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Translate Video Speech to Text with Speech-to-Text Converters

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Nov 02, 23, updated Jun 18, 24

With the internet's reach around the globe, video content has become accessible to all. You might be a creator from one corner of the world while having viewers from another. Hence, everyone must understand the essence of it. To increase your content's international influence, use translate video speech-to-text tools.

Keeping this in view, the media industry introduced subtitles and captions. Subtitles refer to the transcription of video speech into text. Manual efforts were eliminated by introducing a video audio-to-text converter online. This article will highlight the importance of subtitles and AI's role in its creation. Moreover, it will discuss some AI tools to translate video speech to text.

In this article
  1. Wondershare Virbo: Changing Video Speech To Text With Translation
  2. Why are Subtitles Important in Video Content?
  3. How Well Has AI Adapted to Converting Video Content into Text?
  4. Online Platforms Offering Video Speech to Text Functionality

Part 1: Wondershare Virbo: Changing The Dynamics of Video Speech To Text With Translation

Wondershare Virbo is an AI video generator and editor created for several purposes. With the help of its AI specialty, it assists in avatar, voiceover, and script generation. The tool is accessible across platforms like web, Windows, and mobile.

wondershare virbo interface

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Video Speech to Text in Wondershare Virbo

Since the software regularly upgrades its algorithm, it has introduced its video-to-text feature. With the help of this feature, users can translate a video into other languages. Along with translating a video, you can also generate subtitles of the respective language. The tool offers video translation and subtitle generation in over 40 languages.

The video translation limit for now is from 10 seconds to 5 minutes. Users can turn on/off the background of their videos in this video speech to text converter online.

video speech to text virbo

Other Key Features

Apart from offering the impressive AI video speech-to-text feature, there are several other functions available in Virbo. To know more about them, look through the mentioned details below:

1. AI Avatar

Many people enjoy video creation but avoid face reveal due to privacy concerns. This might make your video less interactive. To solve this problem, users can use Virbo’s Avatar feature to create their 3D selves or use existing ones. They can integrate 300+ natural-sounding voices and languages in these. You can customize your avatar using diverse and cultural attires.

2. AI Voice

To elevate the interactive element in your videos, integrate AI Voices into them. Whether it is an educational video or a tutorial, AI voice can engage your audience. With its Text-to-Speech functionality, you can customize the speech element. To make a voice relatable, you can choose multiple languages and diverse accents.

3. AI Script Generator

Do you have a context in mind for your video but not the content? Leave it to the AI script generator, which can craft impressive scripts from prompts. With its ChatGPT support, it can create a script in minutes free of grammatical errors. Moreover, users can use 300+ narrating voices for their scripts.

4. Clone Voices

In this era of video marketing and branding, maintaining consistency matters. A brand should have one voice to show its reliability and steadiness. Users can clone the voice of an actor or narrator and use the TTS functionality in the future. The AI preserves the characteristics of voice and retains audio quality.

5. Video Templates

Since this is a video creator, it contains in-built video templates. The templates are suitable for 5 different contexts which are searchable. The offered categories are e-commerce, explainer, social media, and more. In addition, you can customize the template ratio for smartphones or laptops. The standard ratios are 16:9 and 9:16, with custom templates for both.

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Part 2: Why are Subtitles Important in Video Content?

Subtitles are important for video content, as they enhance the overall experience. They act as a helping aid in multiple situations, environments, and more. This section of the reading elaborates on the advantages of subtitles below:

  1. Inclusivity and Accessibility: Primarily, subtitles make content available to a broader audience. Whether anyone is facing a hearing loss or hearing impairment, they can still read. In scenes where non-native audiences cannot understand speech, they are a savior. In video lectures or tutorials, subtitles enhance the audience's comprehension.
  2. Multilingual Translation: An increased understanding of disabled audiences’ aids in multilingual support. When you generate subtitles for a video, you can transform it into other languages. Later, you can use text-to-speech converters to generate multilingual speech.
  3. Improved SEO Performance: You must have been aware of SEO and its ranking policies. Subtitles double your video’s SEO ranking and overall performance. Hence, adding subtitles can help the audience find your video on top search results. This is a valuable marketing tactic for content creators and brands working online.
  4. Noise-Sensitive Environments: As lives become demanding, the time of leisure limits every day. Students and professionals entertain themselves during their travel time. However, these environments, like traffic, libraries, and offices, are noise-sensitive. This is where subtitles help with content comprehension when you cannot hear.
  5. Improved Learning: People try to learn multiple languages via video content. Subtitles help them with better comprehension by engaging both audio and visual senses. The audience also has a visual representation of spoken language for quick learning. They also clarify any misunderstandings of dialogues and maintain consistency.
  6. Legal Requirements: In some regions, adding subtitles is a legal requirement. For instance, communist nations make them compulsory for their disabled audience. Thus, instead of hiring editors or translators, video speech-to-text converters online are preferable.

Part 3: How Well Has AI Adapted to Converting Video Content into Text?

In the past, the procedure to translate video audio to text was quite complex. It changed with the advancement of automatic speech recognition and natural language processing. The integration of these ASRs and NLPs made AI technology more adaptable. Here is an extensive review of how AI has revolutionized to convert video audio to text:

1. Precision and Accuracy

With the help of ASR systems, the AI tools have improved their accuracy over time. These systems help in analyzing and transcribing speech, even in noisy environments. They can detect the primary speaker and generate subtitles from their speech. The speech may not match human accuracy due to noise interruptions or device errors.

2. Streamlined Transcriptions

When talking to an audience, the speaker can aid from AI video audio to text converters online. The combined power of NLPs and ASRs enables them to function in live broadcastings. They can transcribe the audio in real-time and help the disabled audience. This helps deliver effective information in news broadcastings, webinars, and seminars.

3. Multilingual Support

These AI tools contain vast training data and NLP systems, making their scope diverse. They can analyze and recognize multiple languages and generate relevant subtitles. The integration of these tools in global applications helps with enhanced utility. Moreover, content creators can translate and upload their videos on social platforms.

4. Industry Specific Customization

The wonders of AI technology in YouTube video voice to text converters online don't stop there. With the AI's vast training data and internet access, users can make customizations. For instance, if you're working in the marketing industry, you can set it to use marketing jargon. This feature is handy for industries like healthcare, legal, and IT.

5. Multiple Speech Recognition

With the introduction of continuous advancements, speech transcribers also upgraded. In podcasts or recordings where there are multiple speakers, they can still do the job. The AI can detect multiple speakers as separate speeches and transcribe them simultaneously.

6. Diverse Integrations

Developers and programmers can integrate this AI technology into other platforms or tools. This enhances the applications of software and improves its performance. For instance, after transcribing a video, you can translate the text into other languages. In addition, users can benefit from video-based editing.

Part 4: Five Unique Online Platforms Offering Video Speech to Text Functionality

After acquiring knowledge of speech transcribers, let's move forward to knowing them better. Since these tools are gaining popularity, the market is overflowing with them. In this section, we are going to discuss some leading video sound to text converters online:

1.  Maestra

This is an online multi-purpose platform for generating text from your videos. With its multilingual support, users can generate subtitles in 80+ languages. Given its AI-backed algorithms, it gives precise results in SRT, CAP, and 4 other formats. The AI also proofreads any grammatical errors in speech and generates accurate subtitles. After translating video speech to text, you can edit it afterward.

maestra video speech to text

  • The user interface is within everyone's grasp, and users can generate subtitles in 3 steps.
  • In addition to subtitles, it can also transcribe audio and generate voiceovers.
  • The platform offers a few video tutorials related to its functionalities and working.

2. Notta

Do you wish to translate video speech to text using a tool with the highest accuracy rate? Notta is the best tool for you, with 98.86% conversion accuracy in multiple languages. It can generate subtitles in 104 languages and supports many audio and video formats. The tools don't compromise users' privacy and use data protection regulators to do so.

notta video speech to text

  • Users can synchronize their work by accessing the same account across devices.
  • With its AI support, it can transform an hour-long video into text in 5 minutes.
  • The free plan has some limitations that only paid subscribers can enjoy.

3. Flixier

This is a versatile tool for transforming your video into text in 3 minutes and using it further. With its straightforward interface, anyone can access it and start right away. Users can generate text through simple upload and generate process. Along with video transcribing, you can generate and add subtitles within this tool. Users can also use the manual option for adding subtitles by using the “Text” box.

flixier video speech to text

  • It has over 1000 pre-assembled fonts for text with multiple animations to elevate it.
  • The platform offers video tutorials for accessing and utilizing its features.
  • Multiple complaints from users about its inactive user service.


Do you want to increase your content's reach by improving its SEO? Then, is the ideal tool to transform your video into text in 125 languages. Upon generating text, you can download it in VTT, SRT, and TXT format to use as subtitles. It has automated transcription software that ensures the accuracy of converted text.

veed io video speech to text

  • Users can download the text in TXT format, open it in Word, edit it, and save it.
  • It supports diverse video formats, including MP4 and all social media video formats.
  • It does give a free trial, but you need to buy a subscription plan for professional services.

5. HappyScribe

This is an online forum for converting your MP4 videos into text using a plain method. The tool is easy to access via any web browser, and you can log in to start working. To translate video speech to text, it supports 60+ languages, dialects, and accents. With its AI accuracy, you can transcribe a video in a minute in your preferred file format. You can download the transcribed text in TXT, DOCX, PDF, and more.

happyscribe video speech to text

  • The automated transcription shows speedy results and has an accuracy rate of 85% to 99%.
  • Its editing interface is minimal and easy to comprehend, and you can start by clicking Create.
  • The trial version only lets you try out some of its features, which might create confusion.


Upon concluding, let's summarize everything we have learned along the way. The article emphasizes the importance of video sound-to-text converter. The discussion covered how they make things accessible and reachable. Moreover, users learned about some A-grade online video speech-to-text converters.

All the discussed tools are efficient in their task, and then came Wondershare Virbo. Its ability to generate subtitles, along with translation, made it superior. Moreover, this video speech-to-text converter online has a minimal user interface. With in-built resources, users must give it a try to create engaging content.

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Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jun 18, 24
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