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How To Make Animation Talk? Explained with Easy Steps

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Feb 28, 24, updated Apr 16, 24

Making animated characters talk can make your videos even more interesting and appealing to your audience. It brings your characters to life by giving them personality and emotion through speech. They can engage in dialogue, convey complex emotions, and drive the narrative forward.

Creating a talking animation is possible with the help of AI and the right tool we have covered in this article. These talking animated characters are not only for entertainment. Educational content, tutorials, and presentations can benefit significantly from this approach, as it enhances the clarity and engagement of the information you want to convey.

If you are ready to learn how to make animation talk, let’s jump right in.

In this article
  1. How To Create Simple Animation From a Template
  2. How To Make The Animation Talks
  3. Best Direct Way: How to Make Anime Character Talks from A Photo
  4. Bonus: What Kind of Anime Pictures Are Suitable to Make Talking Animation

Part 1. How To Create Simple Animation From a Template

Have you already prepared the animation before we get into how to make talking animation? If not, that’s okay. Making a basic and simple animation can be done by using a template on platforms like Animaker. This method is especially great if you're not familiar with making video animations and want an easy way to create one.

How to create a simple animated character:

Step 1: Sign up or log in to your account.

If you haven't signed up on Animaker yet, you can register here. Then, sign in with your account.

Step 2: Select an animation template.

After logging in, the dashboard will be your landing page. This page will feature an array of pre-designed templates across various categories. Find a template that caught your attention and click “Use.”

How to make animation online with templates

Step 3: Editing the animated character

Since the template comes with a pre-existing character, you can either use it as-is or modify it according to your requirements. If you want to edit the animated character, you can click on the character to open the Actions Tab.

Edit and customize the animated character

Browse through the available actions to change the character's movements or use the search function to find specific actions. Additionally, you can also explore the Expressions tab to modify the character's facial expressions, skin tone, hair color, eye color, and attire.

For further visual guidance, you can also refer to their video tutorials. Once you’ve completed your animated character, let’s proceed to how to make animation talk.

Part 2. How To Make The Animation Talks

Now, we are moving to how to make animated characters talk. But before diving in, make sure you have your necessary script or audio recording ready. Then, follow these steps onhow to create a talking animation.

Step 1: Open the item menu.

To add voiceovers to your characters, click on your animated character. This action will open an additional menu and show you a range of options. Then, select Lip-sync.

how to make a talking cartoon video

Step 2: Add voice to your animated characters.

After selecting Lip-sync, you'll have the choice to either record your own voice, utilize a text-to-speech tool for automated speech, or upload a pre-recorded voiceover to synchronize with your character. If you opt for text-to-speech, input the dialogue and select parameters such as gender, language, and voice.

Using text-to-speech to make animation talk

When trying how to create talking animation, features like Auto-enhance can also refine the voiceover for a more human-like quality.

Step 3: Download the talking animated character video.

With the voice added to your animated character, it's time to preview the video to ensure everything is in order. To do so, click the play button to initiate the preview. Once satisfied, proceed to download the video by clicking "Publish" > "Download Video" and then "Download" to obtain your talking animated character video.

Download the talking cartoon video

Part 3. Best Direct Way: How to Make Anime Character Talks from A Photo

Is there an easier method how to make animation talk? If you find the process of animating challenging, an alternative and simpler way can be using a talking avatar from a photo. Wondershare Virbo offers an easy solution for this purpose. Virbo is a versatile video production tool that utilizes AIGC technology to create talking avatars.

Wondershare Virbo's Talking Photos feature provides the flexibility to choose from existing AI anime avatar templates or upload anime pictures. This animated character can then be animated to talk according to the script or narration you've prepared.

Some of Virbo Talking Avatar features include:

  • Access a diverse library of over 300 royalty-free AI avatars
  • Break down language barriers with a selection of over 300 AI voices
  • Equipped with easy tutorials
  • Seamless cross-platform experience on online, desktop, and mobile application
  • Incorporate subtitles for enhanced accessibility

Get Started Online Free Download

How to make a talking cartoon video with ease:

Step 1: Install Wondershare Virbo on your computer.

First, download Wondershare Virbo and follow the instructions for installation. After launching the software, locate and click "Talking Photo" within the interface.

How to make animation talk easily

Step 2: Upload an anime character photo or choose an anime AI avatar

Click on the upload icon (+) and select the anime or cartoon character image. You can adjust and crop the picture according to your preferences. Afterward, click on "Create Video" to proceed.

Note: There are certain criteria for selecting cartoon character images to make a talking cartoon video. We will discuss it in the following section.

Upload or choose anime character

Step 3: Add voice to your anime or cartoon character.

After selecting the talking avatar, you can input your text and choose a voiceover option from the provided selection. Adjust parameters such as accent, speed, pitch, and volume to your liking. While it’s optional, you can also choose to include subtitles and background music, and even change the background.

Customize the animated character talking video

For those preferring to use their own voice, select either "Audio Upload" to upload existing audio files or "Online Recording" to record directly within the software. If your audio is embedded within a video file, choose "Extract audio" and Virbo will extract the audio accordingly.

Add audio to the animated character’s photo

Step 4: Export the talking avatar

Once you've finished editing your video, click "Export" to export your creation. Allow a few minutes for processing, and your talking avatar videos will be ready for download.

Note: Wondershare Virbo for desktops currently offers the best conversion effect. But if you prefer to create talking animation online, you can also use Wondershare Virbo online through their website. You can also watch this video on how to make animation talk.

Get Started Online Free Download

Bonus: What Kind of Anime Pictures Are Suitable to Make Talking Animation

As we have mentioned before, you can also upload anime photos in Wondershare Virbo and make the animated character talk. However, you need to note that these photos must meet specific criteria to ensure optimal results in your animations before trying on how to make animation talk.

Some anime picture specifications you can use to make a talking cartoon video:

  1. Having clear features

Opt for anime pictures with well-defined and easily recognizable features to achieve more accurate results. Wondershare Virbo usually won’t detect anime pictures with simple lines or undefined lines.

  1. Free of copyright infringement

 It's essential to use images that are free from any copyright restrictions or infringement. Only use anime character photos that you have the legal right to use, whether they are from your personal collection or obtained from royalty-free sources.

  1. Proper lighting and resolution

Images with proper lighting and high resolution are essential for achieving crisp and detailed animations. Avoid images that are overly dark, blurry, or pixelated, as they may result in less visually appealing animations.

  1. Facing forward with a clear and visible face

Select images where the anime character is facing forward and their face is clearly visible. This allows for precise facial animation, including lip-syncing and expression changes, which are key elements in creating realistic talking animations.

Making animated characters talk


How to create talking animation involves a multi-step process to bring life and personality to your animation. It involves synchronizing the movements of a character's lips and facial expressions with the spoken words to create the illusion of speech.

The step-by-step guide provided in this article offers two approaches on how to create talking animation. You can create simple animations using templates on platforms like Animaker and employ AI technology with tools like Wondershare Virbo to make characters talk easily from a photo.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Apr 16, 24
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