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How to Make a Talking AI Avatar From Photos: Easy Guide

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Feb 28, 24, updated Apr 16, 24

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), you can generate lifelike video presentations featuring human presenters or “AI avatars” without the need for extensive video production. Moreover, these avatars are not only visually appealing but also interactive, able to speak according to the script you have written.

This time, we'll walk you through the process of making a talking AI avatar, including how to create a talking avatar from a photo. This allows you to bring any photos to life with the power of AI. Whether you want to create a fun video message, enhance your online presence, or simply explore the possibilities of technology, this tutorial will help you achieve that.

In this article
  1. What You Can Do With A Talking AI Avatar
  2. Prominent Features of Talking Avatar
  3. How To Create Your Own Talking Avatar With the Easiest Way

Part 1. What You Can Do With A Talking AI Avatar

When creating your own talking avatar, you have the option to use your own images or select from available AI templates. Then, these avatars will be refined through AI processing.

With the emergence of talking AI avatars, the possibilities for their usage across various domains have also expanded. Here are some things you can do when learning how to create talking avatar:

1. Content creation

Talking AI avatars are valuable tools for content creators who want to engage their audience in new and immersive ways. With Talking Avatar, you can captivate viewers, boost engagement, and differentiate your content from competitors.

2. Business presentation

In corporate settings, talking AI avatars offer a unique alternative to traditional presentations. They can serve as virtual hosts, delivering key messages with charisma and clarity. Create personalized, interactive virtual video presentations that potential buyers can access from the comfort of their homes. Make property showcasing more effective and efficient, which can lead to quicker sales with talking avatar.

3. Hospitality promotion

Hotels, resorts, and travel agencies can learn how to create talking avatar to promote their services and attractions. These avatars can act as virtual tour guides, showcasing amenities, highlighting local attractions, and providing personalized recommendations to potential guests, enhancing the overall customer experience.

4. Education

In the field of education, talking AI avatars are valuable tools for delivering engaging and interactive lessons. They can serve as virtual tutors, guiding students through complex concepts with attractive visual aids and engaging explanations.

5. Retail marketing campaigns

If you are a retailer marketer, you can utilize talking AI avatars to enhance your marketing campaigns and customer interactions. These avatars can act as virtual sales assistants, providing product recommendations, and answering frequently asked questions. By using a talking avatar, you can elevate customer engagement, increase sales, and transform your e-commerce strategy.

Create video content with a talking AI avatar

Part 2. Prominent Features of Talking Avatar

If you are learning how to make a talking avatar, the avatars also come equipped with a range of features that contribute to their versatility and effectiveness in content creation. Let's get into the key features that make talking avatars a powerful tool for communication and storytelling:

1. Royalty-free assets and templates

Talking avatar platforms often provide a library of royalty-free assets and templates that users can use. These include background music, accents, a diverse selection of AI avatars representing various races, AI anime characters, and more.

2. Voice narration from a script

One of the key features of talking avatars is their ability to narrate text from a script using synthetic voices. When you create your own talking avatar, you can input a written script, and the avatar will generate speech based on the provided text. You can also use your own recorded voice for your talking avatar.

3. AI script

No idea where to start writing your script? Many talking avatar platforms can leverage artificial intelligence to help you write and enhance the flexibility of your texts. This feature helps streamline the scriptwriting process and saves users valuable time and effort.

4. Auto-translation

Auto-translation features are essential for engaging global audiences. Talking Avatar enables avatars to automatically translate your content into various languages. This ensures that viewers from diverse linguistic backgrounds can understand and engage with your content effectively and facilitates communication on a global scale.

Part 3. How To Create Your Own Talking Avatar With the Easiest Way

Now, let’s get to the main topic of this article: How to create a talking avatar for free? You can create a talking avatar easily with Wondershare Virbo. Virbo is a versatile video production tool specifically designed for crafting "real-person" short videos using AIGC technology. Among its various functionalities, Virbo excels at creating talking avatars from photos.

With Wondershare Virbo's Talking Avatar from Photos feature, you have the flexibility to choose from existing AI avatar templates or upload your own pictures. These avatars can then be animated to speak the script or narration you've prepared.

Some of Virbo Talking Avatar features include:

  • Access a diverse library of over 300 royalty-free AI avatars
  • Break down language barriers with a selection of over 300 AI voices
  • Equipped with easy tutorials
  • Seamless cross-platform experience on online, desktop, and mobile application
  • Incorporate subtitles for enhanced accessibility

How to create a talking avatar with Wondershare Virbo:

Step 1: Install Wondershare Virbo and navigate to “Talking Photo.”

Download Wondershare Virbo and follow the instructions to install the software. Once you are on Wondershare Virbo’s interface, you can select “Talking Photo.”

How to create a talking avatar free

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Step 2: Upload your photo.

You can select from the available ultra-realistic AI avatars provided for free. But if you want to use your photo to create your own talking avatar, click the upload (+) icon and select the portrait you want to use. You can also adjust and crop the photo to your liking. Once selected, click “Create Video” to proceed.

Upload a photo to create talking avatar from photos

Step 3: Edit your video

Next, input text and select a voiceover option from those provided below to create the voiceover for your video. You can adjust the accent, speed, pitch, and volume as desired. You can also choose to include subtitles, background music, or even change the background.

Edit and create your own talking avatar

If you prefer to use your own voice, you can select “Audio Upload” to upload your audio or “Online Recording” to record your voice directly within the software. If your audio is embedded in a video, choose “Extract audio” and Virbo will extract the audio from your video.

Add audio to your talking avatar

Step 4: Export the talking avatar

Once you've completed editing your talking avatar video, click on "Create Video" to export your creation. Wait for a few minutes, and your talking avatar videos will be ready to download.

Note: Wondershare Virbo for desktops currently offers more comprehensive features and delivers the best conversion effect. But if you prefer to create your own talking avatar online, you can also use Wondershare Virbo online through their website.


Talking AI avatars has revolutionized the way we create and interact with digital content. If you're a content creator, business professional, educator, or marketer, you should try creating talking avatars to make even more engaging and immersive content.

Platforms like Wondershare Virbo provide accessible and user-friendly interfaces to create talking avatars from photos, making the process seamless and efficient. With Virbo, you can open up a world of possibilities for enhancing your presentations, training materials, marketing campaigns, and more.

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  • Can I use celebrity photos to create a talking avatar from a photo?
    Wondershare Virbo platform provides the option to use your own photos or select from its library of AI avatars. However, it is still important to adhere to ethical guidelines and legal considerations. It is strongly advised against using celebrity photos or any images that you do not possess the rights to. Using images without proper authorization may infringe upon copyright laws and violate the rights of individuals depicted in the photos.
  • How do I control the avatars' gestures or expressions?
    Since you are using an AI photo, you can’t control the avatar’s gestures and expressions. If you want to elevate the avatar with more gestures, you can use Wondershare Virbo’s AI avatar videos.
  • How to make the talking avatar perfectly match the voice or audio input?
    To make the talking avatar perfectly match the voice or audio input, it's recommended to use a platform like Wondershare Virbo. Virbo uses advanced AI technology that analyzes the script and automatically synchronizes the avatar's lip movements. You can also change the speed, pitch, and volume to further enhance the synchronization and overall quality of the avatar's performance.
Eric Miller
Eric Miller Apr 16, 24
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