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The Best Text-to-Audio Converters of All Times

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Jul 21, 23, updated May 17, 24

In the older days, people with visual impairments and dyslexia problems faced severe problems while reading the content. To cater to this issue, the inventive minds of this world invent reliable software that can read the text aloud for you. From kids to older adults, everyone uses reliable text-to-audio converter tools.

With this, you can listen to the written text and can also do multitasking effectively. There are several text-to-audio converter tools that can help you in listening to the text. The top-rated ones will be discussed in this article.

In this article
  1. What Are The Benefits of Using Text to Audio Converters
  2. Top 10 Reliable and Efficient Text-to-Audio Converters

Part 1: What Are The Benefits of Using Text to Audio Converters

No matter what domain you are working on, the text-to-audio online tools can help you. There is a vast array of benefits to using these tools. If you are new to text-to-audio tools, you may not know these benefits, but it is essential for you to learn them. For this reason, we have listed some of the benefits of these tools here:

1. Accessibility and Comprehension

Before anything else, the text-to-audio converter-free software makes everything accessible to you. Even persons with disabilities can access the content of their choice with this. It also helps in consuming valuable information along with its retainment. Listening to the written text also boosts comprehension.

2. Language and Pronunciation Assistance

While learning a new language, you can get assistance from text to audio tools. With this, learning new languages along with correct pronunciation is also possible. It also plays an essential role in aiding in language acquisition. You can also resolve unfamiliar issues by using this intuitive software.

3. Proofreading and Finalizing

If you have multiple documents which you need to finalize, then it can also help you in this. You can listen to the written content and point out all the mistakes. It also helps in editing the mistakes to improve the quality and professionalism of the overall work.

4. Inclusivity and Personalization

Using these tools, you can also ensure that the published content is accessible to a broader audience. It also helps in boosting inclusivity along with enhancing engagement ratios. You can also personalize the text in a variety of ways with this.

Part 2: Top 10 Reliable and Efficient Text-to-Audio Converters

There are a considerable number of texts to audio online tools. However, not all users have enough time to assess all of them and select one. For this reason, we will be discussing the top 10 text-to-audio converters here.

1. Virbo

Firstly, we need to discuss Virbo, one of the most professional-grade tools. Through this, you can create amazing text-to-audio videos without any issues. It is a highly recommended tool for marketing products. It also has 120+ voices and languages, giving you diversity over converting text to audio. Furthermore, Virbo has 150-plus avatars that let you work seamlessly.

You can also select the avatar and voices based on their accent, age, and ethnicity. It has all the potential to empower your path to success. Moreover, you can record the text-converted audio and share it as a podcast to engage more users.

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Key Features

  1. Virbo offers cross-platform support. You can even use its single-paid version on several devices without any issues.
  2. There is a specialized AI script feature through which you can write expressive scripts for your social content. It also lets you optimize the script on a Windows computer.
  3. By accessing royalty-free music, you can upgrade the quality and essence of your videos. It also has several templates that can make your work easier.

How to Convert Text to Speech by Using Virbo

The procedure of making a text-to-audio converter is quite straightforward in Virbo. To eliminate complications, you can follow the instructions listed here:

Step 1: Open Virbo and Choose Feature

Initially, launch Virbo on your device and tap "Text to Speech" from the main interface. Next, select the template from the above panel and select "Language" from the listed options. Next, hit the "Convert Now" button.

choose the desired ai voice

Step 2: Add Text and Make Speech

Once on the "Text to Speech" interface, add the text of your choice and tap the "Create Video" button. Choose a dimension from the options of "Landscape video" and "Portrait Video" and hit the "Create Now" button.

voicemaker text to audio converter

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2. Voicemaker

Voicemaker is also a reliable text-to-audio converter tool. With this, you can access up to 10,000 characters per conversion. It has the potential to create market-level videos without compromising quality. You can even get SSML support with this innovative tool. After converting text to speech, it lets you download the file in several text to audio converter

Key Features

  1. You can select the AI Voices based on language, region, and gender. This gives you flexibility in selecting voices.
  2. This tool has two AI Engines, which include Standard TTS and Neural TTS. You can select any one of them as per your need.
  3. You can add pauses anywhere in the speech, manage the speed, customize the volume, and also select a voice.

3. holds its name higher in the list of text-to-audio online tools. Using this innovative tool, you can easily convert text into speech and add it to any video. It also helps you in selecting the language of your choice. Moreover, there are diversified AI Avatar Voices in it, and you can choose the one that fits your needs.speakatoo text to audio converter

Key Features

  1. It also has a powerful video editor. You can add images, text, and music to videos through this. It also lets you add video filters and manage the music visualizer.
  2. You can add subtitles to any video and translate videos into several languages using its subtitles and transcription feature.
  3. You can also use this tool for trimming, cropping, looping, resizing, and rotating videos. It also lets you record the videos in several ways.

4. Speakatoo

With Speakatoo, you can turn text into audio in multiple languages. It supports 120+ languages, which is pretty reliable for multilingual users. You can even access 850+ voices in this fantastic tool. There is specialized file storage on which you can save your projects. One of the best things is it can even add human emotions to the audio.

speakatoo text to audio converter

Key Features

  1. It has reliable audio controls such as Rate, Pitch, Volume, and many other things. You can also download the speeches in multiple audio formats such as MP3, WAV, OGG, and more.
  2. The Advanced Effects of this amazing tool can also upgrade your audio functionality. It may include Angry, cheerful, Newscast, Friendly, and more.
  3. This tool can automatically add breathing pauses in audio to make them more realistic. You can also access 700 plus male and female voices in this.

5. Speechify

Do you want to read the docs, articles, and other written materials effectively? No worries, because Speechify got you covered. You can access multiple types of AI Voices in this, such as Snoop Dogg, John, and more. In addition, this text-to-audio converter can also help you in boosting focus and understanding. You can also get more productive in minimum time with this.

speechify text to audio converter

Key Features

  1. Using the speed reader, you can customize the speed of the audio. You can even listen to the text at a 9x faster speed.
  2. All the voices in this tool are natural and humane. Thus, you can understand and use it in a better way.
  3. It also has profitable collaboration with third-party tools such as Outlook, Gmail, Facebook, Medium, NY, PDF, and more.

6. PlayHT

By using PlayHT, you can turn any text into speech without any issues. This text-to-audio app also allows you to download the audio in MP3 or WAV format. You can even select the language or accent to present your audio in a customized manner. Whether you want to work with Afghan Pashto, Albanian, or American Spanish, this amazing tool provides multiple languages for you.

playht text to audio converter

Key Features

  1. It integrates the feature of pronunciation along with IPA Phonetics Library. You can create customized terminologies, acronyms, or brand names with this.
  2. You can create a voice clone of any human using the AI Voice Cloning feature. It has built-in voice clone options for Elon, The Rock, JFK, Tom, and more.
  3. The AI Podcast lets you make podcasts in more than 820 voices and 140 languages. You can also publish your podcast on multiple platforms.

7. Kukarella

Kukarella not only lets you do text-to-audio conversion, but you can edit and transcribe text effortlessly. This text-to-audio tool also has 900+ voices that upgrade your functionality. You can also use this tool to work with 130+ languages. It also has two AI models for voices which includes Neural and Standard. Moreover, this tool can translate or dub text, audio, or video into 80+ languages.

kukarella text to audio converter

Key Features

  1. You can use the Create New Playlist feature to create customized playlist features anytime you want to.
  2. It also has a wide array of APIs that can help you a lot with your projects. You can also translate and dub the text.
  3. Not only text to audio, but it can also convert audio to text in the optimized quality.

8. ttsMP3

Converting text into audio is easier than you think with ttsMP3. With this text-to-audio converter free tool, you just need to enter your text and select the language. After this, it will manage the rest of the work for you. In addition to this, you can also download the file in MP3 format. It also helps you in adding customized break time in the audio.

ttsmp3 text to audio converter

Key Features

  1. While recording the audio, it is possible to switch between the speakers to add a sense of dialogue.
  2. It supports a wide array of languages, such as Korean, German, Arabic, Welsh, Swedish, and many more.
  3. You can add a beak in speech, manage speed or pitch, and can also add a whisper effect to make audio more engaging.

9. Resemble AI

This excellent text-to-audio app has high-quality generative voices that are powered by artificial intelligence. You can use it for converting text to speech in the optimized quality. You can also use it for performing neural audio editing without any issues. It also has the potential to clone your voice for free. Moreover, you can also add an infinite number of emotions to make the audio more realistic.

resemble ai text to audio converter

Key Features

  1. It integrates the speech-to-speech feature through which you can turn your voice into a targeted voice with granular control.
  2. This tool can also replace, add, or edit audio files by typing, which is a very convenient thing for users.
  3. You can also accomplish the task of language dubbing with this quality-optimized tool in no time.

10. SpeechGen

This is one of the most realistic text-to-audio converters present on the web. You can also download the audio files in MP3, WAV, and OGG format with this. You can also select the language from the options of Arab, Dutch, Bulgarian, Czech, and more. There are several AI voices present in it which include Arnold, Eric, Jacob, and more. You can even manage the pitch as per your requirement.

speechgen text to audio converter

Key Features

  1. It lets you manage the speed of the built-in speed options of x0.1, x0.2, x0.3, and so on.
  2. You can also play the AI Voice before selecting it, as this eliminates the risk of choosing the wrong voice.
  3. This tool is also compatible with versatile editing programs such as DaVinci, Apple Motion, Camtasia, and many more.


In this article, you discovered the top 10 text-to-audio converter online tools. With these tools, you can turn any type of text into realistic audio. However, if you wish to know about the tool with the highest recommendation ratio, the answer is Virbo. This innovative AI-powered tool can make all the text-to-speech process smoother and provides more realistic results.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 17, 24
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