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Top Voice Cloning Apps for Android & iOS Devices

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Jan 18, 24, updated Jul 20, 24

 Voice cloning is a process where AI is involved to create an artificial voice of a human. In that process, machine learning algorithms are used to make synthetic speech. The generated fake audio closely resembles the original human voice, which sometimes proves unnoticeable to the average person. Voice cloning apps integrate Text-to-Speech (TTS) systems that turn written text into sound.

Besides, advancements in neural networks are improving the quality and realism of cloned voices. If you need deeper insights into AI voice cloning app, continue reading this article. Here, you will access desktop solutions for fake voice generators and best voice cloning apps.

In this article
  1. Important Characteristics of a Good Voice Cloning App
  2. [Top List] Best AI Voice Cloning Apps to Use on Your Android & iOS

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Part 1: Important Characteristics of a Good Voice Cloning App

Before exploring the top-rated voice cloning apps, you should learn their vital characteristics. The selection process will get easier if you know what features a good audio-faking app possesses. Therefore, this section has shed light on the key characteristics of such apps.

  1. Realism and Naturalness: Achieving realism is important to maintain the authenticity of cloned voices. That’s why a good app reproduces the same pitch and tone as the original human voices.
  2. Accurate TTS Conversion: Another key element to count in AI voice cloning apps is their accuracy. In this regard, they should excel in converting text-to-speech with accurate pronunciations.
  3. Flexibility and Customization: An app is considered useless when it does not align with users’ preferences. So, before choosing an app, always check if it offers fine-tuning and customization. The more personalization a clone voice app provides, the more it gets preferred.
  4. Intuitive Interface: Understanding how an app operates takes many users’ time and effort. Thus, a user-friendly fake voice-generating app is one with a simple interface.

Part 2: [Top List] Best AI Voice Cloning Apps to Use on Your Android & iOS

Content creators use cloning apps to incorporate celebrity voices into their digital content. Apart from getting used to the entertainment industry, they are useful language-learning platforms. Regardless of their use cases, let’s uncover some industry-leading AI voice cloning apps.

Innovative AI Voice Cloning Apps to Try:
  1. Clony AI (Android/iOS)
  2. VoxBox (Android/iOS)
  3. Momento AI (Android/iOS)
  4. MagicMic (Android/iOS)
  5. (Android)
  6. Voicer Celebrity Voice Changer (Android/iOS)
  7. Revoice (iOS)
  8. Speechify (Android/iOS)
  9. Voice Cloning - AI Voice Cloning (Android/iOS)
  10. Voice AI - Clone Any Voice (Android)

1. Voice & Face Cloning: Clony AI (Android/iOS)

Harness the power of advanced AI and generate voice clones of your loved ones using this app. Voice & Face Cloning: Clony AI can unleash your creativity by simply uploading an audio, voice message, or recording. Many social media influencers use this Android app to produce remarkable clips.

clony ai voice cloning app

Key Features

  1. Despite creating voice cloning, this app can generate face clones as well.
  2. Users can get fake audio in their chosen language, including French, Turkish, and Italian.
  3. You can share the produced clips and voices with anyone on social media directly.


  • Using this app, you can create viral videos instantly.
  • Offers multiple options to import the targeted media to clone.


  • Limited features compared with other voice-faking apps.

2. VoxBox - Text to Speech Toolbox (Android/iOS)

Are you searching for a high-quality deepfake sound generator? This voice duplicator app on Android is designed to help you with your dubbing problems. It can screen-read your text and convert it into natural sound with the right pronunciation.

voxbox ai voice cloning app

Key Features

  1. Provide voices tailored for different scenes, such as dubbing, podcasts, and advertising.
  2. It covers more than 100 languages and supports 79 voice options.
  3. Users can select the emotions of the AI voices from normal to relaxed and cheerful.


  • This app allows you to share the output anywhere or save it on a device.
  • Allow you to adjust the speed of the deepfake audio as desired.


  • The recent update makes the sound more robotic.

3. Momento AI - Clone Yourself (Android/iOS)

Unlock limitless possibilities in voice cloning technology by using this clone, my voice app. Users can train their own clones without any coding. With this application, you get 24/7 assistance and interactive conversations. It also ensures the privacy and security of your unique cloning outputs.

momento ai voice cloning app

Key Features

  1. Users get a chance to train their clones quickly.
  2. People can track the achievements of their generated clones.
  3. You can have a conversation on a subject with experts.


  • Struggling artists can post and influence others on this app.
  • Momento allows you to create countless voice clones.


  • After posting, you cannot remove the art from its community.

4. Voice Changer - MagicMic (Android/iOS)

This clone voice app is perfect for pulling jokes by turning the original voice into a hilarious one. It’s an ideal solution to transform voices into other genders and even a baby’s voice. Users can utilize its funny background sound effects library to surprise their friends fully.

magicmic ai voice cloning app

Key Features

  1. Allows you to record or import the audio file to start the process.
  2. Users can switch to its floating window for multitasking.
  3. It offers several voice effects which you can customize as required.


  • You can change the recording name after importing.
  • This application provides output in audio format that can be shared easily.


  • It sounds expensive for many users when compared with other options.

5. - Voice Universe (Android) is an innovative app designed to allow you to build custom voices. All you have to do is record natural voices and submit them for further processing. This voice duplicator app offers a simple interface that anyone can utilize without technical expertise.

voice universe ai voice cloning app

Key Features

  1. There is a voice universe library from where you can select or upload voices.
  2. While uploading custom voice, users can choose a language and category for higher reach.
  3. It allows you to add different tags and an image on the voice before uploading.


  • You can handpick the voices and mark them as favorites to use later.
  • Users can publish the original and replicated voices to go viral.


  • Sometimes, it shows glitches in recording voices.

6. Voicer Celebrity Voice Changer (Android/iOS)

With cutting-edge technology, this free voice cloning app is entirely dedicated to transforming your voice. It can entertain and draw the audience’s attention by making hilarious videos. Users can discover its voice library for content to get featured on social media platforms.

voice celebrity ai voice cloning app

Key Features

  1. It enables you to use famous celebrities’ voice cloning options.
  2. Users can record their video, and AI will replicate it instantly.
  3. The output can be saved into the gallery or on Instagram simultaneously.


  • Voicer provides you with a clear and high-quality output of voice cloning.
  • Despite Instagram, you can export the results on any social media platform.


  • Users cannot replicate more than 3 voices unless they pay.

7. Revoice: AI Voice Changer (iOS)

This application works as an addition to messaging platforms. While chatting with friends, it aims to provide fun by changing voice like no one else. AI integration in this app offers unique voice transformations with accuracy and privacy.

revoice ai voice cloning app

Key Features

  1. It facilitates users with an extensive voice library, including Donald and Sponge.
  2. Apart from voices, there is a background voice effects library.
  3. You can write or paste 200 characters to turn into cloned audio.


  • Users can even prompt by recording video or audio to duplicate voice.
  • It allows you to share the results in text messages or online.


  • Shows excessive ads that annoy many users.

8. Speechify Text to Speech Audio (Android/iOS)

It is a unique clone my voice app that can turn written text into speech with different voices. Speechify lets you listen to PDF documents, emails, and articles. This platform gained immense popularity due to its more than 200 diverse AI voices.

speechify ai voice cloning app

Key Features

  1. Users can speed up or slow down the speed of the voice.
  2. It highlights the text word by word while reading.
  3. The AI voices sound more human-like and fluid than ever.


  • Speechify can read 300 words per minute.
  • Offers a cloud storage service that provides data access across all devices.


  • You cannot upload and record audio for voice cloning.

9. Voice Cloning-AI Voice Cloning (Android/iOS)

If you are still wondering which voice cloning app is best, then you should try this application. It just requires a simple audio for AI algorithms for the rest of the cloning process. Users get exactly the same pitch of the generated speech as the sample they provided.

voice cloning ai voice cloning app

Key Features

  1. It offers an intuitive interface that lets anyone generate synthesis easily.
  2. Users can name their voices after uploading them.
  3. You can select voices from 3 categories under each voice option.


  • This app allows you to input text of a maximum of 5000 characters.
  • Anyone can set the voice pitch to high or low based on fragments.


  • You cannot upload a voice for less than 1 minute.

10. Voice AI - Clone Any Voice (Android)

End your search in the AI voice cloning app when this platform can unleash your creativity fully. With cutting-edge technology, it can put life into written words. It offers a wide collection of AI voices involving celebrities, musicians, and other characters.

voice ai voice cloning app

Key Features

  1. There are different categories to choose one voice that suits you the best.
  2. This app offers a history folder where all your previous interactions remain safe.
  3. Users have to input text after picking one voice to progress.


  • It provides you with a preview of the results before downloading it.
  • You get plenty of options for the best AI voice selection.


  • Often, users are unable to share the output due to some glitches.


In summary, this article has discussed the top 10 voice cloning apps available on Android and iOS. Notably, text-to-speech (TTS) systems have been integrated into these apps that will keep the audio unnoticed compared to the original voices. Users can easily transform their written texts into cloned voices using these apps on their devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to clone your voice with AI?
    Absolutely, AI has made it feasible to replicate your voice with remarkable precision. Recent advancements in voice cloning technology have ushered in an era where synthetic voices can be crafted to not only match but also reflect the intricate nuances of a natural human voice.
  • What app do people use for AI voices?
    For AI voice cloning, users turn to apps like OpenVoice, offering precise voice replication freely. Reecho provides ultra-realistic voice synthesis, while Murf is favored for quick, professional voiceovers. These platforms are chosen for their quality and customization options.
  • How much time does it take to clone a Voice?
    Cloning a voice with AI is typically swift, taking just minutes to set up and process. State-of-the-art services might deliver near-instant results, especially with brief audio inputs, making the voice replication process both efficient and impressively lifelike.
Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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