then, select Machine generated as the transcription method.
select transcription method
  • Step 4: Click Create after setting your options. Happy Scribe YouTube video voice-to-text converter online will upload and process your video.
  • Step 5: Happy Scribe will automatically generate a transcript. Use the built-in editor to click on any section of text to edit and correct mistakes. You can also control playback speed to make editing easier.
transcribe video to text online
  • Step 6: Once done editing the transcript, click Export from the upper right navigation pane. Since you are using the app for free, you can download it in text document and SRT file formats. Click Export 1 file to save the transcript to your computer.
export transcription

Moving beyond desktop meetings and e-learning, businesses often need an easier and faster way to translate video content for a global audience. That is where AI video translation can help you. In the next part, you’ll explore how Wondershare Virbo can help you efficiently translate video voice to text in multiple languages. Read on to make your marketing materials accessible to a wider audience.

Part 3. Virbo: Best Video Voice-to-Text Translator Online for Global Marketing

When taking your brand global, language barriers can be a challenge. But here’s the good news: with Virbo, it’s doable. One of its highlights is the ability to accurately translate video voice to text.

Virbo makes global marketing easier.

translate video to text using ai

Get Started Online Free Download

This app uses AI to transcribe your video’s audio into text. Then, it lets you translate that text into different languages. Want to go the extra mile? Add these translated captions to your video, and voila! You’ve made your content accessible to viewers worldwide. This way, you can create professional, multilingual video content that expands your reach and increases brand recognition across borders, all within a single platform.

Here’s what makes Virbo the best video voice-to-text translator online for your global marketing endeavors:

  • Support for 20+ Languages:With Virbo, you can translate video voice to text in different languages, including popular choices like Spanish, English, Chinese, and more.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility:Marketing knows no borders, and neither does Virbo. Whether you’re a seasoned techie or a casual user, Virbo seamlessly adapts to your workflow. It works on Windows desktops, iOS, and Android devices and even directly on your web browser.
  • Easy To Use:Virbo understands that time is precious, especially in business. That’s why it boasts an intuitive interface that anyone can navigate easily.
  • High-Quality Output:When it comes to your brand message, clarity is paramount. Virbo ensures your translated content maintains its original meaning and impact. Its high-quality translation output guarantees your message resonates with your global audience just as intended.
  • Budget-Friendly App: Reaching a global audience shouldn’t break the bank. Virbo offers its powerful features at an affordable price, making it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes. Now, you can translate video voice to text without worrying about hefty costs.

How To Translate Video Voice to Text Automatically Using Virbo AI?

Virbo offers free video translation with subtitles, up to 2 minutes per video. Here’s how to translate video voice to text online in a few easy steps:

  • Step 1: Click Translate Video Online from the Virbo video translator webpage. You can also download the app on your desktop. Then, create or login to an account.

Get Started Online Free Download

  • Step 2: Upload your video file in MP4 or MOV format. Select the language spoken in your video from the dropdown menu. Then, choose the language you want the subtitles for and translate the text into. Click Translate this video to continue.
virbo video translator online interface


Advanced Settings (Optional):

  • Subtitle:Enable this to generate subtitles in the target language based on the transcribed text.
  • Proofread video script:This allows reviewing and editing the transcribed text before translation.
virbo advanced settings
  • Step 3: Virbo will process your video. This may take some time depending on the video length.
  • Step 4: Review and edit any errors on the text editor before proceeding. Once satisfied, download the subtitles file (SRT format).
translated text from video subtitle
  • Step 5: Click Translate video to add the translated text or subtitle to your original video. After processing is complete, Virbo will provide you with a preview of the translated video with subtitles (if enabled). If you’re satisfied with the results, click the Download icon to save the translated video with subtitles to your computer.

Part 4. Troubleshooting Issues When Converting Video Voice to Text

Creating clear and accurate transcripts is essential for professional settings. Here’s how to avoid common pitfalls that can impact transcription quality:

Issue 1: Background Noise

Solution: Noisy recordings can cause problems with transcription accuracy. Luckily, many video editing programs have noise-reduction features. Running your audio through one of these before conversion can make a big difference.

Issue 2: Accents or Dialects

Solution: Most speech recognition software is good these days, but accents and dialects can still trip them up. Check your software’s settings for options to adjust the recognition model. Some programs even let you upload a sample of the speaker’s voice to improve accuracy.

Issue 3: Punctuation Errors

Solution: Some software offers built-in punctuation correction you can use. If unavailable, find a separate grammar tool after conversion. Always proofread the transcript yourself for any missing punctuation.

Issue 4: Overlapping Voices of Speakers

Solution: If the video has multiple speakers, try software that can differentiate voices. This includes interviews and panel discussions. You can always transcribe each speaker’s section if that's not an option. Then, add timestamps to identify speaker changes in the transcript.

online meeting concept

Issue 5: Inconsistent Transcription Format

Solution: Most video-to-text software allows you to format after the converter generates the transcript. You can adjust fonts, add paragraph breaks, and even format speaker identification within the program. Also, you can always export the transcript to a word processor for in-depth formatting.


You learned several ways to convert video voice to text online for free and the best apps for it. These tools make videos easier to understand, whether recorded or uploaded from websites like YouTube.

Now, you also know the best app to translate video voice to text. Virbo allows you to translate your videos into different languages using AI, making your content global. So, explore these tools, see how video text conversion helps, and choose the app that fits you best.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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