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In-Depth Review of Ivona Text to Speech by NextUp Technologies

Virbo Originally published Jul 21, 23, updated Nov 27, 23

NextUp Technologies has introduced the best-in-class text-to-speech converter known as TextAloud 4 Ivona. This software has gained considerable immense popularity all across the globe. This is because of its outstanding potential to drive desirable outcomes.

By the end of this discussion, you will be familiar with the Ivona text-to-speech software. Moreover, we will also discuss the basics of this tool, such as pricing, compatibility, procedure, etc. You will also learn about the most innovative and powerful alternative to this software.

In this article
  1. A Detailed Overview Of Ivona Text to Speech Converter
  2. The Supported Platforms for Ivona
  3. The Pricing Plans of Ivona Text-to-Speech Converter
  4. Step-by-Step Guide for Using Ivona
  5. The Perfect AI Alternative to Ivona Text-to-Speech Converter

Part 1: A Detailed Overview Of The Key Features of Ivona Text to Speech Converter

Listening to the written text can boost your productivity in no time. You can get through the lengthened written text thoroughly and also understand the information in a better way. No matter if you want text-to-speech Ivona to read emails, documents, or webpages for you, this tool can help you with all. This premium-grade tool also supports 20 plus languages, which makes your work easier than ever.

Ivona also integrates a reliable user interface which helps in making your work easier than ever. You will also not face any interruption issues with the Ivona app. In addition, it has powerful algorithms that help Ivona replicate human speech with precise accuracy.

nextup technologies textaloud 4 ivona

Main Features of Ivona Text-to-Speech Converter

Key features of digital tools help in understanding it in a better way. It also highlights the professionalism and the assistive side of the tool. If you also wish to know the key features of Ivona text-to-speech online, read the information here:

  1. Ivona TTS supports a wide array of languages for the ease of the users. The languages that it supports include English, Welsh, Danish, French, German, Italian, and more.
  2. You can also select a customized voice that fits your taste. Ivona lets you select a voice from the options of Salli, Joey, Kendra, Ivy, etc.
  3. This tool never targets one gender, as you can select both male and female voices. You can also use it to make e-learning material.
  4. It also allows you to customize the speed, pitch, volume, and other audio metrics. You can also change voices anytime and place a bookmark anywhere.

Part 2: The Supported Platforms for Ivona

Ivona text-to-speech is a lightweight software that you can use on Windows computers. If you want to work on docs, webpages, or other written material, TextAloud 4 Ivona can help you. It also has assistive technology that allows visually impaired people to upgrade their capabilities. Using its pre-installed voicing system, you can read anything on Windows computers aloud.

Part 3: The Pricing Plans of Ivona

This is quite a cost-effective tool through which you can accomplish your task while staying within budget. If you are still curious about the subscription plans of Ivona TTS, have a look below:

Amount Charge
5 Ivona Voices $159
3 Ivona Voices $119
1 Ivona Voices $59
No Optional Voices $34.95

Part 4: Simplified Step-by-Step Guide for Using Ivona

Ivona app is a dependable tool that integrates the straightforward procedure of converting text to speech. There is no need to have a special skill to work with this tool. You can follow the instructions listed here to accomplish this task in no time:

Step 1: Initially, download TextAloud 4 Ivona to your device and open it. Once it's launched, go to the "Text Box" and write or paste the text of your choice.

Step 2: Once done with writing text, hit the "Speak" button present from the toolbar, and by this, you can listen to your text in human voices.

Bonus Part: The Perfect AI Alternative to Ivona Text-to-Speech Converter

You must be wondering if there is any specialized tool through which you can convert written text into speech without any issues. Yes, there is another tool that you can say is a perfect alternative to the Ivona app. The name of this tool is Virbo, and it has the potential to convert any written text into reliable speech with accuracy.

It also supports 120 plus languages and voices, which makes your work easier than ever. All the voices in Virbo are humane, which gives you more assistance in listening to text. It also shows cross-platform compatibility. You can even log in with the same account on multiple devices.

Prominent Features

  1. It supports 100+ realistic-looking avatars through which you can make videos on multiple topics. It also lets you select the attire and gender of an avatar.
  2. Using the AI script generator of Virbo, you can get intuitive and descriptive scripts on versatile topics. It also lets you optimize scripts on Windows computers.
  3. This tool has endless royalty-free assets that you can use without issues. It also lets you access its templates to work in various ways.

Streamlined Step-by-Step Procedure to Convert Text to Speech with Virbo

Do you want to know how to convert text to speech using Virbo? No worries because the below-given streamlined instructions can help you with this:

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Step 1: Access Virbo and Choose Feature

To convert text to speech with Virbo, launch it on your device and tap on “Text to Speech.” Following this, select a “Category” from the top toolbar and choose the ‘Language” of your choice. Next, hit the “Convert Now” button.

choose the required language

Step 2: Add Text and Make Speech

After this, add the text you want to convert into speech and tap the "Create Video" button. Choose the dimension of the video by selecting either one from the "Portrait video" or "Landscape" video options.

press the create video button


In a nutshell, it can be said that Ivona text to speech is a good tool for converting written text into understandable speech. It also offers you flexibility in selecting the language and voices of your choice. You can use the Ivona app on a Windows computer to convert text to speech.

The pricing plan of Ivona, along with the procedure, is also described in this article. However, if you are looking for an alternative to Ivona, the answer is Virbo.

Virbo Nov 27, 23
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